Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mirror Beans, Big Pizzas, and the Next Thing

Hard to believe - cancelled - after five years. Atlantis the series has been wrapped. It's all so sudden. Even when you know it can happen anytime, when it does you go: where did that come from? I barely have digested the news before the "what's next?" questions started up. What's next?
Well, frankly, I don't know. More work. More good roles. More ways to connect. I hope.
We move on.. and next up Atlanta! Never been, leaving in a few hours. Understand it can get hot there. Pshaw.
Chicago last weekend was terrific - met some great people, went up a tall building, saw a magical mirror-bean which predicted that in the future, we will all take pictures of ourselves with our telephones and speak to people that are not really there. Weird. Ducked into the Art Institute of Chicago and stared at a Maigritte for a long time. I like how he tells a story in his paintings.
The blog will continue its current haphazard reportage. If I find out anything about the fate of the good doctor, I will let you know; however - they never tell me anything.
It was great to see you guys. Thanks for the support. See you again soon.


Micah said...

Best of luck on finding the next thing!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a fantastic time in Atlanta, David - I wish I could be there myself to see you, Torri and the other folks from SGA. It's sure to be a blast - and not just from the heat and humidity.

Lapis said...

You WILL have fun in Atlanta - one of my friends is on the staff and has promised me that she will take very good care of you. Look for the tiny brunette drinking a Cosmo. And I am sure that the next thing will be fantastic, as long as you're in it. Take care, do good work, and keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

I just about had a heart attack when the announced it last week (or was it the week before?). I'm glad your still going to be updating and i wish you lots of luck finding your next role. : )

Elyse said...

Enjoy Atlanta! The fans will be behind you all the way :)

Sucks on the cancellation, but I hope the producers have the good sense to put Zelenka in the movie (and not kill him, do hate when they kill off the characters I love).

Michal said...

Příteli, Atlantis i Zelenka nám budou chybět. Přeji hodně štěstí :)

Chez said...

You've been such a weekly figure in my TV schedule (or whenever you're on!) it'll be sad to see you go. I hope you make the most of the final weeks of filming and we see you in the movies!

But I do hope you keep us updated with your future endeavours whatever that may be. I know I'll keep reading this blog should you continue to update

Anonymous said...

It was lovely meeting you at the con last weekend. You were funny and gracious at every opportunity, even if you did try to leave us hanging about the Shrine's missing scene. *grin* I'm looking forward to seeing "Helen" when it's available.

It wouldn't be a true Atlantis movie if they didn't include Zelenka - we'll be pulling for you!

Mo said...

Please be sure to keep us informed of your other work. You are appreciated for Zelenka, yes, but also for being a damn talented actor. (and are willing to drive up from Seattle if you do any plays!) We're all horribly sad at the end of SGA and want Dr. Z in the movie. And I'm personally unhappy I won't get a Zelenka action figure! ;) I hope I'll still be able to meet you at a con someday. (p.s., Hewlett uses Twitter to keep fans updated... don't let him out-geek you! lol)

Elly M said...

I was watching The Shrine last week and I saw Zelenka walk by and just went "???" That's it? Hmph, they better have your scene in the dvd extras. I really, really want to know what happened :)

Anyway, best of luck with your next roles. I hope we will see more of Zelenka in the rest of S5 and in the Atlantis movie(s). I enjoy reading your blog and I hope you keep on sharing your 'adventures' with us. :)

Danielle said...

I love Stargate Atlantis! *pouts* This means no more Zelenka...? Who else on TV is gonna start rambling in Czech when he gets mad? Oh and you're going to be in the New Jersey area in November right? ^^ If so keep your eyes peeled for me lols. I might be able to go if i save up enough for it ^__^

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that they cancled Atlantis. Whyever they would let such a great bunch of actors like yourself go is a mystery to me. :-(

Thanks for giving us the good Doctor for five wounderful seasons! I don't understand any Czech but it always makes me smile when Zelenka gets going.

I hope you'll find good, challenging work that you enjoy. And that some makes it to Germany. :)

regards, noreen

Serenity said...

So very sorry to see Atlantis cancelled! Zelenka is one of my favorite characters and I sure hope to see you in the movie!
Take care and all the best.

scary said...

