Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I've got the best fans in the world...

As Borat would say, WAWAWEEWA!
WolfEvents Pegasus Two is now in the books. The chairs are folded, the Sharpies dried out, and the Jedi Chefs have almost sobered up. Almost.
What fun it was. It was an absolute pleasure seeing you all again - from Saskatchewan to Sardinia - you came in gaggles. I met many of you not only from England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, but also Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. (I Cesky tam byly!) And... AND.. I had a chance to speak with my favourite childhood superhero: The Flash.
Thanks for all your gifts and support.
We begin filming in a few weeks time.. the signs all point to an interesting year four! Fingers crossed for a banner Zelenka year!
I leave you with some piccies from da U.K.


Misty aka s_aurius said...

So glad that P2 was such a great event! I've been hearing so many wonderful reports. :) Thanks for sharing pictures!

I just saw the season finale for SGA tonight. I can't wait for filming to begin on season 4 so that we'll hopefully be able to see the next eps soon. :D

Still leaving "slight" hints...Please go to Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA August 31-September 3. :)

Anonymous said...

Hee! *waves in a very silly fashion at the pictures of Mr. Nykl*

... Wait, David Hewlett was wearing a jacket with roses stitched into the arms?


-Leaper 182

Meg said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time and the pics are wonderful!

faithchan said...

So glad that you're enjoying convention insanity, cuz really, you need to keep making the rounds!

(Esp. the North East! New York, come on!! I-Con rocks!)

Have fun filming! ^_^

windshieldbug said...

Oh wonderful pictures! I was hoping you would update soon. From everything I read you were a hit as well as David H. Several of our squirrels posted "David Sammiches" on the ADB site. You're famous over there as well!

Incredible performance in First Strike. The whole, um not to spoil, "We could make it not ready..." had me rolling! Well that and the slasher comment. (Ick)

Here's a hint bumping Misty's hint.....Dragon*Con, Dragon*Con, Dragon*Con......

Shawna said...

From everything I heard, it sounded like a lot of fun. I saw some other pics, and may I say, good work on looking like you actually knew you were going to be in front of people. Some other guests (not naming names) were rather dressed like they rolled out of bed, wandered outside, and found themselves inexplicably onstage. Not that that particular look doesn't work, too, of course. ;-)
Anyhoo...too bad I missed it. Maybe I'll catch one one of these days.
Oh, yes, and speaking of the finale ep...how much am I loving these tiny glimpses into Zelenka's hidden darkness? "We could make it not ready"...lol. Seriously, they should do an ep where Zelenka becomes evil, or has an evil twin, or where he's really evil in another universe or something.

Ange said...

Considering the only photos I took this weekend were of cows, I think you had a far better weekend of it than I did, and how! Looks like everyone had such a great time. And I really dig the glasses, very funky. Zelenkism is quickly taking over the world. Woo!

The season finale was fantastic, and good luck for production in March.

(How does one become a Jedi Chef Apprentice, anyway? Is there a super-secret handshake to learn? Or do you just have to look suitably silly in the hat? Do you all regularly meet for duelling and gourmet pizza? I'm very curious.)

tmac72 said...

I’m happy to hear that you had such a good time at the con. I have also seen those "David sammich" pictures from the squirrels. :)

I must keep with the theme and drop a hint as my fellow squirrels have and ask you to come to Dragon*Con too.

Lapis said...

Short of being snubbed by The Queen, I don't see how a stretch in England can be anything but good. Since there haven't been any reports of crazed actors babbling in Czech being dragged away from the gates of Buckingham Palace (at least not on the Beeb web site), I assume that you had a good time.

From the pictures I've seen posted on LJ, it certainly looks like you did. But David, honey, can we talk? It's about... that jacket.

Seriously, the pattern in that jacket overamps my vision monitors like you would not believe. You must be the despair of talk show cameramen on several continents in that. ::sigh::

Ah well, good luck to you in Season 4! I have a feeling Radek is going to need all the luck he can get!

Audrey said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time--I know the fans lucky enough to go sure did. :) Thanks for the pics....

