Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh Blogger Where Art Thou...

How long is it between posts? A year on the calendar?...
I know, I know. I chastise myself - it's been busy - I've been on working on an action adventure movie with Colin Firth and Chuck Norris. I've posted one of the stills from the dramatic conclusion above. This part is really cool.
But seriously?, Anyone out there in Cork, Ireland? - Or how about London? Yes, no? If so, stop in to WarpCon at the University in Cork in Ireland and Wolf Events in London THIS WEEKEND ONLY!! SPECIAL INVENTORY BLOWOUT. I'll be there, McGillion will be there, and lots of Guiness will be there, yes?... Come out.


amaryllis said...

A tribute to Ray Harryhausen is it? Can't wait.
'Oh Blogger where art thou?' ROTFL!!
Good to hear from you again.

Melena said...

Great to hear from you ! Thanks =)

Rosehawk said... are in a movie with Colin Firth and Chuck Norris - that's gonna be a fun watch! Hope you have a great role and get lots of action! Look forward to seeing it someday!

Have fun at the convention!

VelveetaWingnut said...

Have a wonderful con! Think about Shoreleave con in Maryland in July!

D (Hiccups) said...

If that's the conclusion, I certainly hope you don't get ripped apart in this one! *shutters to think* I like you in one piece. ;) Ireland sounds great! I hope you and McGillion have a blast. Take lots of pictures please.


Alexandra said...

haaaa! Finally a post from you Mr Nykl! ;-)) You're on my iGoogle page you know, so if there's a new post, I see it!!

You know what'd be nice? A Twitter account! As a professional procrastinator, I can tell you that I've actually managed to keep mine alive and going, a miracle. :-p Plus, you'll be able to poke Mr Hewlett once in a while :-D.

Hope you are well, and wish you the best, from Belgium.

Jana said...

Irsko a Lond├Żn jsou daleko. Co takhle zase Festival Fantazie? :D

Dictator-for-life said...

An ocean away kept you fake doctors at bay. Blast.

What would you get if you mix David, Colin and Chuck together? I was torn between mince celebrity pie and a band of three men you'd run to and away from.

Keep up the biyearly posts, Dr. Z, always a pleasure to read.

Madison said...

You drink Guinness? I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Have a good time over there.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're having a good time! Thanks for taking time out from fighting dinosaurs to post!

We'd love to have you come to a con in Texas if you ever get the chance! There are a lot better ones here than the one that stood up Paul McGillion a few years back. :P

Have a great spring and good luck filming!

Rosehawk said...

Hey David, have a wonderful and Happy Birthday on Monday! Celebrate and Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that dinosaur isn't a Pterodactyl!

You almost missed your monthly posting, so thanks for this. Although maybe you could notify us of your convention appearances more than a few days before attending? Yeah, yeah, you were working with Colin Firth and Chuck Norris. I guess I would be distracted, too! 8^) Seriously, thanks for these little nuggets of your life and taking the time for the great photos you take of your travels.

And, Happy pre-Birthday!

Melena said...

Happy Birthday David !!

Enjoy the Day =)

VelveetaWingnut said...

Happy Birthday David...may the coming year bring endless opportunity!

Susanna said...

Happy Birthday!

D (Hiccups) said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a terrific day and a year full of fun projects and great experiences.

Big Birthday Hug,
(Sorry if I squished you too much)

Immernot said...

Happy Birthday :)

amaryllis said...

Happy Birthday Dude!
I agree with VelveetaWingnut. This is the year you should visit beautiful, historic Baltimore.

shelsfc said...

Was great to see you in London! Wonderful, gutter-y weekend :P Next time, you get the birthday cake!!

Glad you enjoyed your time in the People's Republic of Cork ;)

D (Hiccups) said...

I hope you had a good time in Ireland. Can't wait to hear about it! Hint, hint. ; ) (I know, I'm shameless.) Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day btw!