Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Conventions in the U.S.

My dear faithful followers. Hello. I'd normally have a picture or two of Ireland to upload but blogger is not friendly with the iPad, so I'll instead post some text art:


That's me, happy in the pub. That's all the pictures I took. Ireland was lovely indeed, and thanks UCC and all you kids out there. The Beamish was good.

I don't know why it's been so tough to come out and visit all you in the good ol' U S of A, it just hasn't come together. So I'm going to ask you all for help, and I'll try it one more time: send me any contacts you can find for con organizers in your area. Send me their email, I'll write them, and insist that a con without Zelenka is not really a con at all. That way I may finally be able to get out there. I'll also take down the emails as soon as I get them so as not to encourage spider robots which occaisionally show up on this blog. With your help, we will end the Zelenka ban in the States and restore the world to its proper order.

Incidentally, for those of you coming to Gatecon here in Vancouver in April: advance warning, I will only be attending on Thursday, April 14, not the whole weekend. I'm not sure what they've put on their website, I just wanted you to know so plans can be made. Im not there the whole weekend, but Thursday will be a blast.

You guys are great. Hope to see you soon!


Anonymous said...

erm... I think you mean the Creation Stargate convention in April. Creation and Gatecon are separate organizations.

Sorry, but the con contacts I have are lit-cons rather than media oriented. Hope to see you in the upper left corner of the US sometime soon :)

Melena said...

Hi David.

Talking about conventions ... Will you come to the Sci-Fi Con in France ?


I hope you will !

Jim Reeves said...


Would love to see you back at Polaris in Toronto. Their contact is: guests at tcon dot ca

Rosehawk said...

LOL - It's actually a Creation convention in April - you missed Gatecon last June!

While you may not be there in person the rest of the convention you will be there in spirit with Joe, David H and Paul on Saturday and that comment will totally make sense during your autograph session!

Looking forward to seeing Vancouver again and getting to do more sight seeing as well as the convention! Maybe, if you are having some fun one day, you can take pics of places to check out and fun sights to see in Vancouver.

And if you have a theater show going on during that time, let us know! I'm dying (okay not really dying, maybe more of fan wishful thinking) to watch you in a theater play sometime!

How much rain does Vancouver get in April???

Ange said...

Does this offer extend to those of us who are are enduring Zelenka withdrawal down under? Just in case it is, I shall offer a handy email address: info@pulpexpo.com. For future reference. Hint, hint.

And I am delighted with the timing of your update - as soon as it appeared, the Canucks scored a much-needed goal. Inow consider you very good luck. :)

VelveetaWingnut said...

David, I sent you an email with contact info for two conventions in the USA. Please take a look.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you'll come to Dragon*Con again in September? It was wonderful seeing you there the year before last!


Utopia! said...

Hello David!

Hope you're well!
Like Melena asked, is there any chance you could come at the Sci-Fi Convention in France?

It would be absolutely amazing!

Michee said...

GenCon is my vote--you'd greatly improve the media guest line-up they've had the past few years!
It looks like you'd contact events at gencon dot com or pr at gencon dot com...I've dropped a line to my friend (whose an industry guest of honor) to see if I can get you a more specific contact.
The full website is: http://gencon.com/2011/indy/default.aspx

Michee Rose said...

I heard back from my friend and have a specific name for GenCon. I don't feel comfortable possibly spamming *her* by posting her email address here, but I can send the information on to you from my email: michee at vrtisworks.com

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nykl! How about "Shore Leave" in Baltimore, MD. Mr. Hewlett, Ms. Luttrell, Ms. Staite, Mr. Picardo, Mr. Momoa, & Mr. Heyerdahl have all attended this one in recent years, as well as a few SG-1 cast members including Mr. Shanks. Mr. Judge is scheduled to be at this year's con in July. Here's the link:


I would LOVE it if you could come!

Anonymous said...

It's probably too late for this year, but All-Con is a fun little con in Dallas, Texas in March.


Austin has also gotten a version of Wizardworld Comic-con. If you're free in November, it's a decent one.


I'm glad you had fun in Ireland! I hope the rest of your year goes as well!

Anonymous said...


Love to see you in Nova Scotia.

Dictator-for-life said...

Too bad your pictures didn't load. That's why you shouldn't have sold the rights to the Apple, Dr. Z.

Good luck with the convention business. You're a real sport being so civil about it.

From one person chronically addicted to oxygen to another, don't make the mistake Richard Dean Anderson did when going to the Springfield MacGyver convention. Get all the credentials you can.

Sarah said...

There is a convention in Michigan called the Motor City Comic Con. Here is Mary Kruger's (convention manager) e-mail address: miriam@motorcitycomics.com. Please check it out if you have the time!

syeds said...

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