Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm looking forward to this one -- this just in: hello Aussie fans - any of you in the far, far west? I'll be going to Perth next weekend for the go 3 convention. I can't imagine anywhere further away from, well, anywhere, than Perth. Very much looking forward to it, I just need to remember to bring my official Australian English Interpretation Device along - a smallish device about the size of a key fob - you surreptitiously push the button when you hear: "Aw yia, it'd be chokkers" and within seconds a soft spoken voice translates: "Yes, there's gas in the tank". Very handy to have when renting a car.
I'll leave you with an interesting fact: many people say that it rains a lot here in Vancouver. Truth is, as demonstrated by the picture, it may be a lot of rain, but it comes all at once.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I haven't posted here in almost two months! How crass. How unbefitting. How un-up-to-the-minute-micro-blogging of me. How horrible it must be to not know what I've been doing.
So to remedy that I'll do I twitter style update of everything I did from the last post:
"Clicked Publish Post. Stood up. Went to window. Phone rang. Picked it up. Talked. Put phone down. Ate a cookie. Went out to backyard. Remembered something I forgot to get from inside. Went back inside... Whoa. This could take a while. How much time do you have?...
Let's hit the high points: I've been writing. A script (yes!) Auditioning - hit and miss - meeting with various people about various things (I'm superstitious - don't like to disclose things until they're set - also helps create sense of mystery) Got stranded in a remote inlet on a non-starting 16 ft boat. Learned to fix outboard engines - sort of (see previous). Translated several scripts, and a few drier than dry academic papers. Built some stairs. Went to L.A. few times. Motorcycle tour of Vancouver island... what else. Oh yeah. Had an audition the other day at the Bridge studios - I tell you it was weird going back there - saw some recognizable faces, but otherwise it's the new deal over there.

Oh yeah. One more thing: I shaved. Sort of.
Thank you. Thank you very much. Be back soon.