Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Beast inches closer...

Hey ho internet voyageurs: nice to see you wash up on the sunny beaches of Zelenkandia.
I've just read the mid-season two parter, and let me tell you you won't believe what happens to - -- -- mmmmphphp mpp pphpp. *muzzled from offstage*
Fun stuff coming up - The Beast of Bottomless Lake is going through a rigorous post-production process - I've seen bits and pieces and it looks damn good. Check out the new website: Beast of Bottomless Lake Website
Also a shout-out to Brendan Beiser and all the folks at the new "made in Vancouver" talk show he's hosting: This Conversation. I was a guest there last week and they run a fine show. I wish them much luck with it.
Next up: Did someone say video podcast?...


plickies said...

I come home form a really sucky day to find a new post. Psych - this is great, made my day!! Looking forward to seeing your movie. Thanks!!!!!

Teknikal said...

i didnt but i will!!!!!

video podcast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope every thing is well in radekelvania

Little McKay said...

I just checked the site and those stills are amazing. Some of the shots with the beautiful scenery blew me away. I hope the film looks as good as some of those pics!

And whats with the Scotsman? I am intrigued!!!

Oh yeah, and video podcast?? COOL!

morjana said...

Hi, David.

Thank you so much for the blog update! Really looking forward to SGA's season five and more of Zelenka!



Rosehawk said...

Hey, thanks for the update. It's fun coming home from a long day at work to an updated blog.

Kind of excited to see 'The Beast of Bottomless Lake' cause you got the lead role! It's about damn time you got a lead part! The movie just can't come out soon enough!
Isn't Helen suppose to be coming out soon too?!

Video podcast - am I gonna have to learn more technology?! (grins)

Looking forward to more Zelenka in S5!!!!!!

Elyse said...

Cool. New updates on BEAST OF BOTTOMLESS LAKE! I must admit I can't wait till Skiffy finally airs it. And the site's been upgraded too :):)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, everyone loves a video podcast. Almost as much as they love beasts in the bottom of lakes.

Waiting for season five is making me a little cranky but fun spoile...erm I mean insights, makes me less so. Tell the person doing the muzzling to stop it, unless you bite, then it might be in their best interests to keep it on.

Anyways keep up the good work, I love and appreciate it, and I hope you are doing well, bye now!

atlantisfreak01 said...

Wow wasn't expecting a new blog update so soon. Cant wait for season five. Which i think i have heard starts on July 11 at 10e/9c. Oh and Radek Zelenka rules.

Anonymous said...

Mid-season two parter!! You are such a tease! :) And the "Beast" looks great, can't wait to see it!

Paula said...

Video podcast? Yes, please.

Hello said...

Yeah, you can beat malozzi to the videopodcast line ;)

Tori said...

*chants* Video podcast! Video podcast! Video podcast!

I'll have to check out that movie too! Do you have an accent in it? (They're so lovely! *giggle*)

Susan the Tartan Turtle said...

Is this beast the Canadian version of our Loch Ness Monster. Pretty terrifying beastie.


Justi said...

It is some epidemic of heavy days... Thanks for the new post and the improvement of the mood.

Trailer is scheming :)

I will be monothematic, but thus this I will write: I want already Radek in season 5 !!!

Muuua :*

MaggieMayDay said...

Loved the trailer ... I love beast movies, can't get my fill. Yay!

scarym said...

Yay another post and we didn't even have to bug Joe M. for you to update your blog. ; )

I hope that we will be seeing alot of you in the Mid season two parter.

I would love to see a podcast!!!

Rosehawk said...

Hey David,

I was looking at your Film and TV credits to respond to something on GW when I notice a new addition.

What is Sewn?

BTW - nice new piccies!

Rosehawk said...

*slaps head*
I remember SEWN now, that's the horror flick you did.
Sorry, I forgot. I usually don't watch those type of movies anymore, though I will make an exception for this movie!

Tauri Sith said...

I'm going to have to see that movie sometime...
Beautiful scenery you have up there, by the way.

black said...

...podcast...*drool* yes, please.
Wish your interview was online. You tease, can't wait for the next season! And Beast looks like so much fun. Very excited to see how it turns out :D

allison said...

oops, that last post was me. didn't change my account ;)

TheDancingArchaeologist said...

Oooh, video podcast? Intriguing!

Hope the Beast of Bottomless Lake will be available over here in the UK... if not, be sure and bring a few copies next time you're out this way!

Rosehawk said...

aaaah, it is so nice to have friends that spend more time on the internet then I do.

They send me all sorts of Zelenka tidbits here and there.

Sounds like you will be recording an Atlantis story from James Swallow sometime in the next few months.



Anonymous said...

miluji te

cant wait until july 11 for Stargate Atlantis (season 5)

Tori said...


Could you update please? Even if it's just a "hi, I'm alive" that would be great :)

Anonymous said...


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