Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"You should update your blog..."

When I first started blogging many months ago, I had no idea I was getting into a publish or perish situation. I mean really! The pressure!!
It's when Joe M only half-jokingly mentioned that he's been asked on his blog to ask me to update mine that I realized the gravity of the situation: I'm losing touch with all you lovelies out there. Quick get me a keyboard!! I. Must. Update. It's been more than a month!
I blame the weather. It's been sunny. And after a dismal monsoon season here in B'an Coober, I'm outside all the time. Since I'm not much of a "bring the computer with me wherever I go" guy, my blogging suffers for it. As does my FARKing, chess playing, emailing, google earthing, Onioning, and hacking of the Academy Awards website to get Marketa Irglova her oscar.
It's raining. So here I am. Whadd'ya want?
Ah yes. News. What's news... Well I guess I can officially announce TWO conventions in the U.S. this summer. FINALLY! (trumpets &c) All within two weeks of each other: Chicago Creation con in August, and the following weekend Dragon Con in Atlanta. I've only been to one con in the U.S. - United con in Massachusettes a few years back, so I'm looking forward to meeting you again, and many more at either of these two venues. I've not been to either con yet, so I hope they'll be good ones - especially to you guys.
I've just finished a nice six-day run out at the Bridge Studio (did you know that the Golden Gate bridge was manufactured in the same building we have our puddle jumper set? - It's true. It was shipped down to San Francisco for assembly) Two episodes in those six days: Ghost in the Machine and The Shrine. Some nice McKay/Zelenka scenes in there. Two great eppies too.
Got some auditions to prepare. Must run. Oh, and finally - thanks for all your questions about when "Beast of Bottomless Lake" is coming out. Latest I've heard is all the money's been sewn up, a work copy is ready, and it's "Almost ready". Whatever that means. Here. Ask Kennedy. here's his email:


Little McKay said...

That is a cool pic of the stargate! And yay for a blog update! I wouldn't worry about slacking or anything like that - every blog is a bonus to us, not an expected publication. Don't listen to anything 'blog-a-day' Mallozzi tries to say to infer otherwise ;).

Both those eppies do sound interesting based on some stuff Mallozzi's been saying. I just can't wait for season 5 in total!

So I assume we're getting a good dose of Zelenka so far :). I hope so, and that that trend continues!

fia said...

Can I just say, we are super-excited to have you for Dragon*Con? It's an amazing weekend, and I hope you have as much fun as I'm planning to!

Courtney said...

I second what Fia said. Dragon*Con is the most amazing weekend to ever grace the convention circuit. I met you in Springfield, and that con was *nothing* next to Dragon*Con. And make sure you have plenty of space on your camera's memory card because the costumes are brilliant. You'll love it. :-)

sandyurbahns said...

You've made my day, my week and my month. Finally someone I wanted to see and meet coming to Dragon Con! Thank you so much for coming to meet your fans in Atlanta!


Lapis said...

I'm very happy for the folks in Atlanta! Now if we can just get you to San Diego for ComicCon. They send Hewlett and Flanigan down here every year, why can't they send you, too? I haven't ventured into the madness for years now, but I would if you said you were coming. I'd even bake a cake.

fififolle said...

I kinda like your blog - I can keep up with it, hahaha. I have heard good things about Dragon Con, I hope you enjoy it when it comes around.
Nice Stargate pic, btw.

Dana said...

Cool pictures, thank you for sharing! And don't worry about updating, as we say 'někdy méně je více' ;) I hope you enjoy your upcoming conventions. Any plans on joining Festival Fantazie again this year? Last time I had a blast. :)

Good to see Radek is still alive in season 5. ;)

Teknikal said...

Marketa Irglova and Glenn Hansard rock!!!! Falling Slowly is a great song from a great irish movie (not that im biased mind you *hides leprechaun hat*

GIVE HER HER OSCAR..OSCAR PEOPLE!!!! still loved how Jon Stewart gave her her moment to shine and thank people after Glenn's SOOO IRISH 'tanks!!!'

yay on the update!!! wow sun eh???? ireland has been lacking that for the last while until yesterday and today where its SUNNY BABY WOOO!!!!!!!

Rosehawk said...

We really do enjoy your wonderful blog updates and can't help but miss them when your blog goes sooooooo long without an update! (grin).

Nice pic of you and the other David!

Onioning *snickers* do you really do onioning? Do you get the Walla Walla Sweets up that far north?

