Sunday, July 6, 2008


Like Torontonians, except for "from a warmer climate". It's winter here, which means a frigid 19 degrees celsius. The poor locals are forced to wear something called a "jumper" along with several shawls to fend off the inclement weather. How do they do it? I mean it's almost a wee bit chilly here. Better "rug up". I have one word for you, Brisbane, when it comes to winter: Winnipeg.
*rolls eyes*
Loving it here, meeting a lot of awesome fans and seeing another chunk of my beloved Oz. We're off to the zoo today. Hope to get some pictures of Paul McGillion feeding a croc. I'll keep you updated...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Enjoy the zoo.

Mo said...

Glad you're having a lovely time! Say hi to Paul for all of us, and safe trips home for everyone.

Leaper said...

Hee! Have fun at the zoo! Say hi to Paul. <3

Drive safe, be careful, yadda. *waves*

Kanku said...

I really like those pictures, nice scenes.
Enjoy your time at the zoo and try not to get killed by rampanging animals ^^
Say hi to everyone

Riley said...

Oh, Brisbane winter - I remember you well. Although, 19 degrees, huh? Wow, that's pretty chilly! Last time I was there to visit family, it was 25 degrees every day, and it was winter. My grandmother kept trying to give me a blanket ... "No, really, I'm not cold!"

Enjoy your visit.

Rosehawk said...

Hey, thanks for taking the time to post while you are traveling!

Beautiful pictures!

Say hi to Paul and just make sure it is not Paul's hand the croc is eating!

Susan the Tartan Turtle said...

Paul McGillion and a turtle would be much more apt.

Who is "we" ? Just the two of you?

Enjoy Oz.


From dull and almost warm Scotland.

Becky L said...

It may be cold, but it looks beautiful. Thanks for the pics. Hope you, Paul and anyone else with you had a fun day.

Marmalade McWraith said...
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maddie said...

Hi David
i really enjoyed meeting you and paul enjoy the zoo

Ange said...

Ha! They told us the last time we were the that the only people who'd go swimming where the Victorians and Kiwis. We certainly did NZ proud in that respect.

The Gold Coast is beautiful any time of year. Kinda wish I were there, I've just had a rough and very cold first day on the new job. 19 C is almost tropical to me right now. :)

morjana said...

Hi, David.

Gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing.

Hope you have a wonderful time down under. Sigh. I've always wanted to travel to Australia and New Zealand.

SGA season five begins in 5 days!




Jemina said...

Hej David,

Hope you're having an awesome time over here - shame about the rain over the weekend!

Here's a link to that painting you signed for me -

Thanks again, it was a pleasure meeting you!

Jemina {{:o)

Anonymous said...

The prefered term is "Brisbanites", David :-P

So glad that you guys are enjoying your trip here. It was great meeting and chatting with both of you on the weekend; definitely a rare treat that I'll never forget ... especially seeing as I have photographic evidence of the two of you kissing me ;) Score!

Have a bundle of fun at the Coast. Hope the crocs were gentle with Paul!

Sarah T xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm sitting at home right now on the computer and it's freezing! D:

Come back in summer and enjoy the 42C heat. Go to southbank for a swim and cook with the rest of us.

I'm glad your having fun, it was great meeting you at GenCon, my friends are allready sick of hearing about it. I'm the crazy girl with the bag of cherry ripes and insane(ly imbarising) mother.

Anonymous said...

Oh and i'm sory for missing your stage time on saturday but i was sleeping! I'm used to working night ship and as it was i only just got there in time for Paul's.

It's such a pity there wern't enough people on the friday, i was completely worked up for it that time and dropped for a tournament over at the Magic arena when i realised it was on only to turn up and find it canceled! D:


MaggieMayDay said...

Oz and the zoo? Can't get better than that!

Tori said...

Glad you're having fun!

Say "hi" to Paul for me, and get some more pictures :D

elyse said...

Nice city shots! Sounds like you're having fun. Loved your remark about Winnipeg. Reminds me of when I went to Toronto and I'm in a turtleneck and the locals are walking around in T-shirts! ;)

Can't wait for the zoo shots. Try not to let Paul get eaten by a gator or polar bear :)

scarym said...

Thanks for the lovely pics.

Glad you are having a grand time.

Looking forward to seeing you in the S5 premiere. : )

Carolyn said...

Oh, poor things, having to wear jumpers.

Enjoy the zoo, just make sure Paul doesn't accidentally feed *himself* to the crocs. That might be a bit messy.

rrmf said...

Wave at my hometown for me :D
It was a shock moving to Switzerland - they have real winters here. I'd always thought one jumper was enough cold weather clothing on any given day ;)

Enjoy :)

Kelin said...

Hello David,
Thankyou SOOO much for coming to Australia again. We loved hosting you and Paul McGillion. Your Wraith impression was great! I hope you enjoy your trip in Queensland for the next few days.
All the best, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Hello, David! What about Paul taking some pics of YOU feeding something? Or toss that camera to someone and you can both give us a grin.

For the Celsius deficient (like me) that chilly 19C is about 66F. Oh, yeah, that's pretty "brrr!" Hee!

I'm so jealous of you two traveling to the great Down Under. Someday I'll get there.

Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated.


Library-Gryffon said...

The poor things down there, with temps down to all of 66°. It's only about 10° - 15°F warmer here in southeastern Connecticut right now, and it's summer!

Glad to hear you're having a great time, and be sure to post more pictures!

Stellar Drift said...

Was that a picture of you feeding Paul McGillion to a croc?

Paula said...

You aren't planning to feed Paul to the crocs, are you?

Enjoy the "winter." :)

shelsfc said...

19 degrees celcius eh? sometimes even Ireland manages to reach's still raining of course, but it's warm rain...

Love the pics, glad you're having a good time!


Audrey said...

Glad you seem to have had fun, despite the winter! :) If you get those croc-feeding pics, we want to see. ;-D Looking forward to seeing you at DragonCon!

Anonymous said...

LOL I've BEEN in Winnipeg in the winter...I so agree with you...

Madi said...

19 degrees??? when it gets that WARM in Britain everyone takes off their clothes and dives into the sea.
Sounds amazing :)

Simon said...

I cant believe you were in brisbane and I missed you!. Fuck!. I hope you had fun here, I know there are millions of fans that missed your appearance.
All the best