Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tired Monsters

Doesn't it get hot under all that rubber? Especially in Atlanta in the summer?!... You guys are epic. Most of the 30,000 of you at DragonCon last weekend were dressed up in some way, and often it was pretty amazing. I saw several Shaun's of the Dead, many many Stormtroopers, and at least two dozen "new" smeared make-up Jokers. Impressive. There were fairies and furries, clones and clowns, and all manner of living dead. The hotel was pretty epic too. Love that 50 storey atrium.
Met many of you from a part of the world I rarely travel to and wish I did more: the U.S. South. I even had the Cream of Wheat porridge FOR SUPPER instead of breakfast, like y'all do down there. And it taste nothing like grit. It taste like porridge for dinner is all...
Hard to believe but this will be my last week on Atlantis the series. Three days this week, two on "Enemy at the Gate", the finale; and a day on "Vegas" the penultimate Atlantis adventure. Whew. Those five years went fast! It seems like only yesterday a hapless doctor with a weird accent told his commanding officer to "stop talking please". That was way back. Atlantis old school.
I'll bring my camera. Take some piccies.


Beth said...

Hi David - sounds like you had a great time at Dragon Con - I would have loved to have gone but it's a rather pricey trip from Oz and I can't get too greedy, I just saw you and Alan Tudyk a few weeks ago and some of the other celeb guests too!

I'm really sad for you and for me that you're almost finished up with Atlantis. I'll miss you :(

Hope it's not too long before we see you in something else new and exciting :)

Robyn said...

Wish I could have gone to Dragon Con. I've a friend in Georgia, so it would have been great to swap places with her for one day, since she's not so big on Sci-Fi.

Been reminiscing about old-school Atlantis, actually. It started out fantastic, but I must say that it only got better. Going to miss you and everyone else on my TV every Friday night.

Can't wait for pics. ;)

morjana said...

Hi, David.

Thank you so much for your lovely photos from Dragon*Con. Had a bit of vertigo looking at the hotel atrium though...

Oh, wow, the last days on Atlantis. I have really enjoyed Stargate Atlantis, and I very much appreciate everyone's hard work on the series. I appreciated YOUR talents, David, into breathing spirit, life and soul into Dr. Radek Zelenka.

Keeping my fingers crossed we'll see you in the SGA movie(s), hopefully in a SG1 movie...hopefully in Stargate: Universe.

Best wishes, David, and Happy Gating!


Leaper said...

Holy cow, those costumes are awesome.

I wish I could have gone. Alas, maybe next year.

I'm really sad this is going to be your last week on Atlantis, and I really hope that you get to be in some of the movies that they'll undoubtedly put out.

Happy Gating!

rrmf said...

If Atlantis has to end I'm just glad you'll be in those last episodes :) Fingers crossed for movies as well.

Thanks for keeping us updated David, and best of luck with everything.

Desi said...

Hey David!

It was so cool to be able to meet you at D*Con! Isn't it just INSANE?!?! I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with you Sunday morning for an interview for the Daily Dragon, the official press at D*Con, and just wanted to say thank you again for being such an amazing actor and so sweet considering how bumbling I'm sure I was as an interviewer.

Also, I wanted to give you a link to the finished and published interview over on our Daily Dragon site:

Also, thank you for posing for a picture with me later on Sunday. :)

Just some pictures you might like to see:

Thank you again for joining us at Dragon*Con and we SO want you to come back!!


Riley said...

David, thank you so much for all the pleasure you've given us through your wonderful portrayal of Zelenka. You've really endeared him to us, and we'll miss seeing him so regularly on screen. Hopefully we'll be seeing you in many more screen productions - including, no doubt, the SGA movie(s). I wish you the very best for the future.


Katheen said...

Running into you (although briefly!) in the Walk of Fame at Dragon*Con on Sunday was a highlight for me. Glad that you enjoyed the madness - are you sure you didn't end up being frightened? :) You must have gone to bed early!

I was so excited to see you that I forgot to tell you that I'll miss knowing exactly where to find you - please keep us up to date on your TV and movie whereabouts!

Anonymous said...

I saw you at Dragon Con!
You're so much shorter in person!
I was the korean dude dressed as Dr. McKay in the scene in the lab in episode 16 of season 3

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that "Atlantis" is going to be over after this season. =[ I was really hoping the show would last as long as "SG:1".

By the way, the picture of the hotel atrium is pretty much awesome. I don't know how you could take that pic without being a little afraid to fall off the edge!

Well, I'll be keeping an eye open to look for you in any other shows. =]

Jocelyn said...

