Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hooray Hooray the First of May...

Now that Dave Hewlett has a budding rap career I can consider myself lucky to get a photo with him. He's so-o-o busy now.. Props to you Mr H. It's quite funny.
I'm back after a lengthy break - which is becoming a pattern I'm noticing about this blog. I'm more of a once or twice every two weeks kind of poster than a daily play-by-play guy.
Congratulations to faithchan for correctly identifying Boston, Mass on the previous post. It's just outside of Filene's Basement, on the way up to the Common. We so rarely look up when we trudge through our cities, don't we? Particularly when we live in them.
Just finished shooting a coupla' days worth of Reunion in my cup. Lotsa Momoa mojo going down all over the place. Gonna be wicked eppy.
Also, this just in - fingers crossed - might be appearing in the CZECH REPUBLIC this summer, if all goes down well, and maybe an undisclosed US location. (snuggled up beside Cheney, I'm sure) Watch this space for breaking news.


Toni said...

You have an "Easy Button"! Those are too much fun -- we passed them out at my office, and now at random intervals, out of the silence, you'll hear "That was easy" floating through cube land.

Sorry, I had to share, since seeing one in the pic made me giggle. Thanks for posting (however infrequently)!

Leisa said...

Great title for your Blog.

My kids and I were introduced to Stargate Atlantis with that episode (since we did not have cable television prior to that time).

Your vivid descriptions, punctuated with the background musical score, and your dry repetition of -- "Security Clearance?" -- a classic!!!

Discovered your blog too late to guess the location of the picture. We live about 50 miles away from your photo. Great angle. I like looking at buildings from that angle as well.

We are glad "The Gates" are back on TV. You were missed.

Your fans in Rhode Island.

Rosehawk said...

Ummm David, it's the second day of May. (I wish I had a smilie right about now.)

I think it is great that you are reaching out to fans as it is so if it is every few weeks, it is so much better than not at all!!!!

Now you're going to make us wait to find out which city in the US you are going to! Aggh, the suspense of it all. City and date make a huge difference if I can get a ticket or not!!

Haliyah said...

OooOOOOOoooooh, new uniforms!


SO PRETTY! *makes grabby hands*

I shall have to make one. Although...where'd they come from, with Atlantis floating through space...? O_o


I laughed so hard at Other David's vid that my face almost exploded. At least, that's what it felt like...and then hilarity ensued.

Here's a bit of honesty for you: it doesn't matter how infrequently you post, they're all appreciated, and I love seeing your photos of on set randomness. Take your time, we'll all be here when you get back from Pegasus. :)

Elizabeth said...

I know you only post once every two weeks, but the sad this is that it is always, with out fail, on a day that I really need to be cheered up.

So yea. Thanks and congrats.

(also, Momomoa Mojo makes me giggle like a five year old. Momomojo.

Mel said...

Thank you for posting!!! It always brightens my day (or night, more often than not, as I tend to stay up till all hours of the day--it's addicting, I tell you!). Also, thanks for the pics--you and Hewlett are just too funny. And, though I would love to see you post more often, I am in agreement with the others--whatever you can give us is great. (Would it seem sad if I confessed to checking your blog everyday anyhow?)

Audrey said...

Don't worry, we're happy to hear anything from you! Oh...LOVING the new jackets, by the way, but now I'll have to alter my Atlantis costume (eventually)! :)

M said...

Well look there! Radek has a new uniform? That's faboulous, David! I really like the colours :D

Uh, as for Mr Hewlett and his rap career... *cough* everytime I watch it, I burst out laughing. I can say in all honesty that he's the first rapper that makes me laugh that much.

Love the photos :DDD

Lapis said...

It's not quantity, it's quality. Heck, these days you update more often than I do.

As for American summer appearances, lobby the Powers to send you down to ComicCon with the rest of the crew! We'd even invite you out to our place for the traditional BBQ for our anniversary.

Anonymous said...

The look on Hewlett's face in the image you posted... that's the same look I had after listening to him rap. ;-)

He fell into the groove toward the end. He was *so* channeling Rodney, though.

Anonymous said...

Please discourage him from ever rapping again. Ever. Even if it's just in his head...

Francy said...

Hey David, how about doing a rap too? That'd be sooo funny!!!!

Lina said...