I am glad to hear you will still keep up your haphazard approach to blogging. ; ) I check it regularly and it is always a pleasant surprise to see a new post.

Best of Luck in the future. ((((HUGS))))

Kanku said...

I was planning to go to Atlanta for the con but it's so expensive I can't. Hope you have/had fun. It does get quite hot now and again. Wear sunscreen.
It is hard to believe though. SGA so popular and now it's going to be over. I hope you can get something new really soon and hopefully it's on Sci-Fi so I can watch it ^^

morjana said...

Hi, David.

Glad you had a great time in Chicago, and I hope you enjoy Atlanta.

Looking forward to more of Radek on SGA's season five...and hopefully in more Stargate productions.

Best wishes, Morjana

Justi said...

You know... Zelenka is great but we read this becouse of You David, and there's nothing that can change it.. We want too know how are you, and where we can see you again:)

Anonymous said...

Stargate Atlantis introduced us to the character of Zelinka, and to you as an actor. As a fan of both, I'll continue to follow your career, which I hope will be chock full of appearances at conventions, in the promised Stargate movie(s), and in all the other many roles I know are out there waiting for you. Good luck, and break a leg.

Ange said...

I didn't think that day would come so soon. Zelenka is one of the main reasons why I adore this show, and I'll miss both him and SGA. To be honest, he was the reason why I started watching! But that doesn't mean there aren't other things to look forward to, hopefully soon. Good luck with the 'what now?', I'm sure everyone here is cheering you on to bigger and better things.

I sure wish I was over in Atlanta as well, but I am taking a well-earned vacation back home. If you do manage to stumble across a frazzled young fan by the name of Audrey, please do say hi from me :)

Have a great time this weekend, and don't be a stranger. :)

Anonymous said...

I am sure it has been great working with an excellent group of actors, I hope I can experience it myself one day.

All good things must come to an end, but why now?

all the best!!

Rosehawk said...

Have fun in Atlanta.

Bummer about Atlantis, really thought we could have at least two more years. It was one of the few shows I really enjoyed watching.

You've got a fun fan base so I hope you do manage to keep your blog updated even if it is occasionally and just to tell a joke or two. Hopefully you will continue with details about your other work coming up. It's fun to see you do more than just Zelenka.

Look forward to seeing Helen when it comes out and the Beast of Bottemless Lake if they manage to get it out somewhere.

Thanks for all the hard work. And I really enjoyed meeting you in Chicago last weekend.

Tara said...

Hi David. It was GREAT to see you in Chicago! I'd been looking forward to meeting you for quite a while. Thanks for coming!!

It would definitely not be an Atlantis movie without Zelenka!! He has to be in it!!

Definitely keep us updated on your next projects!!

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures! Lovely meeting you in Chicago, thanks for being there. :)

NZ_Jackie said...

Hey David,

Some fans have set up a campaign to bring SGA back, if you want to have a look see, you are welcome!

On a personal have been to Aussie...when are you coming back to NZ, I missed when you were here last..:D


Becky L said...

Very glad you had a good time in Chicago. I hope Atlanta was equally as fun. We'll always look forward to your updates.

Anonymous said...

will you keep the blue horse???
Did you cry solecism??

faithchan said...

We're all wishing you the best of luck in all your future projects, of course... but no good sci-fi show ever really dies. The seasons come and go, but conventions are forever. :) (And your crazy fan base will still love you no matter what your doin!)

Jedi said...

I can't wait to see you at the NJ con in Nov.

Jeni Rae said...

You are brilliant! Here's to you and the 'next thing'.

cheers! :)

Madi said...

Make sure you show the producers all the comments here demanding you're in the movie!! : )

BethyNYC said...

You know, you could always come to NYC and do a show here!

(hint hint)

I hope that you keep us informed about your next projects!

MJ said...

No more SGA? Wow, think I'm actually gonna cry real tears for this!
I am going to miss Zelenka so very much! -All work and no Atlantis makes MJ a dull girl-
Good luck onwards in whatever you might do. I'm probably going to hop on the angry-fan train and send the evil cancelers some letters, all the way from Norway no less! (fear my viking wrath!*charges pen and paper*)

Anonymous said...

MGM/FOX has just let us know that they've decided to hold off on an international release for "The Beast from bottomless lake" until February 2009...!! to get that excited. So for the record, the "official word" is that

"A Dog’s Breakfast" will now be released in the following markets NOW: You should be able to get the film in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, The UK, and Australia.