And Atlanta is lovely in September. :-D

Danielle the Paranoid Android said...


Rosehawk said...

Hey thanks for sharing!! Glad you had a good time!
Sounds like you and Chuck were a huge hit!!
Think about coming to Chicago with Paul in August!!!!!

Erynn said...

I'm glad you had a good time at P2. I hear Chuck totally stole the show ;)

Gem Simpson said...

Yay, that brings back memories...I love the first first picture :)

I think you should all come back every year cause you were all so funny.

Halessa said...

Hi David,
More piccies are on the way - thanks for the great time and take care! All the best, -Tanja aka Halessa aka The Wraith Queen

dee said...

Glad to see that you enjoyed yourself! But what happened to the New Yorkers (who still haven't gotten used to that accent yet)? And have you managed to get Chuck home yet? Him lose in London might be a scary thing.

dutch_eowyn said...

Oh dear... that's me waving in the background of the 4th picture. That's such a 8-year-old thing to do, but I just entered the room, had a look around and saw you taking that picture, it was my first reaction to wave, heh!

Thank you for being such an enthusiastic and cheerful guest at Peg 2. The talks and the photoshoot were just so much fun and my kids are really chuffed that I asked you, Kate and David H. to sign the dvd-box for them, so also thanks on their behalf for not just signing, but also leaving a little message for them :)

I had a great weekend!

Rachael said...

I'm glad P2 went well! Sounds like it was a lot of fun.
Hopefully I'll have a chance to see you at a con someday, perhaps at Dragon*con : )
I hope all is well. And Yay for season 4!

Heather said...

...The Jedi Chefs will *never* sober up. It's just not done. And glad to hear you had a good time.

Where did you find the time to get to the pub? I thought your hands were due to drop off after all the signing. And I'm impressed that you and Chuck have filthier minds than the rest of the con-goers, really I am.

ElvenWolf said...

Nykl! Glad you had a good time, man! We're all rooting for lots of Zelenka in season 4 too.

Cons are lots of fun, aren't they? And I'm with Misty's 'hints'. Dragon*Con! Join usss... join usssss.... Bwahaha! ;)


Francy said...

Hi David!
Yeah, the con was great, wasn't it? I'm glad you enjoyed it, and it was really GREAT to see you again! And hey... you forgot "Italy" amongst the list of people you met! :-P
Hoipe to see you again soon!!
Oh... and I doubt the Jedi Chefs ever sober up...
Francy from Trieste

MD (Mac DyE) said...

WoW great pixes! you seemed to enjoy being there (huh, look at your hair, lol).
by the way, i wonder...a jedi chief? O_o ... (hum, did our great radek zelenka think like yoda? well, not much differences between them, ^^) huuumm that's a joke, for god sake's! well, when will comicon come in France????? sob sob... i wanna see you for real!
and about the filming? how is it? i hope you'll enjoy it!
see ya!

helenaki said...

was great to meet you again, glad you enjoyed the weekend! see you next time!


Rose Wilde-Irish said...

Glad to see you had as much fun as a lot of the fans. I'm reading stories of conversion and much love for the convention.

And also, I'm chiming in with the "please come to Dragon*Con" comments. It's a huge convention, but a large number of the Zelenkistas will be there, and hope you will be, too.

Spubba said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a good time, David! Thanks for posting some pictures! I've already seen some great ones floating about on the internet! Seems like everybody enjoyed themselves and from reading the con-reports folks are posting, you charmed the heck out of a lot of fangirls!

Now, I'd like to hear what the story is behind those big sunglasses...

Melantha said...

David! THANK YOU so so much for all you did at the con! Glad to hear you enjoyed it too! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and I had the time of my life! I think the thing I'll remember most about you is that you're "Crazy. Not SCARY CRAZY!"!

Lots of love, Laura xx

fififolle said...

