Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The sorta Last Supper

Ratings. Ratings. Ratings. Everyone's talking about ratings. I find it really curious that the fate of a show is supposedly determined by a random sampling of household's on a given night. It doesn't take a rocket scientist (and believe me - I KNOW) that the metrics used to determine a TV show's fate are haphazard at best. I mean really. Take a look around. There are bajillions of Stargate fans out there. Leave our show alone.
So last day on set today - sort of. I was in and prepared to say my goodbyes - like the last day of class - when I found out I will be coming in again tomorrow because we didn't get the shot. Hey no problem. More chocolate cake (That's Anthea's famous Mountain Cake in one of the pics - they're phenomenal. (You thought Joe Malozzi was the only one who takes pictures of food...)
Speaking of Joe, I went up to say hello and see ya next year, and thanks for all the fish today. I brought him two goldfish and a one gallon tank. Said they were named Zelenka and McKay, and asked him if he could get them to talk to each other more. I hope he feeds them.
It was a good year. 10 episodes for the good Doctor. That's right down the middle. So thanks Joe, and the whole Writing and Producing team. The job you do is monumental and not always easy. Good job.
Oh and I finally saw some episodes! Watched Adrift, Lifeline and Doppelganger while waiting on set today. Firecrackers all.


Susan the Tartan Turtle said...

It must be weird going off after filming not knowing if you will be in work the next year. The life of an actor is too uncertain for my liking.

Here we are all trying to save Carson and we might have to save ALL of you instead. Stressful for us Stargaters and Tartan Turtles - and the Zelenkers or whatever!

McKay and Zelenka - a nice mixture of characters.

Have a nice break - see you next year. Maybe Wolf Pegasus 3 - my young (he's 40) brother has promised to escort me to it if I stick to my diet and lose a ton of weight, so we will see!!

Elly M said...

If only there were more Zelenka in every season :) *crosses fingers for S5*

I've watched Adrift and enjoyed it immensely. Zelenka was so heroic and I love the spotlight they had on all the minor characters. I think I'll enjoy S4 very much also.

All the best for your future undertakings! :)

Rosehawk said...

Wow, it is great hearing from you again. What is that twice in about a week! (smile)

At least with filming wrapping up you get to go out and visit your fans. Have fun at the conventions. At least I finally found some friends overseas who are going to get me your autograph. Now to figure out which picture.......hoping you are bring some of the ones Fabrice just took of you!

Ummm Joe mentioned on his blog that he was expecting a kitten. Lets hope he doesn't feed Zelenka and McKay to the kitten he didn't get.

Audrey said...

*crosses fingers for Season 5* There are most definitely a bajillion Stargate fans out there and we're all crossing our fingers and watching! Here's hoping...

LOVE the pictures! ...the costume geek in me is seriously analyzing the pattern on the new jacket....

Scarym said...

I am glad you had a great time this year. I am looking forward to seeing more of you in Season 5!!!!!

How about some Canadian cons?

There is one in Toronto

and one in Montreal

If they don't contact you, you should give them a call. You do have a lot of Canadian fans as well. : )

Neep said...

Oh, fish is perfect for a thanks for all the fish! When I saw Joe's blog I did wonder...

Here's to another year of that awesome looking cake you will be getting!

Neep said...

Oh, and hopefully the fish will talk a lot.

Paula said...

Break a leg on your auditions. We enjoy stalking, um, I mean watching you. :)

And I'm glad to hear you'll be seen so much in Season 4 of SGA. You were phenomenal in Adrift!

SeattleMeg said...

Congratulations on another season, and here's hoping for #5! We'd love to see more eps with Dr. Z. Hopefully, I'll get to see you at a con someday, but there just aren't many good ones near Seattle that I can get to. (Honestly, that big one up there in Van? too expensive for me.) Yes, the new costumes are great! I promise not to ask any more silly questions about zippers. Please, keep us updated on the other things you get to do off-season, you know we'll support those as well!

Elyse said...

Gah, that picture of the cake looks soooooooooooo good. :) Good thing it's virtual as I'd eat it without thinking :)

10 episodes with Dr. Z? That's great. ANd without giving away spoilers, he (you) was fantastic in "Adrift."

Hope that even though SGA is on hitus (being positive) that you'll continue to blog. Keep waiting for Skiffy to announce your beast in the lake flick.

Michelle Lunsford said...

You aren't the only one who thinks the current ratings system isn't the best means of determining a show's success. In the meantime, here's another fan crossing her fingers for a season 5. I'll also be looking forward to seeing Dr. Z in 10 eps this season.

Good luck and safe travels with all the upcoming con appearances. It would be great to see you in the States at some point. Dragon*Con is a personal fav - would love to see you there.

Charles Schneider said...

I can't wait to see some more Zelenka-McKay back and forth. I'm sure the writers have the most fun writing those types of scenes.

What will you be doing during the hiatus this year?

Francy said...

Love reading your blogs, hope you'll be still able to write them while you travel around the world!

The Nielsen's ratings are stupid, but they ARE trying to improve... go here to rate Atlantis:

And PEOPLE! You can rate David too!

I wish good luck to the fish!! :-) Should we start a "Save the fish" campaign? *LOL*

Fatema said...

You were smashing in "Adrift." I squee'd the whole way through. The space walk was fantastic and Brave-Zelenka is the absolute best! I also love that Zelenka loathes to leave the lab. He's so attached and you portray that so well. :) So, much love for the episode and I'm very happy to hear that there will be lots of Zelenka to look forward to this season. :) I look forward to it.

Misty aka s_aurius said...

So glad to know you're in at least half of season 4! :) I'm really hoping that SGA gets renewed for a 5th season. It will be tragic if you don't.

Kanku said...

Now I'm hungry, that cake looks good.
Ah, Adrift was amazing, as we all knew it would be, and I can't wait to see all ten of those episodes in season 4. I hope that next year will be more (like 15 maybe ^^)
Appropiate names for fishes ^^ They might just kill each other though. Good luck on finding more work. More stuff is always good (no we're not all stakers ^^)
Well, good luck and thank you for posting

Tauri Sith said...

Ten out of twenty episodes? Cool! Maybe they should make you a regular... *Prays to Fortuna for a fifth season*

Becky S said...

I've always thought the way ratings have been figured through the years, I better not say out loud. But I've always hated the whole ratings system.

So glad to hear you got 10 epiodes this year. Can't wait to see them!

Lady Niko said...

It's great you got 10 eps in S4. Here's hoping we get S5 and we get to see more of you. :)

Any chance you might come back to Eureka? :) It was fun seeing you over there and seeing how many other SG folks popped up this past season on that show.

You truly do need to do some cons here in the Midwest! :)

Oh, and the new photos were great - Fabrice has a wonderful eye.

Tori said...

There WILL be a next year, there better be!

Also, please don't put goldfish in such a small tank, it's WAY to small for them. They need a 30 gallon tank, MINIMUM for the FIRST 1 inch fish, then 5 gallons per 1 o' fish there after. they're poo machines and needs lots of space. and they get BIG.

Guppies would have been a MUCH better choice.

Adna said...

They really need to change the ratings system. Many people record the show, and buy dvds. Those things should be taken into account as well.

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