Gen said...

SO sorry to hear about Atlantis. We're in shock here, too. How could they cancel such a fantastic show? Looking forward to the movies, though, and let the producers know that we want to see Zelenka in them, or else!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to Dragon*Con! I was one of the many who came by to visit and to commiserate about the show's cancellation. Hope you enjoyed the weekend and found the continued support and appreciation of the fans a little more buoying. I know we were v. glad to have you there.

(PS re. Magritte - he's one of our favorites, too!)

Anonymous said...

Hello David...noob here (I do post regularly on Mallozzi's blog tho!)

You really should come out to Australia sometime (hint hint Supernova in Perth next year! HAHAH) We'd love to meet you!

Tell the powers that be we are not happy little vegemites over SGA's cancellation!! We want a sixth season at least! However, if they really do intend to do movies, we hope that Radek will be an integral part of the plot!!


Michal said...

Mohu se ještě zeptat, jakou roli budete hrát v seriálu Eureka? :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, David! It was great getting to meet you in Chicago and I just wanted to drop you a line. I had talked to you briefly in the autograph line at the convention in Chicago you were at about JPOD. Well, on your recommendation, I finally went out and picked up the book and I wanted to say thank you. It was a really excellent read; one of the most entertaining books I have read in a long time. I think I'll have to pick up some more of Coupland's work. So, thank you for turning me on to a new, fantastic author. :)


elfgirl said...

Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to chat with me for a bit on Monday at DragonCon*. I'm glad you got to see something of Atlanta outside of the hotel district. Virginia Highlands and L5P are two of my favorite parts of the city. (If only I could afford to live down there.)

In my rush not to sound like a dork, I forgot to say how disappointed I was to hear about SG:A being cancelled. I'm not a weekly viewer--sharing a TV with three kids and a husband means I tend to watch several at a time, every few weeks--but I've been watching since the beginning of S2 and I'll miss it and all the characters.

Thanks again, and I hope you had a good trip home!

*I was the one with the weird near death story and lack of understanding of how the whole autograph thing worked. In my defense, you're the first person I've asked for an autograph, so I think I deserve a little slack. ;)

Paula said...

It was so nice finally getting to meet you at Dragon*Con. (I was your "Vanna" at the auction.)

You were very patient with us silly people. And especially indulgent in our ongoing attempts to shame David Hewlett into attending.

Anonymous said...

Mohu se ještě zeptat, jakou roli budete hrát v seriálu Eureka?Can to ještÄ› ask , like roli budete hrát within seriálu Eureka?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to Dragon*Con. I was one of many who enjoyed your appearance in Atlanta. Although it was my first opportunity to see you, I hope it won't be the last

(I was the one who asked about the name "Zelenka").

BerryMouse said...

The cancellation really really suxx.
I can't believe that they really do it, it's like a bad april joke.
But MGM had a poll if ppl are excited about SG Universe and 85% said no - so that's a clear YES for SGA! (a bunch of ppl voted)
Maybe they'll think about it?
I'm sure we all will miss Radek Zelenka also the other crew members but I'm also sure that there are some other great projects.... but it's still sad.

SGA is a tiny part of history *for me*

Valkyrie said...

Hi David! It was a real pleasure to meet you at Dragon*Con. I hope that you and the rest of the cast are enjoying the bracelets we gave you. In case you don't remember me, I'm the vertically challenged blonde in the garrishly orange guest "Escort" shirt.

In any event I wanted to thank you personally for your help in with the charity auction. We had a silent auction and another small auction later on Monday, and with all that combined, we raised over $10,000.00 for the American Heart Association!!! We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you soooo much for your help and participation!


IndyGirl said...


I am very sad to see SGA canceled. It's my favorite show. I don't watch any other tv show as loyally. Guess a new favorite will fill the void in time. I have enjoyed watching you play the good Dr. Zelenka and look forward to the rest of season 5. I hope they include you in the future Atlantis movie(s). I will miss all of the characters and the stories. They're fun. There's nothing else like it on TV. Good luck to you and I hope to see more of you on the tele or big screen!

Adna said...

I hope you get another good role (something even better than Atlantis, but what is better than Stargate, right?).