Good Luck with the auditions and I really look forward to meeting you in Chicago!

Got to head outside, we've just got our first day of beautiful sunshine in about 6 months.

lexxye said...

Thanks David. :) Yay for you for having fun and more episodes on Atlantis. Good luck with the auditions.

Carolyn said...

YAY for D*Con! This is my first year going, too, so I can't wait.

Also, you're on FARK too? Wow. Somehow I'm not surprised...great site there.

Thanks for the photos, and let me just say it's good to hear from you again.

M said...

Whoa lovely pics...!

And good to hear from you too.

For what it's worth, it's been raining like mad in Sydney too. We had rain in winter, rain in autumn, rain in summer... actually the weather seems to blend into one big rain poop!

LOL - I don't often browse Joe M's blog but I'm glad that you're updating :)

Amy said...

What a lovely picture of you and David :D

Great to hear from you I was starting to think you had given up on your blog. I wish I could come to one of those conventions but living in England and being a poor student kinda makes it impossible.

Joe is a hard act to follow when it comes to blogging but then he's a writer so I guess it's expected.

But really David is doing better than you at the moment =P

Elyse said...

Oooh, an update! Don't worry. We loyal folks just keep checking back every day, every hour, pining away waiting for something on your blog ;) ;)

But hey, we all understand you're busy and your posts, though sporadic, are very welcome. And GREAT picture! Alas, can't make the Chicago con, don't think I can do Atlanta either. Darn!

Laitaine said...

I can't blame you for wanting to spend time in the sunshine - make the most of it! We've had some crazy weather here in the UK recently, I swear we're getting all four season in one day. (And oh, look, I've neatly filled the British stereotype of always talking about the weather!)

I'm glad to hear that you've been busy with Atlantis filming too - I hope this means that we will have lots of Zelenka on our TV screens next season.

And that is a really beautiful picture of the stargate :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Chicago is just a 6 hour drive from me up I-55. I might be able to do that one... (And, I just might be able to get my IL massage license by then too!)

I know the Chicago hotel and know that you are literally right behind O'Hare.

I hope I will be able to hitch a ride to Dragon Con w/ an anime/sword vendor, but the friend never seems to mention my name when it comes to that con and staffing it. :-p

Like others have said - make sure you bring your battery charger and extra memory cards for Dragon Con. It's truly an extravaganza. (And, laptop to download all the pics at the end of the day to your laptop so you don't have to worry about losing pictures if you lose a memory card...)

Would be nice to see you at SDCC too! I am trying to get back out there for that con because of other friends and host another bar night down in the Gas Lamp Square. :)

Tar-ara Istandil said...

Some nice scenes between Rodney and Radek - it sounds nice, very nice :). I am just hoping, that will be about friendship, not about Rodney telling to Radek, how worthless Radek is (don't get me wrong, I really love Rodney, just not that way).

This week I was just thinking about what happened with Beast of Bottomless Lake :).

Měj se (nejen) na těch conech pěkně ;-).

atlantisfreak01 said...

yay for the blog update.

atlantisfreak01 said...

i so wish that i can go to the one in chicago because within a coupe hundred miles from there.:(

Iberostar said...

It's great to hear from you - love the pictures you posted!

atlantisfreak01 said...

oh and say hi to david h.

Hello said...

Hey, you could always get a portable and write your notes while outside in the sun - then you just need to post when you get inside ;)

Kath said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago! We'll be waving at you from the front row.

Have you been talking to John Smith lately? He loves to tell that story about the Golden Gate bridge. Actually it is a pretty cool fact.

Glad to hear they're keeping Zelenka busy. Thanks for the update.

Ange said...

Sadly, I spent the better part of the best summer we've had for years parked in front of MY computer, listening to the Vancouver Canucks play themselves out of the NHL playoffs. A summer well spent, huh? Sigh. Maybe wasting time on FARK would have helped ease the pain.

But, Marketa Irglova winning that Oscar was certainly a highlight! Once is a fantastic film. And speaking of, I certainly can't wait for Beast to be released. I keep refreshing the site for more news, but it's slow in coming. Good to hear it's 'almost there', sounds promising.

I'm also excited to see more Zelenka in S5, I think I'm going into withdrawal here. And, uh, any plans to head back down to NZ this year? :)

allison said...