Thank you so much for being at the con! It was a great weekend for the fans. Glad you liked the Zelenkism button :D David Hewlett wasn't sure that he wanted one, but I suggested he might want to burn it ceremonially and he grabbed it from me ;) So he got the last one :) I just really wanted to say thank you for being so gracious and generous sharing stage with Chuck Campbell on Sunday. We loved being able to hear from him! His various appreciation communities are buzzing, as I suspect yours are ;)

Becky S said...

Glad you had fun David and thanks for sharing the pictures. All the reports that I have read said a fun time was had by all who attended and it's nice to know you had fun too.

Count me as another "Please come to Dragon*Con" person. It would be nice to see you there if you can make it.

Now I have a question for you - may I send you an e-mail to your gmail address? There is a little project that some of us have been working on to surprise a friend of yours. Don't worry, it is a very nice surprise (you'll have to trust me on this) and I will explain in the e-mail. But I will only send it if you okay me to do so. May I send you an e-mail?

Ashrak said...

O tomto blogu jsem se dozvěděl teprve dnes, a jen tak dál. Jinak z těch "cesek" znam osobně, a vypravěla, že to skvěla akce, jak byli všichni herci milí atd...už se nemůžu dočkat jejích fotek a reportu...

Dneska jsem taky viděl finále třetí sezóny Atlantis (díky bohu za internet) moc se mi líbila vaše/tvoje (to je dilema, angličani to maj jednoduchý se slovem you)s Rodneym kdy se bavíte jestli máte poškodit Horizont nebo ne.

To all the english speaking people: I'm sorry that i wrote in Czech, but my but my spoken/written english is at the time being pretty bad, but fortunately i understand pretty much...

Carolyn said...

I'm glad you like your fans instead of finding us scary or something like that.

And I as well am loving all the pictures, thanks for sharing it all with us, and please think about coming to something in the midwest US. Please?

Emma said...

Not just the Flash but the entire Justice League wasn't it?

It was very nice to meet you, I laughed so hard at your stories I had jaw ache for hours!

Jennifer said...

***Poking with a large, moss covered stick***

Any plans for Vancouver???? We need some Z in March!

watcher652 said...

You score, David! You beat the Hewletts in blogging about the con. And I love your photos. Thanks for sharing.

Are you encouraged or frightened at all the requests for your attendance at Dragon*Con? If you want to take photos, that's the place to go. I hope everyone has been writing to the convention asking for David. From fan reaction, Chuck needs to be requested, too.

And the season 3 finale? Some great Radek moments there, wonderful reactions!(*cough*Sheppard*cough*). Here's hoping for much more of Radek in season 4.

shelsfc said...

David, thank you so much for being at P2!! It was a great weekend and I'm glad you had a good time too! Great piccies (Goodness knows they're better than mine!!;) )

Hope to see ya at another con soon!! :D

SeattleMeg said...

I wish I could have been there. But I'm enjoying everyone's Pics.

I completely echo Jennifer, please meet up with us in March in Vancouver. We'll buy you dinner during the whole thing...

Oh, and the longer hair looks really good!

sueKay said...

Glad you had a good time at Peg 2!!!

Yay for s4!!!!

I was the Scottish girl that basically babbled to you during the Sunday autograph session...many many apologies but I was running close to missing my connection at Heathrow!!

Peg 2 was absolutely fantastic!!!!!!

mhera/lemonchicken said...

From the pictures and videos we've seen, its seems like the weekend was a blast! Good to hear you had an enjoyable time as well!!! This means you'll want to do more cons, right? *nudge, nudge* I'll give you a whole bag o' nuts if you come to the Vacouver con in March - and you can bring Chuck along. ... Two bags o' nuts? Cant blame a squirrel for trying.

Teknikal said...

dr Z in the p2 hizzzzouse!!!!
Im so glad you enjoyed P2..Unfortunately i had to leave at 4am saturday morning(i was there the adb screening and the party after the meet and greet)so i didnt have the honour of meeting oyu!!! but!! who knows what the future holds!! maybe ill see you in an irish pub!!

you rock!!


Llyrellin said...

Thanks for posting the pics - from all the reports I've seen, sounds like everyone had a blast. :).

Francy said...