Why don't we have conventions here in Dubai? We get property and IT exhibitions and world summits but never anything nearly as fun as a Convention! This is why I want to move to Vancouver. But sadly Atlantis is at an end so there won't be any hunky actors left to stalk. :)

I will be looking forward to your posts this coming week and onwards. Enjoy every second of your last week in Atlantis. I'm sure it will be the best.

I hope there's cake.

annabel said...

Glad to hear you'll be in the finale. Hope Dr. Z makes it through OK- we want to see you in those movies!

WolfenM said...

Hey, David -- this is Wolfie, one of Hewlett's Squirrels, the one who gave you that portrait at Dragon*Con. :) It was fantastic meeting you -- thank you for being so warm and friendly! I look forward to doing the interview with you for Sequential Tart. :)

As promised, here is the Zelenka pony I told you about:

Enjoy! ;D

Anonymous said...

Your photos turned out great! Dragon*Con was insane, but strangely compelling. I enjoyed meeting you briefly at the Walk of Fame area and your contributions to the panels were both informative and amusing! I do hope you come back again sometime!

Mo said...

Looks like you had fun!

It's hard for us to believe as well. We heard the accent and saw the sheepish little smile right after Dr. Z said that, and a new favorite character leapt into the fans'heart. I'm still a little tweaked I didn't get a Zelenka action figure. But I do have all the dvds to date, and plan to keep up with your other endeavours. Congratulations on such excellent work and securing a place in the hearts of scifi fans around the world.

Elyse said...

Wow, hard to believe SGA's demise is just around the corner :( I know, yes, there will be a movie, but one two hour movie instead of 20 hour shows. :(

Cool shots from DragonCon. I'll check out the photo sites to see if I can spot you in anybody else's photos.

Looking forward to the rest of your career

Anonymous said...

It was so wonderful getting to see you at Dragon*Con! But bittersweet, as Atlantis is ending. You did an outstanding job at the Don S. Davis tribute auction, and it was fantastic that the Stargaters raised more money for the American Heart Association than the main con auction. Here are my con Stargate photos.

Here's hoping there's lots of Zelenka in the movies, and I look forward to seeing your other projects.

Kanku said...

People are very willing to sacrifice comfort for dressing up. It's a fandom thing. I so wish I could have gone but I have no money...
David, why are you depressing me? I don't want to think of Atlantis as over since it's one of my favroite shows ever. I still think that "Stop talking please" is my favroite SGA quote to date.
I hope to see you in somthing else real soon,

shelsfc said...

glad you had a good time at Dragon Con!!
Awww, it's so sad to hear you're finishing up on SGA!! Hope it's a great week!

Christin said...

Hi, David. I'm glad you had a good time at DragonCon. I did, too. I kept seeing that Davey Jones thing everywhere.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints (this year, four days was just not enough), I didn't get a chance to meet you. However, you did sign a couple of the name cards you used during the megapanels and I ended up winning one in an auction held on the last day. I just wanted to thank you for doing that. In the end, I did get your autograph after all.

I hope one day I'll get to thank you in person. And I hope you come back to another DragonCon. It's the best!

Madi said...

Saw your Joe Flanigan impression on You Tube, twas legendary. Hope you're having fun.

Rosehawk said...

Glad that you had a fun time in the south of the good ol' USA.

Wow, so now it is down to the last week for you on Atlantis. Looking forward to all the fun pictures that hopefully you can post. I am really going to miss the Zelenka/McKay scenes, they always seem to make me laugh or at the very least smile! You two work so well together and it really shows on-screen.

Atlantis is really going to be missed. Shame it has to be cancelled before it's time to make room for SGU.

Please keep your website and blog updated as you have become one of my favorite actors so I want to be sure to get to see some of your other work down the road.

Hopefully you will still do some conventions - maybe Chicago again next year!

Good Luck with filming next week!

penguin13xtcjx said...

Hi Doc Z,

just wanted to say how awesome it was meting you both in Chicago and Atlanta. I look forward to another meeting in Nov in New Jersey , almost near the state the you measure all other states by, Rhode Island. Hope ya liked your Dragon and you put your star in the pegasus Galaxy !!

Friends, Mare

Becky L said...

Glad that you enjoyed Dragon*Con David. I have seen the 'Squirrel" pictures that were taken and they're very funny! I had to back out of D*Con due to my husband being very ill.

Th kast week...oh, now I want to cry. You know many of the fans are not giving up without a fight. Even if nothing comes from it, we want you and everyone else to know how much we love the show and your characters and all the hard work that goes into each and every episode. You love you David, and thank you so very much for entertaining us.

Becky L said...

Ooopppss.....typos on that entry....sorry

Suppost to be "The last week.." (obviously) and the last line was suppose to be "You know that we love you David...."

