Friday, September 9, 2011

There's late, and then there's...

Remember this blog? Anyone??...
Its' author apparently has. --But not anymore!
We now have this month's installment, thanks in no small part to the goading of a lot of you, about my delinquency. What can I say? I like being out of cell range...

Summer has been full of prowling vampires, toothy dragon-fish, an 86 foot tyrannosaurus, and  a secret agent posting in Sydney. Busy.
It was really great seeing many of you  in Atlanta last week! Wasn't that fun? It's crazy town for the weekend. The flight out during the remnants of tropical storm Lee was as bouncy as I can remember. It's been such a nasty year for weather, hasn't it?... I hope you all are faring well despite the challenges.
Happy September!


Rosehawk said...

OMG...I just about fell out of my chair...and here I was just about to give up on anymore blog updates!

Glad to see you are having fun and enjoying yourself!

Did you actually eat that fish????

Kind of cool that the fans are great about letting you know how much they miss you and your blog updates!

Chez said...

Oh wow... I think I remember this blog! I was so surprised when it came up on my RSS Feed reader!

I could you be in our backyard (Sydney!) and not let us know!!!

well.. until the next update (hopefully not as long a wait as this one :P)

Anonymous said...

It was fabulous seeing you at D*C! You had the best energy of any guest at the con and were truly delightful. Not to mention your mad mic tossing skillz! :D

Thank you for revisiting Dragon*Con, and I hope you get a Sanctuary guest spot out of it. ;-)

VixieRose said...

This is fantastic! An update!

I think you just about made my weekend, sir! So glad to see that you're alive. :P

Very sorry to have missed you in Atlanta (damn my timing, being in Chicago and such), but I've been living vicariously through the pictures and stories of friends.

Glad to see you are enjoying yourself, and glad to know that the fans are still going strong.

Hope to see another update soon. :)

Linda said...

It was worth the wait to see you at D*Con. You look great, all tanned and relaxed, but I hope to see you in a new show soon. Keep us updated!

D (Hiccups) said...

Of course I remember this blog--it's on my favorites toolbar for Pete's sake. Imagine my excitement when it bolded up to tell me there was a post! And hey, I just recently made a trip to Florida. And whenever I'm there I think, "Gee, wouldn't it be funny if David were here doing some work or vacationing?" You are missed but not forgotten.

P.S. Keep having fun, but don't be such a stranger. *hugs*

archersangel said...

nice to see that you survived dragon-con.

Misty aka s_aurius said...

Yay! So glad to see you back on here. :) It was great getting to meet you at Dragon Con.

Anonymous said...

Well, hello stranger! I'm happy you had a great summer. It was nice seeing you again at D*C. Brave (or crazy!) you tossing that microphone to the balcony in the Q&A. Hope Amanda noted a guest appearance for you on Sanctuary. And it was fun seeing you helping out at the Stargate Auction. Thanks for coming to the con.

Anonymous said...

I know this comment is a little on the late side, but RL has been a WITCH with a capital B. Thanks for coming to Dragon. It was great meeting you. And if you ever decide to come to Savannah, let me know; I'll be happy to give you my recs for the non-touristy spots around town and surrounding areas. :)

Nayari said...

WHOOP, an update!! Sounds like you had a breathless summer - how did you get away from the T-Rex? :P

You are a brave man - I would have been a wreck flying through a tropical storm. I'm terrified of flying. Very very glad you are safe.

Looking forward to the next time you're IN cell range! :D