Thank god our Lord of the Tartan Army JM made sure you were breathing and not drown-ed in some scary lake ;)
"Some nice McKay/Zelenka"...
Not even gonna' touch that one XD. Great pictures. My life is suddenly brighter at one in the morning when I should be typing a paper but felt rather hopeful today.

FARK, huh? I'm not surprised. You should have a FARK-like contest on here lol. Can we see some stuff that you've done, if you have any? :D

*hug* We missed you.

rrmf said...

Lovely pics as always David, thankyou :) The one of the gate in my new desktop wallpaper.

Great to have you back with us, and great to hear that Radek is getting some good screentime in season 5 :)

Tori said...

Yeah! You updated! Cool pics too :)

I know what you mean about the weather! It's FINALLY become spring here, all I want it to be outside in it!

You know, you should come back to Massachusetts. Tell them that's your favorite state or something! I've never been to a con, but if they brought Stargate to Boston (or Cape Cod ;) ) then I could go :D

Becky S said...

Good to hear from you, David. Very nice pictures. Season 5 sounds very like it will be great from everything I've heard so far. Really looking forward to seeing it!

Ah, Dragn*Con! Wonderful! It will be good to see you there.

shelsfc said...

Good to hear from ya David! Nice pics! :D
Between you and David H we're being spoiled this week!!

Hope ya have a blast at the cons!! :D

Quantaqua said...

Last time I checked Mallozzi was talking about food and food and some more about food. Something that can only interest me if it is on a plate before me, cooked by somebody else ;)
Ok, now I'm hungry :(

So update your blog when you feel like it. It's supposed to be fun...remember :P

Good luck on your auditions!!!
Psych was funny, well done.

Fran said...

Hey David long time no see. We missed ya. Looking forward to Season 5. Sounding so cool and awesome. Can't wait.


Scarym said...

Thanks for the update and great photos. Looking forward to those great McKay & Zelenka scenes. : )

I am glad to hear you are going to Dragoncon. Unfortunately I am going to SHORELEAVE to see David Hewlett. ARGGHH!! Hopefully you will do some US cons on the East Coast in 2009 as well.

Michelle Lunsford said...

Enjoy that lovely sunshine while you can! Here in Tennessee the weather can't decide between pretty days and chilly frosty mornings. But thanks for dropping by to post. Shall we all secretly wish for more rain in your area? ;)

And GREAT news about the Dragon*Con appearance. I hope to see you there!

Yazid said...

Coool to have an update ! Hope you're fine.

QueenSerenity42 said...

Yay! It's wonderful to hear from you again! I was starting to worry that your blog was going to end up on permanent hiatus. I'll have to thank Mr. Mallozzi for poking you to update. ^_^

Lovely to hear that you're coming to Chicago. My offer for rides to/from the airport still stands, of course. And if you want to wander around the city (or suburbs), I'd be happy to show you the sights. Just let me know--I can be contacted via my livejournal at:
My e-mail is on the profile page.

Have a great one, and thanks for sharing the photos!

TheDancingArchaeologist said...

Yay! There he is! Do the rain-dance, people!

After reading DH's reporting from set and reading Gateworld's report about The Shrine (noo, spoilers!) I cannot wait!

Auditions, eh? Good luck!

Paula said...

Thank you for blogging again. We worry. :)

And hooray for Dragon*Con!! I am looking forward to getting to meet you.

I'm sure you could ask for opinions from your fellow castmates, but D*C is a lot of fun; once famously described by James Marsters as, "A scifi con meets Mardis Gras."

You'll enjoy it. Really!

atlantisfreak01 said...

I'm excited to see more Zelenka/Mckay in season five .Im such an Atlantis freak my favorite website has Atlantis Pictures,Music and videos.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'll see ya at Dragoncon then!

Thanks for updating!
*reminder to self...bug Joe M. if David doesn't blog for a while*


Anonymous said...

David, you should come to Baltimore in July for Shore Leave. Both Hewletts are scheduled to attend, you'd be the icing on that crazy cake!

Shai said...

Hope yunz bring the convention to Pittsburgh sometime. We are hurting for something to do. ;)

Jen, the cow hugger said...

Glad you're coming out to the Chicago Con, the more the merrier! :)

Anonymous said...

so glad you're coming to the Chicago con i've been trying to convince the husband since we left vancouver last weekend that we should go and i have been using the fact that you are gonna be there as a selling point.....although that is kinda because zelenka is one of the few characters he remembers regularly.....
and for the record most of us are happy to hear whatever you have time to post......