Hi everyone!
David, I hope it's ok to post this here. I know it's your blog, don't want to spam it, but I hope as many people as possible read it! If it's not ok to post here, I'm very sorry, and please delete this message! I'm your fan, I do NOT want to do anything to annoy you!

As most people know by now (David Hewlett posted it in his blog!), David Hewlett and Jane Loughman have gotten engaged. To celebrate this, a group of David H.'s fans from various groups have gotten together to do a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders in their honor, since DWB is David H.'s favourite charity and he has said more than once that he'd rather we make donations to charity than get him gifts.
Our HQ to organize this has been:
http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/adogsbreakfastfans/, because we wanted this to come as a surprise, but now we're ready to make it "public"!
We have set up a donations page here: http://www.firstgiving.com/HewlettWedding

The donations go directly to DWB and no fan will be handling funds. We have set a high goal, but with all the Stargate fans and all the fans the Hewletts (and future Hewletts!) have, I'm sure that if everyone chips in, even with just a small amount, we can reach that goal. And this will mean help DWB save many lives of people all over the world.
We will also be collecting everyone's well wishes to print out and present to David H. and Jane in a scrapbook. You can leave your
wedding wishes here: http://www.freewebs.com/dnjweddingguestbook/

Please join us, and spread the word. Though we'd like David H. and Jane to find out as late as possible, so don't directly email them or something! :-P
Francy from Italy

Sarah said...

Oh thank you so much for coming to see us- it was awesome to meet you and hope that you come back to the UK soon!!!!!!!

Woo hoo - so excited that filming is starting soon - will have to rely on spoilers to keep me going until we actually get to see s4.

I hope that s4 is a great year for Zelenka too!!!!!!

Jane Jordan said...

sober? Jedi chefs! are we on about the same jedi chefs!? lol

Fantastic to see you again!! (er yeah I'm the one with the bear!)
I dunno if you actually saw this photo? ( http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v484/lookingfortarzan/cons/peg2/img006.jpg )
But I know it cracked up the photographer!

Also in true Zelenka style I was drinking homebrew all weekend (I've started making mead, and YAY no hangover!)

and hope to see you at a con soon!

Ps. boy that was a ramble!

Jane Jordan said...

darn it...didn't like the link did it. If you are curious

this link should work

Anonymous said...

From Tipsywitch...

And it was a pleasure to meet you.

YMCA will never be the same again in my mind!

Thank you for coming to the UK.

valderys said...

Ooh, wasn't it fun! I'm so happy you had a great time too. Thank you for coming and making Peg 2 extra special - and for wearing glasses on the Sunday! You do know how to please your fans! :)

(And for saying you remember me, which I think was extremely kind of you)

- Valiant Britannia (which *is* spelt with one 'T' - I thought so! :)

Klenotka said...

Ahoj, jo i Češky tam byly-my dvě :-)
Velmi drahé, ale víkend skvělý a nelituji. Všichni jste byli moc a moc bezva.

I admire all of you for giving the autographs to everyone. I can´t even imagine how tired you had to be.

Aline said...


krazywackonuts said...

David it was amazing to see you again after so long it had been 18 months yet you still new who I was.

Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time in London and I hope to see again sometime soon

United Kingdom

angel_cub said...

Hi David! Glad you hear you enjoyed P2 as much as we did. You were a wonderful guest, please come back to the UK again soon! -Or Ireland... Belfast is nice, we have Guinness ;)

Thanks again for being such a great guest and putting up with all our craziness.

Kerry Louise

Quantaqua said...

Glad you enjoyed the convention, hope to see you soon in Holland ;)
I'll start collecting "stroopwafels".

Good luck filming.

Arlessiar said...

Hi David!

Wow, cool pics, nice to see how it looks on the other side! *g*

Meeting you at P2 was fantastic! Especially since you said my real name in German and it sounded absolutely right! I guess that's because you speak Czech and are used to the hard consonants, but no matter the reason, it surprised me and made me very happy! :)

Thanks for coming to the con! I'm glad you had a great time, too! And I'm already looking forward to meeting you at the Crossroads con in Germany in November. :)

Bye, Sarina

Kim said...

