Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Nice guy that De Lancie. We sat on stage for almost an hour talking all sorts of stuff, TV, theatre, and sailboats. And, of course, stroopwaffels. Lots and lots of stroopwaffels.
Thanks Utopia for a great weekend - Angela, Nicoline, Martin and all the rest of you who made Scheveningen such a blast. The weather even cooperated! And look my OWN photos to prove it.
Spent yesterday riding around Amsterdam on the bike and this morning in the Van Gogh Museum. Lovely. The Early Japanese prints were awesome - the whole second floor is dedicated to them, and they are a thing of beauty. You can see the early influences they had on Van Gogh.
Also, check out the video...


Rosehawk said...

Thanks for taking the time from your travels to share!

The videos of the four of you doing Improv are already out on the internet. They are so much fun to watch, especially the attempts at singing. I nearly fell off my chair laughing!

My friend got me your autograph and now I have to wait to actually see it and the wait is driving me nuts!

Hope you continue to have fun with the rest of your trip!

Anonymous said...

Those videos are fantastic!

They should do that at every con!

Ange said...

The 'kitten up the tree' skit will always stay with me forever, thank you. And, I am really rather curious about the Leprechaun Dance. I imagine it's a LOT funnier after a few Dutch beers. :D

And I've just read on Variety that SGA has been renewed for a fifth season. I'm not sure if it's definite yet, but fingers crossed it is! It is good news, indeed!

I've just spent the past weekend in Auckland, where we were lucky enough to spend some time with Joe Flanigan. Who, of course, left New Zealand with a wee magnetic sheep as a souvenir. We all had a really good time, one highlight being Chris Judge letting slip that he's morbidly frightened of badgers. One fact to file away for later, methinks.

Much obliged for the update, it was very lovely to come home to.

watcher652 said...

Looks like you had lots of fun at the con. Nice photos!

According to Variety, Atlantis has been renewed. Another year of Radek for us to look forward to!

Quantaqua said...

Thank you David for being a great Utopia guest!!!
I just hope "poffertje" makes it out of the tree and I'm really sorry about making the "How about now" comment after John's being naked on set story. Really very sorry, honest ;) *tries to put on a sincere face, but fails miserably* We had loads of fun this weekend. If you want to check out the dance we all did, here is the link, the dance starts after a couple of minutes. http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=cau2MQdKv0I

sueKay said...

Glad you're having a good time! I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam :D

I know season 4's barely began, but I can't wait for season 5 now I know we're getting one!!

Engelina said...

Great to see you loved Holland. It can indeed be beautiful.

Those chinese/japanes drawing at the Van Gogh museum are indeed awsome!!!

Loved the video's

scary said...

Awesome pics.



Here hoping we have 20 eps worth of Radek!!!! : )

Michelle Lunsford said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. And as has already been pointed out in other comments, Variety reports the show has been picked up for a season 5 - many congrats!

But now I confess to being rather envious of you... Spending a morning in the Van Gogh Museum? You lucky, lucky man. ; )

Anonymous said...

And, of course, stroopwaffels. Lots and lots of stroopwaffels.

Well, of course: stroopwaffels are little discs of heaven.

- Chicklet.

(And congratulations on getting Season 5!)

Dallista said...

They're called stroopwafels with one f. Glad you liked them, though! ;-) The "Whose Line Is It Anyway" panel proved to be a big success. And weren't we all lucky with the lovely weather!

Charles Schneider said...

Great photos! I know both you and JDL worked separately on Stargate, did he share any stories from his experience on SG1 with Amanda, Chris, Rick, and Michael?

Tori said...

*Sighs* I wish I could go to a con. Why did the one in Massachusetts have to not work out?

NZ_Jackie said...

Congrats David!

I heard last night that Atlantis got renewed for season 5! 100th episode here we come!!

(Never has the word renewed been used sooo much in the Interweb world!)


Prakash said...

