Sunday, July 8, 2007

Praga Caput Regni

Please, no search parties. I'm right here. Over here. In the middle of the old continent, roughly at 50 degrees north and a coupl'a degrees east of Greenwich. The winds have died down and the sun has returned to Prague, which is a nice change from the last week.
I just returned from a crazy fun weekend out in Chotebor where the Festival Fantasie is now winding down after 10 days of SciFi mayhem. How do you guys do it? Unbelievable. I was so impressed by the dedication and, shall we say, ardour of the fans here in the Czech Republic. Wow. I was treated to a complete compendium of every ounce of czech the good doctor has ever spoken in every episode, complete with deafening applause from the audience. Then there were the presentations. Hour upon hour of Stargate minutiae, diligenty rendered, photoshopped, powerpointed and commented. I only visited for two days, but boy were they intense. I'll publish more pictures as they become available. But in the meantime - velmy Vam vsem dekuju za prizen. Bylo to ohromne.
Back home lickety split and off to Pegasus, where a Quarantine awaits. Oh dear.
I'll publish more frequently now that the schedule is calming down. (I always say that, don't I..)
p.s. Can anyone guess the castle?


Icie said...

It's Hluboka ;) My favorite Czech castle ;)

Nice pics :P And thank you for being so wonderful *bows*

beaniesheppard said...

Seems like the Festival was good fun - well at least, that is what my friend is telling me... ;o)

Meh, Pegasus. Don't get me wrong - love SGA, love Dr. Z. - but 'Eureka' starts airing soon. :oD

Castle...hmmmm. Hluboka? Matches the architectural style anyway...

Dana said...

Ahoj Davide, moc ti chci podekovat za krasne dva dny, moc jsem si to uzila. :)

Ten zamek vypada jak Hluboka. :)

Mej se krasne,
Danulka (#100 ;D)

Farley (CZ) said...

Yes! David was really cool. Amazing gags and speaks. We all really enjoyed festival.

Díky Davide byls super, příště přijeď znova. :-)

salivia_baker said...

aww Prague! Will be there very soon. Can't wait to see it. Wanted to go there for a long time now.

Yay for the fun weekend!
The only thing with czech+stargate I ever encountered was walking into a grocery store and stargate (sg-1, season 6) was on the telly. Even though I don't speak czech I stand there and watched *g*
your pics are great can't wait t o see more :)

crownglass39 said...

Very nice pictures!
Poor you! I get the feeling that you haven't been that...immersed in a con before.
Yeah, scifi people are a breed of our own.

Shial said...

Jojo,to bude urcite Hluboka.Diky moc Davide,ze jsi se na festivalu stavil a vydrzel to foceni s tolika lidma,mimochodem i semnou :)) Mej se fajn a zdravim

Lapis said...

Just remember, David - the word "Fan" comes from "fanatic". There's a really good reason for that.

Enjoy hiatus while you can!

Paula said...

I figured you were off vacationing. I can't imagine a 10-day con. Overload!

I hope you got to spend some quality time with the relatives?

Bon voyage on your return home!

Susan the Tartan Turtle said...

I have never been to Prague but I am very bored and decided to try and find the name of the castle in your piccies.

I think that it is Orlik castle.

The Czech Republic looks really scenic, not as beautiful as Scotland but still worth a trip.

If I win can I get a prize (no ask no get!) which I will sell/auction for charity.

Tauri Sith said...

Wow... a 10 day convention?! *drool*
Why do they not have any of those in MA? I'm going to have to move. To Prague.

Farley (CZ) said...

It's easy.
Czechs are very friendly people. What can be better than ten days with your friends and betwen people, which like same things like you and which can become your friends very simply.
It's a big "ride" with sci-fi fans. Getting new friends, new informations, watching new Sci-Fi films and sci-fi seriels, tallking with actor(s) and dabbers and so on. It's gennially COOOL. It should be everywere. :-)

Že jo lidi? :-)

Klenotka said...

Taky díky za skvělý zážitek ;-)Bylo to moc bezva.

10-days con? Too short! I want more! I just came from FF and I want back. It was fantastic and David, you were one of the best experiences there ;-)
Just question I forgot to ask there any chance to see you in Pegasus 3? *innoncent smile*

Harwen said...

