Friday, December 22, 2006

Okay. What about this:
or this:


Anonymous said...

Okay. What about this: . or this:

Unless you meant for nothing to show up besides the above? Not working so much...


J said...

There's something sharp about a black background. Sleek.
I do like the fact that you are asserting you have a life outside of Atlantis, however. :)
How conducive to blogging is the site?

Lapis said...

Good morning!

offers home-made chocolate chip cookies and eggnog

Well, the web site name is kinda cute and pink.

Icie said...

Depends what are you trying to do :P

windshieldbug said...

David, very nicely done.

Pictures make for great wallpapers and signatures. (Hehehe, I'm so going to use a Zelenka sig on David Hewlett's site.)

It's good to see what TV, Film, Theatre, and Commerical work you have done. (Btw, seeing you bitten in half in Pterodactyl was....unnerving!) Now I know where to look.

Spubba's artwork is amazing isn't it? Good for us Stargaters.

You should know you don't have to do all the way to Belize for a swim-up bar....we have them in Florida.