David, it was so lovely to meet you last weekend! Everyone had such a great time, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself too.

I especially enjoyed your Y.M.C.A.

Kim (not-particulary-a-David-Bowie-fan) Roberson

Maria said...

"We've got the best actors in the world..."

Seriously Peg 2 was amazing, thank you so much for coming. And it's been mentioned a couple of times but the Y.M.C.A is definitely going to become one of the highlights of my year ;)

Red Phoniex said...

glad you had a good time and it was great meeting you in person. I missed most of Saturday night as i was passed out in bed with god knows what but it looked a blast.

The talk with Chuck was brilliant and stole the show :P

Come back soon!!!!!! And First Strike was brilliant! The fanfic bunnies and going to be working overtime with that ;)

Thanks for a great weekend.
P.S. the hair looked great, you should keep it longer like that, it looked good.

BethyNYC said...

So glad you had a good time! (I'm also nudging gently in the direction of a New York City area appearance.)

with_an_apostrophe said...

It was great meeting you David! Glad you enjoyed my home town (not that Heathrow itself is exactly a pleasant part of the city...)

Great photos!

Annie said...

Am really glad you had a good time at the con, and that you came back after SG-10 when you didn't quite believe us when we said we loved Atlantis. :)

Anyways, the photos look great - even the one of the autograph session where I'm in it and I can't believe your camera didn't break!

Thank you for attending it, for being such a great guest and helping make the weekend brill.


Linde said...

Dear David Nykl,
Thank you so much or a great event. It was really great and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did. I hope you get a nice haircut! Hope to see you (do you know I see you more then my neighbours?) in November again. Can't wait!


KDJ said...

Glad you enjoyed the weekend David, was great to meet you again. You do realise that you'll have to come to all the Atlantis cons now? It just won't be the same without you. Thanks for making the photo of myself, you and the Hewlett into the funniest in my collection. You look like one of those drunks in the pub who jumps in on somone else's photo. No one knows who they are, and no-one notices they're there until they look back at the piccies later. You rock!

Sazzle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sazzle said...

Not sure how I managed that!!! anyway, what I was trying to say was....."Glad you had a good time, does this mean you'll be back for Peg3?"

the4ts said...

David, it was great meeting you at Peg 2 and being serenaded by you as well :) I had a wonderful time (and you have a wonderful voice!)

If anyone is interested in pics, I have some of David taken at the con here:


Just 16 at the mo but I plan to put more up later.

I'm also running an auction for MSF/DWB (for David Hewlett and SGA fans) over at:


and there is a signed photo of our gorgeous David N that I got signed at P2 there for someone to grab, as well as sundry other goodies - and I am still on the lookout for more, so please let me know if you have something you'd like to offer!

Hannah said...

Jedi Chefs sober?! Does that ever happen. ;)

I just want to thank you for being a very cool guest - and humouring silly fans who come up babbling about how their "friend" who couldn't come insists smart guys [like Radek] are hot, lol, as they ask you to sign something for them.

Seriously though, I posted off the autograph you signed personalised for my friend and she was so happy to get it. So, massive thanks for being so cool about everything and hope you think about coming to P3.:D

Oh and much good luck for filming S4. Are you gonna take your Zelenkism badge on set to show off? ;P

Anonymous said...

Yer you was great at P2 so glad i got my pitcher with you:D

Nefertini said...

My English is getting to be a bit miserable, takže raději česky. Tenhle blog jsem objevila dnes/včera (je něco kolem půlnoci) a důkladně jsem se v rámci mých angličtinářských možností začetla. Zatím jsem shlédla jen několik epizod Atlantis, ale naprosto mě uchvátily spory Radka s Rodnym a výtahová scéna z Karantény. Myslím, že pro mnoho českých fanoušků je Radek velkým magnetem k tomuhle seriálu. I am sorry to people who doesnt speak Czech, but how I said my English is not enaugh good to write article like this.