Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hi Folks. Happy autumn.
It's been busy again, this time with Mark Sawer and the peeps at "Klapstock Syndrome" - another independent film I've been involved with. From what I saw on set and judging by the script it looks very promising indeed. Speaking of which, anyone out there seen Voodoo? (pic above)
Orlando this weekend - looking forward - and I'll FINALLY have copies of the Beast of Bottomless Lake with me on DVD. Finally. We had a screening up in Prince George last weekend and it went swimmingly. Long drive up though. But the autumn colours are beautiful.


Rosehawk said...

So cool....come home and there's an update on your blog...

Glad you got more work coming up! Look forward to seeing it when it comes out.

I have found a legit resource to be able to get a copy of Voodoo to watch so I am hoping to get my copy in the mail in the next few weeks! Yeah!

Have fun at the con this weekend!

Your Fall pics are nice. It is a beautiful Fall day here today, though they are telling us to expect snow within the next few weeks!

Leaper 182 said...

The pictures are really pretty, but wow, you look nice in the tux. :D

(Also, thank you for taking a picture with me at D*C. I still have it on my phone.)


D (Hiccups) said...

I hope you have a blast in the Sunshine State. I would really love to see you, but the timing just doesn't work. Sigh. So, please accept my cyber hugs and smiles, and I guess I'll just have to watch some YouTube vids of the con.

Hugs :D,

Nayari said...

Hurray, an update! Very excited to see you working again and looking forward to your next projects! I haven't been able to make it to any of your cons (LA included SADLY) but there is always next year. Assuming you have time for cons next year. *hopeful*

I have not yet seen "Voodoo" but I did get my copy of "Beast..." and LOVE the film.

I must say I am envious of you in that Fall weather! We're having our first cold snap of the year in Texas - 37 degrees tonight! (er, about 3 degrees Celsius).

Thank you for answering all of the questions you did at the con - mine included (though I asked over Twitter. :P)

Hope your days are busy and bright!

Cody Kimmel said...

I am sure Central Hudson restored my electricity and internet just so I could find a blog update from you. That makes it the perfect storm.

Misty aka s_aurius said...

So nice to see another update to your blog! How was your trip to Orlando?

I haven't seen Voodoo, but it looks interesting. I'll have to see what I can find. :)

It is just now beginning to turn cool here. I'm loving the fall weather.

VelveetaWingnut said...

Hi David! I'm reading a book series right now called The Strain. If they ever make this into a movie, which they probably will since it is written by Guillermo Del Toro, you have got to audition for the part of Abraham Setrakian. I read this man and I hear your voice. You would be perfect for it!

archersangel said...

nice pictures.

Rosehawk said...

I managed to get a copy of Voodoo and Just watched it! Loved it! You were great, Camille was great! Ali was cute! Colin's voice was perfect! Loved how the ending was done, nice twist!

Any idea how fans can get a copy of 'Spare Change'???? That one looks really fun too!

Really miss seeing you on TV!

Rosehawk said...

In Voodoo...was the Shepard and McKay reference anything to do with you?????

Just got done watching it's really a fun movie short...very very well done!

VelveetaWingnut said...

where does one "manage to get a hold of" a copy of this flick?

Rosehawk said...

You just made my night tonight! They just announced that you are coming to Chicago in August. Hope they offer a duo photo op with you and Joe Flanigan and if Hewlett shows up - I'm wearing my 'I Love Zelenka' T-shirt. His reaction was priceless last time. I wasn't sure I was going to go to this you made the decision easy!

VelveetaWingnut - I got my copy of Voodoo from a film festival overseas. I don't think they are selling them anymore. If I see any other opportunity come up - I'll post it for you and others to see!