Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Beast of Bottomless Lake debuts at #1 in the charts!

Now if I could only find that chart I could show you.

The Beast released in grand style at Saturday's VCon (thanks folks!) The buzz is growing and the little indie that could is beginning to pick up steam! The Express picked us up, then even the mothercorp! . Thanks especially to those of you who came up to see it! You know exactly who you are.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!!! Love the interview. I hope it can get a theatrical release. Maybe a cross canada tour? Love to see it in Nova Scotia.

Best of Luck. : )

VelveetaWingnut said...

I'd love to see it in the states! Come on David...maybe if you come to Shoreleave convention next July in Maryland you could bring it with you?

Kirsten said...

wah, so many reasons to be sad about missing vcon this year. will the beast be playing elsewhere in vancouver any time soon? with all the festivals, wasn't sure if there was an opportunity for you guys to showcase your film. i'll keep my eyes peeled!!

Rosehawk said...

You so rock!

It's an amazing and wonderful film!

D (Hiccups) said...

I am so glad it's doing well! (Of course with such a superb cast... ;)) I can't wait to see it! Congratulations. Hey, did you see the piece that Destination Truth (SyFy) did on the beast? I still can't wait to see BotBL though! Congratulations again!


Cody Kimmel said...

First Fringe, and now a Scooby screen shot. Your choices are superlative across the boards.
The Kimmels will see Beast, buy Beast, and wear Beast t-shirts if they are available. We will dress our Beagle as the Beast for Halloween.
But you haven't told us how we can convince John Noble to move in with us.
And if he won't, will you?

Rosehawk said...

Hey, it looks like you are going to be at the Creation Convention in Vancouver in April. Any chance "The Beast" can make a showing for fans??
I'd love to see the movie again. I don't usually go to this convention but since I do want to take another vacation in Vancouver next year to see the stuff I missed last year and there's friends to do stuff with and you are going to be there at least one day, I might be convinced to go.

VelveetaWingnut said...

Hey David, in case you're ever wondering where your Zelenka glasses got to...I have 'em! YAY!!!

D (Hiccups) said...

David, I hope your blog silence means you're busy working on a great new project like a new sitcom with David Hewlett or that you've been picked for Dancing with the Stars. Shoot, I'll even get excited if you're out taking a great photo of you with a bunny (see one of my previous comments). Whatever you're doing, I hope it's great. Can't wait to hear about it.


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I see Human Target is starting Season 2 on Fox. A new episode Wed night in the US. You were in the Season 1 episode entitled Rewind. Are you in any of the Season 2 episodes?

As for someone's suggestion that you be on Dancing with the Stars, I hope you have better things to do. Though you would get both the sci-fi and Stargate vote and with a comedic flair .... I might have to actually watch that show. Each contestant gets an appearance on The View.

Nah, I still hope you have better things to do.

Take care!