That's right, new uniforms! I didn't notice until Haliyah mentioned it. :D

Also thanks David for the link to Hewlett's hilarious rap vid. xD

Anonymous said...

Kdy a kde?!

Ange said...

I can't say there's much above eye-level to look at where I live, except for perhaps the sparrows in the elm trees. You know that way to not park your car underneath them. But there was a brilliant almost-full moon tonight when I was walking home, so I can't complain.

Nice photo! And, to be honest, I was making a face similar to yours too, when I saw the clip. Right before I shot water out my nose. Hewlett has some, um, mad skillz.

Once a fortnight or so is better than none, so no complaints from me. Thanks for the much-needed cheering up. :)

allison said...

I totally second the motion for another rap, possibly with both Davids ;D? Really, though, your blog always makes my day. I, too, have noticed that there seems to be a new post right when I've been having a crap day. Chalk it up to Dr. Z's amazing brain powers.

Q: I've always wondered, but who gives the haircuts on Atlantis. I mean, everyone has such trim hair. Maybe they brough along a barbar? ;D

And the US? You and Hewlett are coming to Austin. Order, not request! >)

Misty aka s_aurius said...

I agree with everyone else. We appreciate you blogging no matter how long it's been. :D I always love to see random pictures from on set.

Please say that you'll be at Dragon*Con as your trip to the US!!

shelsfc said...

Loving those new uniforms!!
It's great to hear from you, no matter how infrequently!!
Momoa! Can't wait to see that ep!

Scarym1 said...

It doesn't matter how often you post, I prefer quality over quantity. : )

Maybe you could borrow DH's video camera and give us a CZECH RAP!!! with subtitles of course. ; )

It would be great if that undisclosed location in the US happend to be ATLANTA, GEORGIA for DRAGONCON. It would be so awesome to meet you!!!!!

Becky S said...

Ah, David, it's good to hear from you whenever you can post. We know you have other things to keep yourself busy (and we're very happy that you are busy). When we do hear from you, you always have something fun for us.

Like several others, I hope you can come to Dragon*Con. But where ever you are able to appear, there will be some of us there. (You have been warned! Be afraid, be very afraid.)

Icie said...

Oooh, I might be going to Czech republic then ;) :P

TheDancingArchaeologist said...

I'm also hoping you'll consider a career (no, better make it a sideline, Atlantis needs you) as a rapper. Dr Z. You've already got the name :p

Whilst you're making travel plans, please think about coming to Pegasus 3 next year :) Or just come to Scotland, you can take some photos for us to guess :)

Also, yay you! You got new clothes! Now make them give Radek a leather jacket :D

Paula said...

We need more Stargate raps. You must think up something.

As for your frequency of posting? You prefer to have things to say. Many don't. (I include myself in that.)

And Dragon*Con! You totally want to come to Dragon*Con.

Vikitty said...

Woo! The Davids are looking hot and scruffy in their new 'Lantis uniforms!

You should totally do a rap, too, David! And then get the writers to do one too. :P

toni>> oh GOD. I work at Staples, and I absolutely HATE those things because everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) presses it.

crazymom said...

Who is that lying on the floor by the gate?

Laz said...

To encourage you to post more often, I suggest you use your blog as a place to vent and bitch about your annoying workmates.

That's what I do! ;-)

Justi said...

Hooray Hooray it's the end of Third of May :P
Czechy w zasadzie tylko krok od Polski więc zapraszam do jej odwiedzenia :)

Carolyn said...

I am definitely looking forward to the "Momojo" coming up. And thanks for the rap pimpage. You should totally do one too. Or both. That would be awesome.

And updating is always welcome, it doesn't matter if it's every day or once a month, it's still good to hear what's going on.

libratraveller said...

On a mission through the gate
Atlantis there did await
For brave explorers a bounty to take
A city afloat in one big lake
But, adventurers beware
The Wraith have no care
They will hunt you for your soul
And other dangers will take their toll
But keep your spirits strong and true
While learning Ancient things anew
Atlantis is the city of lore
And it has a heart at its core
So just remember,
Galaxies are ours for the taking
As long as we watch who we're waking

watcher652 said...

Ooh! You get the new uniform jacket, too! And do you wear a black t-shirt now? I can see a bit of blue on the back of your jacket. Is it just across the shoulders at the top?

