Thursday, August 7, 2008

Many Places

The middle of summer. Ahhh. Time to do some CSI'n.(See above) That's the venerable and highly misunderstood Sean Murphy, the best-of-the-best, our Second A.D. (not b.c - just to be clear) He's the glue that holds the lot together. He's, I dunno, Italian, I think.
Dispatches from a moment by the desktop -I'm very old school that way: a couple more scripts have rolled in, and they are, by all accounts, stunning because of what happens to- mmmGrgp PHkhh h . ff.F.
There's also a behind the scenes videoblog coming out on the MGM site somewhere, I think, soon, and - last but utterly not least, a visit to the many of you very fine folk out there in Americalandia - is that how you pronounce it?.. in CHICAGO very soon, and then ATLANTA soon after that. Most excellentness.
And, last but utterly least: Name the Location - Episode 7 or something: To the Correct Identifier goes a signed photograph of the good doctor with a Special Added Bonus of a shard of glass from a 'recent episode'. Guess the exact location of the first picture, and the staff over here at Letters From Pegasus will send you that and more!!...
Enjoy summer. Go for a swim.


Toni said...

Is it Moscow's North Terminal Park?

Desi said...

Americalandia - is that how you pronounce it?

If that's how you want to pronounce it, then it's fine by us!

I'm one of the ecstatic fans who will be very happy to see you in Atlanta, GA at DragonCon. Just's the American south...prepare not to be able to breathe outside...

Leaper said...

I have no idea where that is, but hi! I hope you're having fun with filming SGA. I wish that I could get to meet you at Dragon*Con, but alas, no money.

*waves hi*

Rosehawk said...

Okay, there is no way in hel...umm heck that I am gonna figure this one out. *sigh* I really must get out a bit more or wait for the clues if the game lasts that long *sigh*!

Can't wait to get to see you in Chicago in a few weeks. Should be a fun convention. Whoa...guess this means I am getting out abit.

Glad to hear you are getting a few more scripts. That means more Zelenka! Can never have too much Zelenka!

Rosehawk said...

Forgot to ask....who's in the David Hewlett mask standing next to David Hewlett??

Susan the Tartan Turtle said...


Could the picture be of "cadboro bay park, victoria, b.c."?


Kanku said...

I really want to guess but I have NO CLUE where that is. Some park somewhere? Man, use pictures from somewhere I've been...
Anyway - Yay, more Zelenka. Always cool.
I wish I could see you in Chicago but it's WAY too expensive for a highschooler with no job

Ange said...

Go for a swim? It's been raining non-stop for two weeks. The entire countryside is flooded here. No more water, please. I'm out of dry socks. :)

Erm. City Park in Kelowna?

morjana said...

Hi, David.

Thank you for the lovely photos.

I have not a clue on the location photo. Is it from Venus' Mercury Park on the Stars? Lovely place, best to visit at twilight though in the spring...


Elyse said...

It's the octopus at Gyro Park, in Cadboro Bay, Victoria, BC :)

Gah, wish I was going to DragonCon!

Elyse said...

Oh, and for folks wanting to see the rest of the octopus, here’s a good blog with other Gyro Park critters ;)

Hmm, Americalandia ... sounds like a cheese! ;)

Robyn said...

Go for a swim? A swim?! It's been constantly raining since the last week of July. If I see another drop of water, I'm going to go crazy!

Misty aka s_aurius said...

Aww, too bad I missed the guess the location. :( Unfortunately I'm usually only able to access the internet on the weekends. Hopefully I'll be able to play next time!

You're going to Dragon*con!!! I so wish I could be there. I'm only a few hours away from Atlanta now. Maybe I can go next year.

Anonymous said...

Aj ked presne NEVM čo píšeš, Ale AJ TAK, pekne obrazočky....:))
OMG, Aj tak som najštastnejší človek na svete...:)) I FELT IN LOVE....:))))))))))) len škoda tu vzdialenost... newm prečo to sem píšem...ale to šťastie snad je nakazlive, JE MI UPLNE UZASNEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWW:)))


P.S: Pozdravujete pls D.Hewletta - On je moja druha laska...AJ CELý ATLANTISS!!:))
konečne som si dnes pozrela Continuum..pekný flm, sa podaril..hlavne tie efekty..:)) Niektorým sa to nepáči..ale mne osobne HEJ!!:)) ADIOOSS MIS AMIGOSS!!

Audrey said...

Very much looking forward to seeing you at DragonCon! And news of future Zelenka episodes is made of win. :)

Alaina said...

Lets see, the trees in the background are obviously of the west coast, considering, but much greener, so its a high lattitude, so I am guessing somewhere in canada. Victoria perhaos? And behind it I see a park of sorts so, Gyro Park?

Madi said...

Summer? What is this thing? Stupid Britain.
Loving the pictures, is that you behind that McKay mask? I'm so making one.

Yazid said...

Gyro Park, Victoria, BC.

Carolyn said...

YAY for seeing us in Americalandia. And you can call it that as long as I can call it Canananananada.

Dragon*Con is going to be fun this year, and I can't wait to see you there.

Adna said...

Second pic... Is that Zelenka -- McKay wanna be? Funny.
CHICAGO!!! Yay!!!

Paula said...

Dragon*Con BAYBEE!

I am looking forward to getting to meet you. I think you'll enjoy yourself.

I remind you again, stay away from the Romulan Ale! :)

Tori said...
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Scarym, said...

Hey David.

Love the pics. Unfortunately I will have to miss your American Tour. :(

I hope that in 2009 you will make a couple more con appearances in Americalanida. : )

Tori said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tori said...

If you need something more spcific then the park's name how about this:

That's the precise location :) *give you cookies* Have I even mentioned what a fantastic actor you are? Because you are :D

Anonymous said...

cool pictures.!!!!! By the way like the first few episodes.. Cant wait for more Zelenka/Mckay pics.

AnnieAngel said...

I totally want that slide.

Michelle Lunsford said...

I'm very much looking forward to meeting you in Atlanta at Dragon*Con! And we've been having relatively mild weather here in the South, for this time of year. He's hoping it holds out for a few more weeks. ; )

Safe travels, and hope you have a blast in Chicago as well.

Mo said...

I just read the announcement at I just have to say, that absolutely sucks, and please, please PLEASE keep updating so we can see all the other work you do, as loyal fans. I am very depressed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting Chicagoland. It was great to see you there! My first Con and I had a blast.

DanaMc said...

David it was fantastic having you at the Chicago convention. I hope you will return to our fair city. Maybe you'll have a bit more time to visit the art museum. :)

And, so sorry to hear It's just wrong. Wrong I tells ya. And, we aren't going to take this lying down. You just stand back. We'll take it from here. *wink*

All the best,
Some gal in the front row.

Shepp said...

Hi David.

Don't forget the petition for saving Stargate Atlantis.

Anonymous said...






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