Saturday, March 3, 2007


It was awfully nice of the Producers to fly us all deep below the Tropic of Cancer for the upcoming scenes in Doppleganger. It was quite the shoot. Fraught with capital D Danger. That's John Zulinski trying to signal a plane to get us out of the Anaconda cave. (Remind me to tell you that story one day...) Then there were the scorpions, jungle ticks, and the terrifying "toothpick fish" incident with Dave Hewlett. Ask him about it.
We got the scenes we needed, despite the duress. But no time to relax by the beach - we were back in the studios after lunch (mussels and lime chicken - thanks Anthea) in time for a long nap and more grueling shooting. It was so hard, as a matter of fact, that Jason just put on his jacket and left the set forever saying something like "later suckers..."
All in a day's work...


dee said...

LOL I'll have to ask David about the "toothpick fish" when I see him in about three hours at the Film Festival.

Thanks for the pictures!

Chez said...

Oh wow! pretty! Love that SG's going to all different places and terrains now! Thanks for the sneak peak pictures not to menation a certain mucular alien ;). Looking forward to season 4!

You must tell us about the Anaconda cave (but I'm guessing you have to wait till it airs right?)

And dee do report back on the "toothpick fish"!

mhera/lemonchicken said...

Ooooo, it all sounds so terrifying! Cant wait to see the episode. The pics are great, thanks!

Is it too early to remind you to tell us the Anaconda cave story? Lol. And whats this about the fearless rodent king and a terrifying toothpick fish? Nonesense! Haha. Dr Z to save the day again, right? Good to hear from your on-set adventures.

Audrey said...

Oooh, sneak pictures! Thanks for the pics...good to hear from you, and hope filming continues to go well. :-D

And you realize this has us positively drooling in anticipation of Season 4, right? (As if the Season 3 cliffhanger didn't.)

M. Emily said...

Your posts are always so packed with awesome photos and sneaky, sneaky hints and teases! I love reading your blog, it's probably going to get us all through the big gap before season four starts up...

sueKay said...

It's great that you get to travel in your job :P :D

toothpick fish? do I want to know lol! :D

allison said...

At first I was really impressed at how big that screen was in the first picture...until I saw it in relation to the binder and coffee cup ^^; That, or those are really huge cups of coffee they're serving to ya'll. -ha ha-

It looks like everyone's having so much fun! Now is it time to tell us a story? :D The pictures are great. Thanks so much for these tantalizing tidbits to make the wait more (un?)bearable ;). It's now routine to check here everyday before I head off to the bus.
Fantastic Blog!

Becky S said...

Well, no one said life as an actor was easy! Goodness, the dangers you have to face in order to entertain us. I hope they pay you enough to face all that. Thanks for the pictures and the teases. Hope the rest of the episode isn't as rough as your 'location' shoot was.

Ange said...

Hot, hard work and mussels, that pretty much sums up my day, too. Though, without the long nap or Jason Momoa. Ah well.

Oooh, real, proper tree ferns. Don't see too many of those in Canada. :)

Windshieldbug said...

Beautiful scenery....looks like an overgrown FL beach!

Glad you all had fun, and worked hard. We all want to know about the Anaconda cave now. You're teasing us.

*Squirrels off to ask DH about toothpick fish.....*

Lapis said...

Ah, but a tropical location makes all of us piranah feel right at home. Anacondas got nothin' on us.

And you can post all the piccies of Jason in the muscle tee that you like - I promise, no one will complain. Of course, you can also get someone to take a picture of YOU in a muscle tee and post that.

Yes, we're just that shallow.

Shawna said...

Wow, the more I hear about this ep, the more I can't wait to see it. I would love to hear more about these stories you've hinted at, though, if you ever feel inclined to write more.

dee said...

Just back from the screening (was even funnier the second time) and I did have the opportunity to ask about the "toohpick fish". It seems, however, that David has no recollection of the incident in question. Instead, he wanted to know where I'd heard it from. As soon as I mentioned "David Nykl" his comment was, "David Nykl? I never know what he's talking about."

So, David...want to elaborate?

netty said... funny. Thanks David!
Nice pic of Jason :p and what he said. Cracked me up!
Im wondering about the "toothpick fish"

Rosehawk said...

Thanks for sharing! The pics are great and I can hardly wait to hear the stories you are teasing us with.

Someday Scientist said...

toothpick fish, eh?
oh, those lovely honduras. nothin' like 'em, ;P
but yes, those anaconda caves are a little bit nervewracking, i'm sure.... :D

spamco. said...

Huh. Hewlett seems reluctant to to elaborate on this toothpick fish incident?

Hahaha, thanks for the sneak peek pictures, Jason's expression is priceless.

"later suckers." <- I could see that...

Francy said...

Wow, thanks for the update and all the details!! :-) It sounds like you had a really lovely field trip! *LOL*
When should this episode air? I'm looking forward to it!!

Dee, do report back on the "toothpick fish"!

Hmm... looks like there's many other shows being filmed at Bridge... hope your "neighbours" are nice!

Shawna said...

By the way, I can't help but notice that the Tropic of Cancer looks a little more indoorsy than I'd expected. Let me guess: they flew you all the way down there, only to force you to film in a soundstage, because man, you don't want to go out into actual Honduras. (Sorry, bad Cute With Chris reference.)

But seriously, I just wish someone would spill: whose doppleganger?!

black said...

"David Nykl? I never know what he's talking about."
Ha ha. That's really funny. Now you have to tell us this "toothpick fish" story ;).

