Thursday, December 16, 2010


Stargate: Universe cancelled? Oh oh.
What's going on?...


Tal said...

It's uber crappy news and on my birthday too :( Can't believe the cast had to find out on Twitter - that's disgusting

PetrTwo said...

First it was Caprica, now SGU :( I dunno, if people don´t want to see original sci-fi, or what :(

Lucie said...

Vcera jsem se to dozvedela. Je to strasny. Ted vim, ze Jezisek neexistuje, protoze jsem mu psala ze jediny darek co si preji je nova rada SGU + aby se v ni objevil Zelenka...:-(

D (Hiccups) said...

SG1 had a good run. SGA was running nicely beside it. People were happy, and I think most of us understood SG1 ending. Afterall, it had 10 great years. That's quite respectable. SGA was cut too short though. Then, they brought on SGU and let people get into that. Now, it has been canceled? Sigh.

As always, thanks for the update. Merry Christmas to you, your family, and all your fans!


Leaper said...

To be honest, I could never get into SGU? After SGA was cancelled, and they brought SGU, it seemed like it was just going to be a substitute, and I couldn't bring myself to really care that much.

I like Radek and the SGA team too much.

Meg said...

They couldn't support a show without Rodney and Radek! :)

I agree with leaper, I just couldn't get into it. First Carson, then the whole show... I Miss SGA!

Otherwise, how you have a lovely carp for Christmas! :)

Rosehawk said...

Bit of a bummer, especially b4 the holidays. It definitely wasn't for lack of hard work with the actors and crew that's for sure. Feel bad for the actors, the ones I got to meet were just awesome and fantastic with fans.

Tptb tried something new, creative and it didn't work; my guess is it was probably too soon after SG1 and SGA to go a totally different direction with the franchise. They made business decisions and totally underestimated their fan-base.

Hope we will still get Stargate Extinction - we are being seriously Zelenka deprived right now!

Have a wonderful Holiday!

Anonymous said...

The reason SGU was canceled?
No Zelenka.

(Should never have canceled Atlantis)

VelveetaWingnut said...

I tried watching SGU but couldn't bring myself to get into the characters. Ihave to want to care about the people in the series to invest my time, and for whatever reason, the characters on SGU didnt pull me in.

SGA was cut too short, I agree totally with D and while I certainly did love Radek, all of the characters gelled so wonderfully together, it made me care what happened to them.

SGA never should have ended when it did.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. SGU was getting so, so good too. I think it took them a while to acclimatize to the new direction of the franchise, but MAN it's been amazing these past couple months. I stuck with it because it was Stargate, and the last several episodes were well worth it. I was beginning to think SyFy would keep it around for at least one more season, but silly me, why would they want to keep producing quality programming?

Susanna said...

It sucks :-( And the way they handle it by letting the cast and crew find out on twitter was just disgusting. I have a bad feeling that this is the end of the Stargate franchise.

Anyway, thanks for the update. Merry Christmas.

P.S please come to Fedcon.

shelsfc said...

It's a sad, sad thing. Hoping it's not the end of SG!

Sal said...

I have a theory that SyFy had no intention of keeping SGU going.

I think the fact that the cast had to find out on twitter really shows how much respect they had for the show and the people in it.

BUT what really gets me is, that after having cancelled Caprica in october and not having even finished showing the last 5 eps, they are planning on doing another BSG prequel movie.

The whole thing just sucks so much.

It was great to meet you at Chevron 7.5. I had been wanting to meet your for ages and you were a fantastic guest.

Hope that you have a great christmas.

Anonymous said...

Too bad we won't ever see Radek help out the Destiny.

David, I see you're directing some theatre for the holidays. I hope you're having a great time with it. Happy holidays to you.

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Anonymous said...

While I never got "into" SGU, I did watch it. I wasn't sure if it would or wouldn't get a third season, but it was rather tacky of SyFy/MGM, whomever to let cast/crew find out via stuff on the internet. I mean, phones do exist and there had to be someone at the office who could have spent a morning just calling people.

I remember when Scifi cancelled Farscape, then Stargate SG1 (done at 200th episode party!), Stargate Atlantis. If you work on a SyFy show, guess you should follow them on twitter to see if you're going to be working the next week!

Rosehawk said...

Veselé Vánoce!

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year! Hopefully it means more work that fans can see!

archersangel said...

sci-fi on tv is an endangered species

Anonymous said...

Are y'all serious? The cast and crew got the news via Twitter? Ouch, that is cold.

I know Lou Diamond Phillips, David Blue and a few others are big tweeters but that is not very professional. Was it the production company that announced on Twitter? MGM? or SyFy (or however they spell it)?

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Justi said...

Hello, where are you?:(

Hana said...

Stargate Universe nakonec nekončí. Viz zde: