Friday, May 4, 2012

Off to Twitter. FINALLY!!

Twitter time!! Yup, the relentlessly turning millwheel of communication development has crushed my ambitions to hang out with you all here on blogger -- and enticed me over to the bird side: It's twitter time. And the doors are wide open. Come on over and let's chirp. I will follow or friend or chirp at whomsoever asks, just gimme some time to work it out. I look forward to all the cryptic brevity...
Find me  @DNykl on Twitter. That's me.
Thanks for the blogger comments. Let's move it to the future now..

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Aww gee...

I didn't see the birthday wishes until today, almost three weeks later! Aw man, talk about late to your own party. I hadn't gone into the comments section ... Well anyway, thanks so much you guys (I have a feeling I know who's behind it) for the wishes. I'm on location in snowy Nelson BC filming a Christmas Miracle (Dan Payne's in it too Stargate fans) and have just wrapped on a series called Continuum. . Deggendorf Germany, Rome, and Tel Aviv are all coming up for conventions, and I'm looking forward to those very much. As well as Chicago in August. Hopefully there will some more stateside before then too. Fingers crossed. . No pics today, the iPad just can't cope with blogger (how did we ever stop wraith attacks with tablets when I can't even upload a picture?) so I'll find some good ones when I get home. . All the best and thanks again for the wishes.