Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I've been away...

Long gaps between postings - I know - much going on. Much much much. There's peril around every corner here on season 4. It just doesn't stop.
Did any of you come out to the con here in Vancouver last weekend? How was it? I was out of town and unable to attend, regrettably, but I understand there was much going on - from movie screenings to bagpipes in the rain *waves to Paul*. Hope you all had fun.
I'll do another "guess the location" post soon for that coveted stargate party hat and signed piccie - I gotta find a good one though, because you guys are sharp!


Lapis said...

Wait! I know where that chair is!

Oh, never mind...

Sorry you missed the bagpipes, though - I hear it was quite the event.

Erynn said...

I was there at the rally in my UtiliKilt, soaking my ass off in the rain. Despite the weather, we really did have a lot of fun. Jason came out of the studio to talk with us for a few. David and Rachel came out to the fence and talked to us through it for a bit. Gero came out with a cameraman and was interviewing people, and Mallozzi was on the other side of the fence with David and Rachel.

Still not watching the show. Sorry David, nothing at all against you or the other actors, but I honestly can't get into it at all anymore without Paul there too.

Shawna said...

I wasn't at the con, but I was in town for the screening. I seriously pondered mailing you some donuts while in town, but didn't when I realized they might be expired by the time you actually got them. Although if there's a less perishable treat you'd like, let us know.

SeattleMeg said...

I was out there in the rain with the pipers and all. We had Timbits back at the hotel afterward in your honor, and would have loved to share a few dozen!

After seeing Jason and David in "explosive bits causing minor cuts" makeup and Rachel in a biosuit, we're a bit worried... :) But of course, Dr. Z will be brilliant and save the day.

We appreciate all your hard work, and hope you're having fun! (p.s., blackmail photos of Chuck are always funny...)

Laitaine said...

Good to know that you're still alive and well. And busy - this means a lot of Dr Z on our TV screens :)

Becky S said...

While I wasn't able to go to Vancouver I understand that a good deal of fun was had by many. Glad to hear that you are busy.

Another 'guess the location' contest. Great! It's great to see some of your photos.

You know, a well disguised set (from anything you have worked on) would be evil... But you're not evil...right?

sueKay said...

Sadly I wasn't at the Vancouver con (maybe next year who knows!) or any of the other events (it sucks having an ocean and a continent in the way lol!)

Yay for Guess the Location!! :D

Paula said...

I was starting to wonder if they'd shipped you off to the artic to shoot scenes with the SG1 cast. :)

Please continue taunting us. We apparently love the abuse.

Now. Go learn your lines!

Anthony said...

Be cheerful, for this is my blog comment debut! A new era has begun.

I was on the opposite end of the globe from Vancouver unfortunatley, I shall trek out there one day.

Good to know you still have fingers and are able to keep us informed of your oh so wild adventures.

shelsfc said...

I wasn't in Vancouver either (stupid Atlantic... :p ) but it sounds like a great weekend. Very glad to hear that you and Zelenka are still busy!! :D

Misty aka s_aurius said...

Thanks for the update. We all know how busy you are right now!

I look forward to the next edition of "guess the location"! I'd love to win one of those signed party hats. :D

Tori said...

I'm guessing the location of the chair to be the Bridge Studios in Vancover, BC.

Do I win? Oh, that wasn't it *pouts*

Good to know you're still posting (at least a bit!)

Icie said...

I know the answer for the Guess the location already! It'll be... uhm... another random tiny Czech village ;)

KaziWren said...

Welcome back, David! Alas, I was not at the Vancouver convention or Bridge Studios for the Carson Beckett love fest. =/ By the time I learned about the protest rally, ticket prices were too high! I would have gone just to show Paul my support....miss that guy. =/

I love hearing how busy you are. But watch those shifty writers! LOL! If they so much as SCRATCH Zelenka in a way I don't like, I'm going to overlode their ZPM at lunch time!

Be well,

Justi said...

It's good to know that you're ok and even when you're very busy you don't forget about us.
We're waiting impatiently for seazon four ;*

Tipsywitch said...

Did the donuts arrive????

The only thing missing from that picture is the large themos cup of coffee.

Be well!

Mel said...

Busy is good. Well, at least I assume it's good...

Peril? Oh, dear-sounds like you should stop going around corners! Zelenka's too valuable. Send one of the others ahead of you, particularly if it's someone unlikable. If Kavanaugh returns and there's certainty of death, send him.

Here's hoping you choose a location I can identify first (but probably won't),

Pega said...

Alas, I was on the opposite coast and missed the wonderful events that were the Vancouver con. Maybe next year?

Hope you enjoyed whatever it was that kept you away; and hope that you're still considering D*con in August. ;)

You have your own chair! And the name is spelled correctly - I must assume that means someone other than J. Mallozzi is in charge of those things, otherwise it'd have "Nickel" on there.