Thanks for these updates. They are very much appreciated, whenever you write.

Kanku said...

At least you blog! I am NOT complaining that I have to wait a few weeks!
Wow...some place in the U.S. and I can guess it's NOT going to me in unlucky me. Why do I have to live in one of the most out-of-the-ways states in the entire country.
Love the new jackets, little less blue this time.

Alipeeps said...

Darn it, I shoulda showed my sister that picture... she often used to frequent Filene's Basement when she lived in Boston. The only bit of Boston I ever go to see was the train station... which, nice though it was, became increasingly less so as I waited for hours and hours and hours in close proximity to an obnoxious child and his mother who did nothing to curb his bad behaviour but merely repeated ad nauseum in a nasal whine, "Brian! Stop that, Brian. Brian! Stop doing that, Brian.."

Ahhhh... happy memories.. :lol:

Everyone seems really buzzed about Reunion, it sounds like it's going to be an amazing episode!

Tauri Sith said...

well, it's now the... fourth... so I'm late, I suppose...

You should go to conneticon... or we could create "Zelenkacon" and host it at a different fan's hometown every year. ^o^ Would you come?

Toni said...

Vikitty>>> LOL, yes, if I worked at Staples, I'm pretty sure I would learn to hate the easy button too. Fortunately, the ones in the office only get pressed when it's really, really quiet, so it's always good for a giggle.

susan said...

I hear Mars superhound Hewlett is recording some rap with his babe Lucy.

It would have to be a vast improvement on David H's pathetic performance.

The Tartan Turtles ....SCB

allison said...

The Tartan Turtles ....SCB.
As opposed to the Tartan Army ;D?
I second the motion for a "Zelenkacon", or possibly even the slightly broader "Davilenkeycon"? XD

allison said...

Btw, is knedlík good? I've been tossing around the idea of making some for my friend for her birthday and it sounds interesting.

Emerald said...

Okay, so I'm a little slow. And this comment has nothing to do with your post. Not this one anyway. You're going to be on Eureka? squee! I love that show! I'm so pleased I found your blog. You've really emerged as a terrific character on Atlantis, and I just saw Tao of Rodney last night, and... well, how adorable was the whole scene between you two.


Ivana said...

David, I discovered your blog a few days ago. It's great from you to try to be in touch with you fans. Now I would like to tell you smth, hope you'll understand...

Davide, vi ste odličan glumac i dobar čovijek. Sve najbolje.. Pozdrav iz Beca..

Have a nice day... =)

Moyz said...

*imagines McKay/Zelenka rap* Burble
*gets carried away in a white sleeveless jacket for an indeterminate stay in a lovely padded room*

Tartan Turtle said...

I have already listed a comment under my previous identity. But SCB has Tartan Turtles where Hewlett has his squirrels. So I renamed myself.

Crucial question that I ask most people that I meet .... are you a cat or a dog person? If you have a cat or dog give full details.

Susan, Frankie (meow) and Merlin (girly meow).

Kirsten said...

Hey DZ! "Slow on the uptake" gains a new definition in my finding your blog today. It's so much fun. I'll have to add your blog to my daily routine.

BTW - I invited DHewlett over for a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser last month and he ditched me for *chocolate with Mallozzi*. Could you throw a ferret on him and tell him we raised 3 grand? You're my hero!

Fran said...

Now I too have fallen victim to Blogging and such.
Well already addicted to Stargate Atlantis what is another addiction to my resume.

Great blogg David. Love the title.

Peace and Hugs


allison said...

SCB: Turtles
Hewlett: Squirrels
Nykl: Pirahna

Someone should be making shirts :P (although between the three, my money's on the pirahna. It's the crafty ones with the sharp, pointy teeth that you have to watch out for) ;D.

Fran said...

Hey there Dr. Z it is me.
Love the new little vid clips. I really liked the episode "Grace Under Pressure" You were funny.

Peace and Hugs


Carrie said...

Now it's the 9th of May, which isn't even remotely lyrical. But there's a Jonathan Coulton song about the first of May that's joyously profane and I'd finally managed to get it out of my head when I came over here to read back blog entries.


I'll be rhyming "in flagrante delicto" for the next several days, ta. :D