10 days isn't very much. Let's count with me. There are 2 weekends and 2 days of public holidays. So at all that's 6 free days. And vacancy for 4 days isn't nothing unusual ;-)

And I must point on fact, that Festival Fantazie isn't one big con, but lot of small cons accompanied together. For exapmle there is TrekCon, LOTRCon, GateCon... ;-)

Becky S said...

It looks wonderful David! Like Paula, I hope you got some time with friends and family. Wow, a 10 day con...I don't know if I could do that...but it would be fun to try! Glad you had a good time.

Rosehawk said...

Hey David, it's good to hear from you again! Pictures are great! Loved the ones with the crowd! Thanks for sharing!

Coming to any cons in the US? How about Chicago?!!!

Suzy said...

The festival was wonderful, people were wonderful and David was incredible! I´d like to thank him for spending his time with us fans. We all enjoyed it so much.

Davide díky moc. Těším se někdy příště...

Justi said...

You're alive! That's the message of the week !!!
Biiiiiiiig kiss :*

SeattleMeg said...

I'm tempted to say Hluboka cause everyone else has, although research indicates Castle Chotěboř (no other name found) was built by Vilém Leopold Kinský in the 1700s... Either way, it's gorgeous. Looks like you had a lovely time. Every time I see a picture, I want to go visit. The history, the architecture... Just fascinating.

And oh goodness, the haircut! You're breaking our hearts and winning them all over again!

Tar-ara said...

Thank you very much for your comming (now second :)). It was absolutely amazing :-). Thanks for your kindness, nice words, information a za to, žes to s námi vydržel a neupsal sis ruku... Mimochodem, úžasný nástup na první besedu :-). Jo a Atlantis byla ve hře zachráněna ;-). Měj se krásně.

10 days is really not so much - for many of us. I want back, because every day was great

Em said...

Ahoj Davide!
I want to thank you for the amazing time we had with you! It was incredible for me!!! So Thank you!!!
Bylo by úžasný, kdybys mohl přijet i příští rok:)!
Díky moc a přeju všechno dobrý!

saphira said...

It's great that there are such things as Festival Fantazie and even greater that I could meet you there. Thanks for coming, for your endless patience with us fans.

Bylo to neuvěřitelné,moc děkuji za sebe i za toho mrňouse, co nosí stejné brejličky jako Dr.Z. :)

watcher652 said...

A ten-day multi-genre scifi convention! That sounds like so much fun! Hey, if baseball fans can have their fantasy training camp vacations, we should have our little corner of being fans too.

We want a detailed con report from you, David! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Tarah said...

Davide, moc a moc diky za to, ze jsi k nam prijel. Byla to fakt parada - do smrti na to nezapomenu.. :-D
Pristi rok urcite zase prijed! :-)
Preji hodne stesti, mej se hezky a at se ti dari! ^_^
A ten zamek je urcite Hluboka ^_^

WesleyC (MJ) said...

The festival was great. Thanks for coming David. It was unbelievable :D.
It is State chateau Hluboká - ;-).

Someday Scientist said...

God to hear from you again! Lovely pics, looks like it was quite the trip. :)

Elyse said...

A ten day convention? Wow, that even beats out Worldcons!

sueKay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sueKay said...

I've never been to the Czech Republic, though I've always wanted to. :) I had a friend who went to Prague on a daytrip once (yes, from Scotland, I kid you not!) and she loved it!

The architecture is beautiful!

Glad you had a good time!

lemonchicken said...

You're back! Missed your fun stories. Good to hear your hiatus was enjoyable. "Quarantine" is sounding really interesting. Joe Mallozzi posted some notes on it. Can't wait for season 4!

Shai said...

Nice to see you're still alive. Love the extreme close-up. ;)
Know nothing about castles, but it's pretty.......

Danielle the Paranoid Android said...

Alfons Mucha!!!!!!!! His work is so gorgeous. He did artwork in France before he moved back to Czech. to do more nationalistic artwork. Blah blah blah. Lucky!

iB said...

Davide, good to hear from you again. Really beautiful pics. Thanks.

Oh, if I knew of that con, I would have come, only 3hours by car.. Daaaddy.. Glupo, glupo...

Always wanted to visit the beautiful Czech, I am so close.. Soon..

