Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coast to Coast

Look out Canada. The one-weekend only, Coast-to-Coast Violent Torpedo of Zelenka Truth Tour, is coming to both sides of the Great White North. First stop: Vancouver (or should we say Burnaby) not more than two kilometres from the Bridge studios, that magical place where, all those years ago, it all began. This Thursday, I'll be at the Metrotown Hilton for Creation's Convention Stargate convention. Yahoo.
nd then, through the magic of modern jet engine technology, we skip over all that in-between part of Canada, and arrive on the Rock, in St John's, for Newfounland's biggest and meanest Sci Fi convention: Sci Fi on the Rock, where, I'm assured, there will be plenty of Newfies everywhere you look.  
Spring break in the desert last week: anyone recognize this place?