Here's to plenty of Dr. Z in S4!

Audrey said...

We're happy to read whatever you're willing to provide...because most of us fans are easily entertained that way. :-D Good to see you back--have fun filming!

Danielle the Paranoid Android said...

You know what the stargate franchise needs to do? Sell wafflemakers that make stargate shaped waffles. I'd buy it. It would be much more productive than pewter figurines. Pewter figurines do not make waffles. All these (one) people talking about donuts reminded me that there needs to be a wafflemaker.

I swear this had a point.

Someday Scientist said...

unfortunately I wasn't there (wrong side of the country - Nova Scotia's great, until things are happening int BC and I can't get to them!) but it sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves.

Ahh, all these little tidbits are going to drive me crazy. Do you guys WANT me to have a shred of sanity by the time s4 actually airs? lol.

Keep up the hard work, and may you never run out of donuts again, :P

allison said...

*gasp* A new post?! Yay XD.
I really wish Texas was closer to Canada. Or I would settle for a private jet that would allow me to go to certain rallies that I really want to go to *pout*. Sorry that you had to miss the Con.

"Peril". I love the word 'peril'. *sings bouncily* Peril peril peril peril. Y'know, if you type 'peril' a whole lot, it starts to look really weird. Hmm.

Glad to know that they're working you hard. My mom always says, "Y'got time to lean, y'got time ta' clean!" so at least you don't have to wax the lab floors or something ^_^;

You know what the stargate franchise needs to do? Sell wafflemakers that make stargate shaped waffles.

I would buy one in a heartbeat. Seriously.

I must assume that means someone other than J. Mallozzi is in charge of those things, otherwise it'd have "Nickel" on there.

Y'know? He should have to pay you a nickel every time he says your name because even though the agreement has been for "Nickel", we all know he's thinking "Nykel" ;D
Awaiting next "guess that location" thingy with earnest.

Kliggs said...

Hi David *waves* Very happy to hear you are busy and looking forward to the back half of season 3 coming up in about two weeks.

Carolyn said...

Glad to hear from you again. I was starting to wonder where you'd been off to, but figured if they're keeping you busy filming then I won't complain when it airs, right?

And definitely keep tidbits coming. They can be quite irritating and insanity causing, but in the end it's fun.

moogman said...

just out of interest the gold bag next to the chair? are they ronens weapons lol?

watcher652 said...

Well, hello stranger!

Lucky I belong to a fandom where the actors (and various behind the scenes folk) throw us tidbits of their life. I have none to throw back, however.

Never mind what those things are in the blue golf bag. What's in that bag sitting on your chair?

Barb said...

I didn't make it to the rally - sadly - or to the Con (tickets sold out WAY too early for that one, wow!), but I did make it to the screenings of ADB. Mars stole the show, and Paul put in a bannery appearance. My daughter (who is 7 and madly in love with 'Mr. Hewlett') got all excited when the projectionist appeared at the back of the theatre: Mommy, look, it's the OTHER David, the one with the fuzzy hair! ;) She was quite disappointed to find out that it wasn't actually you.

Rosehawk said...

Hope you had fun while you were away!

LOL: Another chance to win a party hat and signed piccie, can hardly wait - like I even stand a chance of winning-others are just way too much quicker than I am on the internet, but it's fun trying anyway!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you missed the can see loads of coverage at and a lot of people and the SCBers have posted videos on Youtube. You were missed!

Tauri Sith said...

Peril can be very perilous at times. Be careful - you'll always find it where you don't expect it (chocolate donuts, postcards, earphones, television remotes, ect.)

Shelley Templar said...

Hey David!!

I wish I had gonet o the Vancouver con, it did look like so much fun!!
But I had the lovely oppurtunity to meet you at Pegasus2 and you were great!!

Would love to know when you were coming to the U.K again!:)


allison said...

Peril can be very perilous at times. Be careful - you'll always find it where you don't expect it (chocolate donuts, postcards, earphones, television remotes, ect.)

I had a pair of earphones that while I was on a plane going from D.C. to Vienna, shocked the hell out of my ear. A few little warning zips and then ZAP! I let out a yelp and got some very strange looks from the seven people on my row ^_^;.

funkypoaching said...

I wasn't there for the con but I was in town with some friends for the Save Carson Rally and the Screening of "A Dogs Breakfast".

We braved the rain and waved our banners proudly. It really was a great time and we got a lot of positive press it seems. We were also very thankfull for the support given to us by Jason, Rachel, and David H.

David...We also bought some doughnuts for you but were told you weren't around. *sniff* We had to eat them all ourselves...such a tradgedy. LOL

Layne Sheppard said...

I was at the con and the movie screening. You were sorely missed!

The set tour was fun, and John Smith and Rob Cooper both spoke. (though they didn't give away much for the new season)

I'm in the states and have yet to even see the end of Season 3, but I don't have to wait much longer :-)