Baba.. Ivana

atlantisfannew1 said...

Salut, salut
Waou génial toute ces photo! elle son superbe!!
C est trop cool que pour puissier mettre plus de misa a jour sur votre blog! Car il est génial!

aller salut, bonne journée! a bientot!

CipZip said...

Oh David, it's nice to hear that you have been in Czech Republic. Unfortunatelly, I missed you! But I hope that you will come back to CR soon.

Hipapheralkus said...

We have just came from Chotebor. We are from the very east of Slovak republic, but we are really glad, that we were there. It was 10 days of fun, but you were the BEST.
Dúfame, že prídeš aj na budúci rok;-)
P.S.: mal si najlepší nástup na scénu, aký sme kedy videli:-)))

Honza said...

ahoj Davide moc diky za navštěvu gateconu bylo to s tebou bezva,všichni doufame že zas přijedeš,diky moc za foto s tebou a za podpisy s věnovanim,Honza K z Rudoltic u Lanškrouna

Cat said...

Hluboká is very nice, did you visit the zoo as well? I couldn´t make it to Chotěboř and I´m pretty pissed about it.. maybe next time :-) I´m glad you had a good time.

PS: Máš tam takovou drobnou gramatickou chybku. Omlouvám se, ale to je choroba z povolání.. :-)

Honza said... davide prosim je to tvuj mail?poslal bych ti fotky z gateconu

Honza said...

Pondělí, 9. červenec 2007

ahoj Davide,moc diky za čas stravený v chotěboři na Gateconu,diky za fotky a za podpisy ,moc ti fandim Honza K. z Rudoltic u lanškrouna

Vystavil Honza v 9:10 0 komentářů

Letters From Pegasus: Praga Caput Regni

prosim nevite někdo jak sem dat fotky moc diky.chci sem dat fotky davida na gateconu

Vystavil Honza v 9:09 0 komentářů

Letters From Pegasus: Praga Caput Regni

nevite někdo jak se sem dava fotka?

Vystavil Honza v 8:51 0 komentářů

Letters From Pegasus: Praga Caput Regni

Letters From Pegasus: Praga Caput Regni

Vystavil Honza v 8:38 0 komentářů

We have just came from Chotebor. We are from the Lanškroun(Rudoltice), but we are really glad, that we were there. It was 3 days of fun, but you were the BEST.-diky moc za fotky s tebou a za podpisy s věnovanim.honza

Vystavil Honza v 8:29 0 komentářů

Letters From Pegasus: Praga Caput Regni

Vystavil Honza v 8:29 0 komentářů

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Francy said...

Welcome back, and glad to here you had fun!!

Carolyn said...

Heh, there were people starting to wonder where you were. Glad you told us not to send a search party, because I think someone would have organized one soon, too.

And pictures are the win, glad you're having a good time!

Jogi said...

Ahoj Davide, moc diky že si přijel na Gatecon a že si vydržel to focení s náma všema. Doufám že se příště ukážeš zase, bylo to opravdu fajn. Moc diky :)

Ghani said...

Ahoj Davide,

moc děkuju, že sis udělal čas a pobyl s námi na Festivalu Fantazie.:-) Doufám, že jsme Tě moc neunavili při focení a podepisování.;-)

I loved it this year in Chotěboř and the 10 days really weren't long enough! I hope you liked it there as much with us as we liked it there with you, because that would be very much indeed!;-) You were very funny, kind and patient.

Jsi skvělý a já jsem velice ráda, že jsem měla možnost Tě poznat. Bylo by super, kdybys mohl přijet i příští rok!;-) Měj se krásně a pozdravuj od nás na Atlantis!:-)


archimedes said...

Hello David!!!

It's so lovely to read an update from you and I love the pics.

Wow - you must have had a great time in Prague... one day I'd love to visit as I hear that it's just a gorgeous place.

And I should add - nice to see that they let you cut your hair when you're not Zelenka!

Take care matey,

An Aussie fan!

scarym said...

It is great to see you back. I was beginning to worry. Glad you had a fun trip. Those are wonderful pics. : )

I believe you mentioned a trip to the US. Any news on that?

Maggie Umbra said...

Oh of course! That's where you are. Now I feel silly. *scratches head*...forgot to look there.