*Goes off to sofa* Must get sleep, long, long, long day.....

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad and disappointed that Atlantis was cancelled. Thanks for 5 wonderful years. Wishing you the best and hope to see you soon. Please keep in touch.

Carolyn said...

That WAS a great con, and I saw quite a few Spawn, as well as lots of other stuff.

Luckily, there were less furries than there could have been. There was a furry convention in Tennessee.

Sadly no more Atlantis, but would you come back to D*Con next year? :D :D

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a good time at Dragon*Con - I'd love to go myself one year, just for the experience.

Speaking of old-school Atlantis - I've been rewatching the series from the beginning of Season 1. At this point, I'm up to Part 1 of "The Siege' (the Season 1 finale). Hard to believe it's been five years. Here's hoping the Atlantis movies will continue the tradition of Stargate excellence!

BerryMouse said...

Howdy =) Aww DragonCon must be fun ;) You know how to make ppl jealous!

Hope they'll cast you for a guest role in that SGU thing - *ughrs SGU sounds not good .... sorry*

Oh and I'm sure we'll see you in that SGA movie also! If they decide to make one... you'll never know! =)

Will enjoy your blog in the future, keep us up to date ;)

Scary said...

I always thought it was funny in the Season 1 ep "38 MINUTES", that Rodney said he couldn't remember your name and now your characters are good friends.

Would love to see more pics from the set!!!

I hope you will consider Dragon*con 2009. It would be great to get to finally meet you.

Michelle Lunsford said...

The costumes always amaze me at Dragon*Con as well. Such creativity and talent on display!

Was GREAT getting to meet you in Atlanta. It looked as if you were having a good time, and you did a fab job with the charity auction. Perhaps you'll be able to join in the fun at Dragon*Con 2009 as well. ; )

It is sad to see the time of the good Doctor coming to an end. But I do look forward to potential new projects with you. Hope you can pop in here - or in some other format - and keep us informed.

Aktief Kulture said...

Hi Hi

We're too far away to make it to D*Con (sigh, just moved etc etc). But it sounds like a blast. Thanks for the kewl pics.

Will miss Dr Z as SGA ends. Hope you are in movies *looks for petition in case he is not*.

Do keep us updated about new and upcoming projects. :)


Valderys said...

OMG, I can't believe it's your last week filming already. Five years is not nearly long enough.

It was lovely to meet you again at Dragon*Con - next time I have got to bring something for costume myself, despite the weight allowance of flying from the UK (oh god, I can't believe I said 'next time' :)

Sorry if I ranted a bit about not being the correct demographic for Stargate's new show - I'm still irritated but it's not like it's your fault! You were brilliant at the auction - I was most tempted by the big fish, after you'd kissed it! :)

MaggieMayDay said...

Howdy ... so sad SGA is to be no more. But life goes on, heh? Thanks for your wonderful contribution to a great show.

DragonCon sounds like so much fun, but I'll never get to go. I'd have to miss the Burning Man Arts Festival which is always the same week as the con. And you think wearing costumes in hot Atlanta is awful? Try the Black Rock Desert in a white-out dust storm. Yeah, it was great. Sort of the anti-con; all the participants get to be rock stars for a week and the event is completely non-commercial, with nothing to buy or sell. Odd, but we get a lot of Jedis out there.

Actually, I do get to go to my first con this year. Farscape, of all things. And yes, a costume is in the works. So exciting!

Amanda said...

Hi David,

It was great meeting you in Atlanta! I'm glad it sounds like you had as good a time as we all did and I hope you come back again sometime! I just wanted to say thanks for playing such a lovable character as Dr. Zelenka - he's been one of my favorites from the beginning and he and the rest will be sorely missed when the show's over. Best wishes for the rest of filming on the show and in all future endeavors!! =D


Anonymous said...

¡Hola, David! It would be sad not seeing Zelenka on regular basis, he's such a great character, and you've done an amazing work portraying him. Let's hope Zelenka would be in any SG movies being done.

Good luck, and the best for the future!

Aly said...

Hi David,
I'm so glad you liked the grits! I hope the Flying Biscuit lived up to my recommendation.

I also wanted to thank you for being so nice and generous with your time at the con. You really added to the Stargate panels and were one of the most engaging and friendly celebrities I've had the pleasure to meet!

So thank you again and I hope we'll see you back in Atlanta soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Dragon con sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Some of the best eps were when Zelenka and McKay were bantering. Both you and the show will be missed and make my DVD collection even more dearer to me.

Thank you David the show wouldn't have been the same without you and Atlantis wouldn't have been the same without Zelenka.