Pomeranc said...

Díky za fotky a info, je bezva vědět, co se zrovna děje. :) Těšíme se na další postřehy z natáčení. Měj se, a pěkně si to natáčení všichni užívejte. ;)

Spubba said...

These blogs just get better and better. With Joe Mallozzi posting pictures of his dinner and you posting pictures of Jason's muscles, who needs television anymore?

Paula said...

First week and you're already playing jokes on each other? It's going to be ugly around there by the end of the season!

I also will happily hold out for any pictures of handsome men you care to share (including of yourself).

Hope that jetlag isn't too bad. :)

Alasse said...

WHOA - Jason in a tank top!
*sits up and pays attention*

Misty aka s_aurius said...

Thanks for sharing an update about the filming so soon! :) Sounds like it's going to be a great season. Thank goodness for the internet or the wait would be downright miserable. :p

dee, thanks for asking DH for us about the "toothpick fish". :D

shelsfc said...

Toothpick fish - LOL, I was wondering what people were talking about!! Can't wait to hear that story!!

Thanks for the update (and the pictures!!!)

Carolyn said...

Wow. Those pictures are

And I swear, you're SUCH a tease. Though you probably like it like that, seeing us all foam and froth trying to figure out what you could POSSIBLY mean from what you say until we finally understand it.

Rachael/Thaddia said...

Thanks for the update! I can't wait to see what this ep is all about! *bounces with anticipation*

Pega said...

Toothpick fish? I'm not really sure I want to know. lol

Thanks for the glimpse into "Doppelganger", and keep throwing out the teasers. I love watching fandom when it starts frothing at the mouth!

Elyse said...

Mucho thanks for the brief but tantalizing tidbits and the photos of the 'scenary' :)

Shelley Templar said...

Hey David!!

I finally found your blog page!
I can't believe ut took me sooo long to get here!!

It was absolutely amazing to get to meet you at Pegasus 2!
I was the strange *contortionst* from outside the door at the beginning of sundays party

I hope to meet you again soon:)


Quantaqua said...

Filming with animals is always fun.
My boss had to have his picture taken with a egyptian volture last week (on his hand) to promote a new volture enclosure. He was supposed to smile at the picture, but he was not at all comfortable *g*

Be carefull filming! And we do need more creatures in Atlantis, that's always fun.

Teknikal said...

Anaconda cave, tooth pick fishes and scorpions...OH MY!!!!

Thanks for the great pics!!!!

cant wait to read more!!
loving all the different climates and terrains being created!! *imagine sga crew trekking through irish mountains climate..heehee*

have fun shooting!!


Scarym said...

I heard about your blog from some fellow squirrels so I had to come check it out. : )

Thanks for the updates. It will make waiting for S4 so much easier.

Love the pics.

Red Phoniex said...

fantastis! looks like it's going to be intersting. We never get to see Atlantis in the jungle, mainly forests or villages. Nice change and new challenges :D

Can't wait, try and keep us updated, we love to hear as much as possible ;)


Paula said...

When are you and Hewlett going to do a joint blog? Or dueling blogs?

The next time lighting's taking longer than usual, grab a laptop and keep us amused. :)

Angélina said...

Thank you for the photographs, I board really haste to see what will give these changes in season 4, and this is amusing to see Jason with this head there.

Light said...

Aw! There's no pictures of you on set! Ah, well, I guess I have to make do with the lovely Jason Momoa and the smiling Mr. Zulinski.

And you're a cruel tease. You know that, don't you?

padawan_aneiki said...

Hi! *waves* Very new to Stargate: Atlantis; only in the past few months have I been introduced to the show, and have fallen in love with it completely. I was sent first season on DVD as a gift from a friend who knew I'd love it...and I do! I'm currently working my way through 2nd and 3rd season as quickly as possible so I can be caught up for the new season. All I can say I am so hooked! And am glad I was pointed both to the show and this website. :) Fantastic!

allison said...

Hey, that's really cool that you like it, aneiki. Just in the past week, I've gotten three of my friends absolutely hooked on Stargate. -ha ha- One of them is actually going to the Republic of Georgia with me, so I'm going to steal my other friend's dvds and we're going to watch them for the entire plan trip ;D I'm sure we'll be able to get through a couple of seasons in 15 hours ^^;

Anonymous said...

Hey. Who's the man on the c-stand?

allison said...

Aw...Hewlett's making like he has no idea what you're talking about in regards to the infamous 'toothpick fish'. I'm sure you two are in cahoots in one huge tease-conspiracy >.> But we're on to you! *shifty look*

Anonymous said...

Nice pics, can't wait to see season 4 (bitting nails with anticipation) but scorpions and toothpick fish? wonder if the squirrels have found out about that one--but that's ok cuz your there to keep McKay in order right?
Mangoturkey out :)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog! Cool, funny and bless you for that picture of Jason.

Anonymous said...

Dear David, thank you for that photo of Jason.
Any chance of posting a photo of many of you [=sga guys] showing off biceps all at once?
Looking forward to Season 4!

MontyJack said...

Přemluv rodinu na návštěvu Výsokých Tater. Pokud maj děti rádi koloběžku, tak tam si užijí. Nabízejí jízdu z horních stanic lanovek.
Jinak u moře je parádní dovolená, pokud se dá strávit aktivně...
Už dřív jsem se chtěl zeptat, jak se jmenuje tvá loď?

Anonymous said...






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