Wonderful pictures! I hope you had a lot of fun. You look really good and you have really good looking fans! :P

Misty aka s_aurius said...

Glad to see you back online! :) I know some people had been getting worried. :p Sounds like you had a terrific time.

Ange said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ange said...

I hope we get to hear more about it, it sounds like it was a good ten days, and a great holiday to boot! Any luck with the fooseball this year? :)

Edward4th said...

a 10 day con oh wow every fans heaven, they obviously know how to pace themselves in the Czech Republic.

Samantha.Majka said...


Ahojky Davide !
Díky moc za úžasný zážitek! Bylo to něco neuvěřitelného!
Přeji Ti hodně úspěchů při natáčení! Ať žije čeština! Pozdravuj všechny od Fanoušků z fanklubu : SG-Everyday ( SGE ).

Anonymous said...

Some information in Englis about our con can find here

Katrina said...

Hey! You're back!

Hold up. What happened to mel? We didn't actually lose the search party did we?

Michal said...

Zdravim Davida :) Byl sem tam vsechno videl a slysel. Ten premet pri nastupu na prvni prednasku byl proste unbelievable :)To jen tak nekdo neumi. Dobra fyzicka kondice, asi z toho sermu predpokladam :) Meli by te poslat do akce, aspon bys jim ukazal jakou mas fyzicku. jinak si byl uplne neuveritelnej!! ta nekonecna trpelivost s nama SG-Blaznama. Furt usmevavej a ty gagy, i kdyz to urcite muselo bejt unavujici foceni a tak. Dik za pokec
BTW: It's Hluboka undoubtedly!! Believe me, I'm from Czech Republic. It's one of the most known castles in czech;) easy.
Kevin.Spacey from SG-Everyday Club ( ten v modry kostkovany kosili neustale pokladajici hloupe otazky :DDD)

Anonymous said...

Ahoj Davide, taky moc diky za skvely vikend v Chotebori a doufam, ze pristi rok zase dorazis. Uz se nemuzu dockat a asi nebudu sama...:))) zamek je jednoznacne Hluboka, priste zkus neco slozitejsiho:)
p. s. pokud souhlasi, ze vysilani 4. serie zacne 28. zari, tak je to na nas statni svatek...nemas v tom prsty??? zdravi---voronwen---

Klenotka said...

Ahoj Davide, když se podíváš na naši stránku:

Tak už jsou tam tři galerie a pár jich snad ještě přibude během víkendu. Můžeš si vybírat. A btw., máš taky to naše webové tričko ;-)

Han said...

něco česky:Zámek určitě Hluboká, aspoň tak vypadal, když jsem tam kdysi byla :o)
něco anglicky: And the nice 10 days in Chotěboř... I could repeat them right now :D looking forward for FF special or for the next year!
něco slovensky: raději ne, už tak dost przním svou mateřskou reč. (Please, don't ask for a translation :D)

Mel said...

*Mel staggers in, emaciated, dirty, and thoroughly worn out. She raises a hand in the air*

[pant] Good news!! David is not lost! I think the greater portion of the search party is still out there, however... [/pant]

Glad to hear that nothing terrible has happened to our favorite Czech-speaking character and his alter-ego! Been traveling, huh? I'm jealous--I don't even get to go home for the rest of the summer!

Elyse said...

Wow, I can't decipher half the messages on this board! ;)

Meanwhile, just a head's up for those who don't know..

9:00 PM, 1 hr
Tue 07/24/2007

Climate changes besiege the town after an isolated deep freeze triggers a chain reaction of altered weather patterns, which result in hurricane conditions.

David plays a scientist in this one :)

Delltar [cz] said...

nazdárek, fakt díky,že si na FF přijel a udelal si čas na nás, fanoušky:-)

btw Festival Fantazie (or FantasyFest in english maybe) is really best sci-fi and fantasy event of the year.
10 days of non-stop multi-genre agenda in 18 rooms including cinema (+ outside agenda and theater) word non-stop mean really non-stop, 24hours per day. something about 50 individual cons or other events. + PC-Game room, tea-room, two pubs and crushbar, cardroom, DDR(Dance Dance Revolution) and last but not least official StarTrek wedding- everythink in one place
have I forgot anythink?? :-)

watcher652 said...