SGA has been renewed !!!Congrats Monsieur David Nykl! Lets hope for more Radek Zelneka opportunities!! Who knows he may get the girl(or guy) in the new season!

iB said...

Congratulations on the renewal David.

Yay, more Zelenka for the world :)

Shelley Templar said...

Oh cool, you and q!!
that must have been a great talk :)

And congrats on getting a new season :D

Elyse said...

Congrats on the renewal, and the canal shots of Amsterdam look neat. Can't wait till you do a con back in the States again :)

Shai said...

So happy you took your own pics! And they are lovely. :)

Becky S said...

Your pictures look great. Thanks for posting them. Glad you had a good time and good weather.

Congratulations on season 5. Here's to seeing more of the good doctor in the coming year!

shelsfc said...

Thanks for sharing the pics!! And congrats on SGA being renewed!! :D

Kanku said...

Ah...why me...Am I like the only one who HASN'T been to a sci-fi con? Anyway - I'm glad you had fun. I've been hearing quite a few stories ^^
I hope that you get a chance to drop by us in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

John DeLancie...a favorite actor of mine. He was on a soap many years ago and was a joy to watch. He's really a wonderful actor.

Congrats on getting a season five.

Love the pics. Keep 'em coming. :)

Johnny E! said...

Congrats David on the Season 5 pick up. I called it didn't I!!! Can I win a prize or something, kinda like Joe Mallozi does on his blog? Also, I have been loving your work on Season 3 so far! Keep up the awesome work.

pluto_13 said...

You lucky guy. You got to talk to mr. J. De Lancie. I have a question: what is a stroopwaffel?
Congratulations on Atlantis season five reneval.

Klenotka said...

Utopia was great and your kitten on the tree was fantastic. I am still laughing when I remember that.
And btw. my very Czech report (in Czech :-)) is here:

Every detail on 8 pages ;-)

And some photos from Holland and Utopia are here:

allison said...

Don't worry, Kanku! I haven't been to a Sci fi convention either. Stupid conventions and their not-being-in-texas...ness.
Where are these videos that everyone's talkin' about? I wanna' giggle too! ;D

Rosehawk said...

Allison: I believe the videos have been pulled from the internet. Someone had them in her LiveJournal and she was asked to take them down. Now all we get is the pictures and fun stories!

They were great. David was hilarious!

Adna said...

Hopefully you had tons of fun. It is nice to hear SGA will be back for season 5. Renewed. :) I think it is official now. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news.aspx?id=20071024scifi02
(Unless they killed you off as well in which case I am sorry. :( But I hope they didn't. )

allison said...

[crushed]...your joking. o_o [/crushed] Damn. *snap* Ah well, I guess I'll just have to deal -sigh- ^_^; Thanks though.

Promogirl said...


Hi there. I'm new to your blog but I've loved your performance as Zelenka for sometime now.

I just wanted to say congrats on an awesome episode of Atlantis. I loved Tabla Rasa. Watching Zelenka, Carter, and McKay run around the city together was a blast. Oh, and you swing a mean pole... :-)

Rosehawk said...

Allison, I only wish I was joking but that would be way tooooo cruel on David's blog.

We'll just have to find a way to get David to a con in the Midwest and then he can do Improv for us here!

BTW David, Zelenka was so much fun to watch in Tabula Rasa. Nice job!

Elyse said...

Zelenka was great in "Tabula Rasa." Won't give away spoilers, but you know, it's always the quiet ones ;)

Any more word on conventions in the States??

Jennie :-) said...

Hi David! This comment is a couple of weeks past when your post was written, so perhaps it's unlikely that you'll even see it? Still, just wanted to say thanks for your work as "the good doctor" (as you often put it). Well done in last week's episode, "Tabula Rasa."

I'm surprised you haven't been able to hook up with a US con - guess that makes me extra-glad you were at my very first Creation con in 2005 in Vancouver. Maybe you could come hang out with us in April next year?

All the best,
Jennie in Oregon :-)