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of you both... lightens up my cold and wet day :)

morjana said...

Thank you for the update, David.

And the lovely photo of you...and the other David!

The Stargate photo is magnificent!

Zelenka rocks!



Anonymous said...

Oh yes, yes! Come to Shore Leave! Then I would get to see you twice!
WOO HOO! *wink*


Sally said...

Hello there David.

I have to say that I wouldn't worry about updating your blog. You still update quicker than i get round to reading it!! It's good to see that you are a person who isn't married to his computer!! LOL Enjoy the sunshine!!

I have been religiously avoiding Mr Mallozzi's log as I would like not to know what I am going to get to see in Season 5!! (So I know that Carter is going but then that is kind of old news!!)

Ok this is where the fan girl comes out in me!! Is there any chance that I can take the pics on to my comp as I think they are great?

Second of all is there any chance that you will make it to Pegasus 4? *looks at David pleadingly*

Glad to hear that you are getting some air time in season 5 and that some of that is with DH.

AS far as I am concerned, we can never get too much of Radek!!!

I cant wait for Beast Of Bottomless Lake to come out. Hopefully it will be on DVD. Oh the joys of having an all region DVD player!!

Hope that life is treating you well

Best wishes

Tauri Sith said...

Nice pics, man.

And I will try my hardest to be in Chicago for Creation Con. It helps that my parents have wanted to take us (sisters and I) for the longest time - something about long-lost relatives or something... Atlanta may be a bit harder to get to.

Kanku said...

Chicago? YES! I dont' live in Ohio but I'm close enough! I am so going even if I have to grovel...
This is totally awsome...I better get my SGA costume finished before August now. You will so see me there even if I have to wear a sign...
Anyway - Yay, more Zelenka episodes ^^ It's sad to come home on Friday night with nothing to watch. Well, I have to go but I will so go to Chicago Creation Con no matter what I have to do

MaggieMayDay said...

Ah, rainy day blogs, good enough for me! Thanks for the pictures, they're quite excellent.

Ah, man, Chicago and Atlanta sound like they'll be heaps of fun, and I'd love to say howdy in person, but it is never to be. The Chicago con is at the same time I'm trekking to the playa for Burning Man, and dragon con is the weekend OF Burning Man. I am first and foremost a burner; I cannot imagine missing that strange and wonderful week in the desert. I work on my art projects and costumes all year; I am on the fire safety crew for our fire spinners. I have plans and obligations which make the cons but a dream.

For a taste of the madness, the people and the art, check the image gallery at

boo said...

i thought of you when i saw the new foodblog at egullet this week -- it's coming from prague. it's here, if you are interested.

sammy said...

yay for the update!!!
nice to hear that you've got sun! havent really had that much in england of late :(

Hate to tell you but so far Hewlett is doing better at the blog updating of late! You've so got to do better than him!!!
glad to see the lovely picture of you both!!

any chance you're coming to another uk con soon???
we missed you at p3!!

Luciana said...

It's so great to see an update and newest information about the show!

Cheers fro Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Cool Pics love them,The stargate picture im gonna save to my computer.:)

plickies said...

Any plans to do the United Con again? It's looking kinda lame (for me personally,so no offense to anyone)on guests so far and it's in my neck of the woods.

Ebbtide said...

Beautiful Pictures. :D.

wolfenm said...

What an adorable pic of you and Hewlett! :D And a *beautiful* pic of the Stargate! Makes me want to paint it. :) I'm a Dragon*Con regular; this year will be my sixth time there, I love that con so much! Looking forward to seeing you there!! Wish I could go to the one in Chicago, too -- that's "home" for me, but I no longer live there, and miss it terribly ... :( Ah well, at least I get to see you in Atlanta, so I shouldn't whine! :P

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the Chicago con and to more of Zelenka in season 5! =)

Also enjoying the warm, sunny days. Thanks for the post!


Rosehawk said...

Just stopped by to say Hi! It was such a lovely day today.

Counting down to Chicago!

Denisa said...

I think then this photo with David Hewlet is great. You two are great. I'm enjoying on season 5. Your blog is super. Ale škoda že neumim víc anglicky abych si to přeložila všechno :D Přeložim si asi tak jen ty primitivní věci. :D

James said...

That picture of David H. made me LOL for some reason .

Anonymous said...

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