Monday, October 19, 2009

Anyone going to Philly?...

The auditions are picking up. Hooray. Let me tell you, sucks to be an actor in an economic downturn. You hear everything from "poor DVD sales are to blame" to "The bond market is making the Studios cautious" as reasons for the dearth of auditions. Would that be the James Bond market, I wonder?... It's such a complex math. There really is no way to predict what will come down the pike. It always comes down to the individual - sometimes you book. Sometimes you don't. The more chances there are the better your odds. You just gotta do your thing.
Speaking of doing things - I got a last minute call to come out to Philadelphia this weekend. Yahoo. I'll be at the Game X thingy thing out there in Philly; where I hear it is always sunny. Looking forward to seeing some of you out there - if you can make it come on out. Looks like a lot of fun.
I'll leave you with some shots of Hong Kong, I was there on a stopover en route to Perth last week. Awesome place.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spring in October

Say hello to Connor Trinneer. Judging a cosplay contest. Serious work.

It's funny how something as seemingly constant as, say, seasons - or day and night - or even time can be mercurial when you travel. Crossing the date line is particularly odd. One moment it's Tuesday and the next - oh didn't they tell you - it's Wednesday. Or Monday. Depending on the direction. Time is compressed - a night slips by in a few hours, or elongated - it's three o'clock in the afternoon for five hours. It's just weird. Messes up your head. Shakes your faith in the firma part of terra firma. It's more like terra move around'a lotta.
It's spring in the extreme south west of Australia. Flowers are blooming and hotter weather is on its way. I spent the night in the Karri forest in Bonarup National Park, just outside of Pemberton, WA a few nights ago. It just ain't the kind of forests I'm used to. Smells different. Different birdsong. Different trees. And then a kangaroo hops by. This is the other Pemberton, the one with the kangaroos and the 50 metre tingle trees. Drive a little further and suddenly your in Devonshire, England, with genteel farmland and rolling hills. This is the harsh outback of Australia? It seems pretty idyllic to me. Refined even. But then drive a little further and come to a park with 30 metre drop offs to the roiling Southern Ocean and signs to watch out for quicksand. Quicksand! Yet another challenge on your daily commute. Can you imagine? -- "Sorry Bob, I'm losing the signal, I'm up to my shoulders now..." Only in Australia.
Speaking of which, the Best of Both Worlds event in November has been cancelled, but, BUT! there will be another Strargate event in Sydney and Melbourne next March which I'll be going to, with, from what I've heard, a super surprise, never been seen before special stargate guest. So if you missed me in Perth, I'll be back down under in the spring. Er, autumn - I mean.
Be back soon with more pictures...