David! If you are still in a convention mood, how about DragonCon Aug 31-Sept 3 in Atlanta GA? Apparently you have to contact them and not the other way around.

Azra said...

Gee...I was beginning to think perhaps Ogopogo may have carried you off. :-)

Welcome back and congratulations on surviving the con! :-D

Kanku said...

Of course...I leave for two weeks and THEN you come back! Anyway, sounds like you had fun. And yes, as fans we can keep going and going and going ^^
I'm taping Eureka every week just waiting to see you cause I have to wait for SGA to come on again.
As long as you post as soon as you can I'm not going to complain

Wolfen said...

A con that lasts ten days?? Man, Dragon*Con wipes me out after only three and a half! I don't envy you having to go back to work after that, LOL!

Saw you on Eureka tonight! Yay! :D

windshieldbug said...

David, fresh from watching Eureka. Well done! Your eyes were the most striking thing, other than your performance! You play the mad Eureka scientist well.

It would be interesting to see "Dr. Whiticus" as a recurring character. Thank you for a good episode.

Rosehawk said...

Just saw you in Eureka! It was fun to see you doing something different....quiet voice, no accent.

Could you see anything out of those contacts?

You did a wonderful job! Hope they bring Dr. Whiticus back for a few episodes!

Kanku said...

Well...I just saw Eureka...
I LOVED IT SO MUCH! You were AMAZING - AKA my favroite character so far. I really hope that you get a few more episodes. When you came on both my friend and I laughed, we knew it was you by the voice.
Dude, those contacts had to be annoying

watcher652 said...

Saw you on Eureka last night. Good job! What a stretch, though, you played a brilliant scientist. At least you're not dead, so a return appearance is always a possibility. Oh, wait, I forgot. This is scifi. Even if you were dead, you could still come back.

Did you ever get in touch with DragonCon and ask them if you could attend?

girl.introspective said...

I have to agree with Windshieldbug, you have quite stunning eyes. And as much as I love to tune into Atlantis and see Dr. Z I always appreciate watching the other characters you create.

Tauri Sith said...

Saw you on Eureka!! That was a wicked episode!!!!

Anonymous said...

Prague looks SO beautiful, like a fairytale city. Ever since I have seen it on a travel show I have wanted to visit Prague.

I can't believe you aren't at Comicon! I would give my eye teeth to be there. Well...maybe not my eye teeth...a molar or two? As I write this, Atlantis is having it's panel and I am deeply wishing I were there. I have never been to a Con and I think I will have to try one soon!

Rebecca Austen-Baker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rebecca Austen-Baker said...

Oopus! Didn't do last comment very well.

Anyway...It's nice to know I'm not the only one having difficulty with keeping blogs...doesn't matter how many I start, somewhere along the line it'll be weeks before I post again.

It's great you had fun at the Con, I've always wanted to go to one, but I've never been able to afford it. My mum has been to ArmadaCon a couple of times due to her vast friends network and that fact that one of her the friends is one of the organizers of it.

I don't know how long ArmadaCon will carry on for, but you should definitely see about getting there, it's in Plymouth. I may well not be able to attend...but if you go at some point, I'll bug my mother to attend and get an autograph.

Anonymous said...

Na FF se nás z naší skupiny moc nedostalo, ale moc ti děkujeme za fotku s věnováním pro RT (rebelian translators). A nejen za to. Dokonce znám jednu dívenku, kterou přivedl mocný dojem ze setkání s tebou ke sledování SGA.

Tyna said...

Ten hrad je jasna Hluboka, zadnej Orlik.

Mimochodem, Davide, nemohl byste nejak prinutit tvurce serialu, aby Zelenkovi trochu zmenili uces? Vcera se mi o vas zdalo a moc vam to s kratkymi vlasy sluselo :-)

Kraamis said...


sgjoli said...

díky, že jste byl v Chotěboři :-)

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Loreleï said...

I miss Praga.!


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Jarka z čech said...

Pak ,že se češi nikam nedostanou :0D ..... Jinak.. Davide v SGA si uplně užasnej a sem ráda že tam taky zazněla čeština :0D ... Hej a snad se schodnem , že za to máš dostat taky nějákou tu cenu :0D

Anonymous said...





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