Friday, September 11, 2009


I haven't posted here in almost two months! How crass. How unbefitting. How un-up-to-the-minute-micro-blogging of me. How horrible it must be to not know what I've been doing.
So to remedy that I'll do I twitter style update of everything I did from the last post:
"Clicked Publish Post. Stood up. Went to window. Phone rang. Picked it up. Talked. Put phone down. Ate a cookie. Went out to backyard. Remembered something I forgot to get from inside. Went back inside... Whoa. This could take a while. How much time do you have?...
Let's hit the high points: I've been writing. A script (yes!) Auditioning - hit and miss - meeting with various people about various things (I'm superstitious - don't like to disclose things until they're set - also helps create sense of mystery) Got stranded in a remote inlet on a non-starting 16 ft boat. Learned to fix outboard engines - sort of (see previous). Translated several scripts, and a few drier than dry academic papers. Built some stairs. Went to L.A. few times. Motorcycle tour of Vancouver island... what else. Oh yeah. Had an audition the other day at the Bridge studios - I tell you it was weird going back there - saw some recognizable faces, but otherwise it's the new deal over there.

Oh yeah. One more thing: I shaved. Sort of.
Thank you. Thank you very much. Be back soon.


Rweethareyet said...

Good to see you. Missed you. Glad you're keeping busy.

Rosehawk said...

LOL. Now I know why I like reading your posts so much, they make me laugh!

Bummer about shaving, I kind of liked the mustache!

Nice pics....the country side wherever your boat was at is beautiful.

Was great hearing from you again!

Now back to making cushions for my couch.......

Rae said...

(what kind of cookie?)

Great to read from you again! I was just about to remove you from my blog reading figuring that you weren't going to update anymore. I was very :( but now I'm :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely place to be stranded, if that's where your picture was taken. Glad you were able to fix the engine and therefore return to tell us the tale.

Writing a script, how cool! I hope we get to see it in some form, some day. Good luck with all of your projects.

MightyMadi said...

Was the shaving due to pressure from fans or a personal decision?

I agree with D that you should try handlebars. It could set a trend.

I hope you break legs (in the good way) with the auditions :)

Anonymous said...

I think I can speak for all us fans when I say WE WERE WONDERING WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!

Motorcycled around Vancouver? What was that like? Got pics? Hope you didn't get a case of the bends?

Good to hear from you again! Don't be a stranger! BTW, glad you shaved!

AngelAmidala said...

Glad to hear from you again!

It's too bad the twitter-style update doesn't come with an actual twitter account though. LOL!

Seriously - glad you've been keeping busy...your busy sounds better than my busy for the last few months!

Anonymous said...

I swear, you always make a post right after I check your blog and go "darn, no new entry"! ;)

Loved the pictures... top one makes me think of beasts in bottomless lakes ;)

Sounds like you've have a very varied and fascinating past couple months!

ANd I like the clean-shaven look, that is, if anybody is polling...

Ange said...

Reminds me of the time my grandfather and I got stuck in the middle of Porirua Harbour for five hours, when the rotor got caught in a fishing net. That was the last time he let me drive a jetboat.

Well, they say the soul of brevity is twit, yet merely crumbs. Not as satisfying as the whole cookie.

Ka kite ano. :)

Leaper said...

Mr. Nykl! Hey!

I'll go ahead and echo previous sentiments that I too am glad that you're keeping busy and doing well.

I've missed seeing posts from you (you're my first actual TV star on my friends list!), but RL has a habit of getting in the way, sadly. Hopefully, we'll get to see you back on TV again.

watcher652 said...

That looks like a beautiful place to be stranded. Lucky you.

You built some stairs? Was this a home renovation or something for work?

I have to admit, I like you without the moustache.

Thanks for the update!

Meg said...

Welcome back! We've missed you, but glad things are going well. At least the boat's in a pretty place!

D said...

I just happened to be up (it's just 4AM here) and saw your entry. It so makes it worth getting up in the middle of the night. :) Thank you for posting and for the nice pictures. I'm glad you're busy. Take care.

BethyNYC said...

We missed you! Can I hope that some of the auditions might be for NY Theater? Because, you know, all the cool kids are taking their shows from London and Chicago and bringing them to NYC. You could too!

Here's hoping you get some jobs, and let us know!

Sajina said...

Great to hear from you again! Good to hear you're keeping busy.

Nice pics :)

M. Emily said...

No more porne 'stache? It really added ambiance to your "fan fiction".

Sally said...

Nice to hear from you again. You seem to be keeping busy. And thanks for the laughter. We can always do with a bit if that.

I didn't know you were in to building stairs. Cool.

I liked the mustache too. Could you be pursuaded to grow it again?

I can imagine that it must have been odd to be back at the Bridge Studios again.

I hope that something comes of the script writing and the things that you have in the pipeline that you don't want to tell us about and the auditions that you are doing.

And most of all ... Dont leave it so long next time ya hear.

Jinx said...

:) Enjoyed reading the update.

So....where do the stairs go?

*fingers crossed on the auditions*

Misty aka s_aurius said...

Glad to see a new post from you. :)
I have to admit that I haven't updated my own blogger account in quite a while so I really can't say anything. :p

I hope that the auditions turn up something great for you!

Lenik said...

Tu se někdo má :) A vidět relativně známé tváře je fajn ne????

Sam-sg-1 said...
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Anonymous said...


Love the update and the pics. Since you shaved, does this mean you didn't get the part or you got the part and shot it already?

Good Luck on the auditions. Hope to see you on something real soon. : )

Falada said...

Welcome to the weird world of scriptwriters and translators! And good luck with auditions, pitching and whatever is in the pipeline for you.

By the way, I agree it's bad luck to go public with projects that aren't quite set yet - I did that once, and of course I had a lot of "what happened to...?! questions to answer for months, when the project got shelved due to the usual fundlessness...

So I hope for some good news on this blog soon and keep my fingers crossed for you.

Alexandra said...

HEYYYYYYYY! FINALLY! Where have you been, HUH? ;-D

Very nice to read you again!
David, humm, I'm sorry, Mr Nykl: you should have a Twitter account, and this way you'll be able to shoot at Mr Hewlett!!

Must say I am so jealous of your trip within Vancouver, it must be so beautiful!

Hope to read you later, and hopefully on Twitter for small news? ^_^

Be well! ^_^

Kirsten said...

I don't mind joining the chorus in expressing the sentiment that it was great fun to see a new post from you, hear about your summer and appreciate the shave. :)

Alas for myself, I did not get a chance to attend the production of "Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe" but I hope that it had a good run.

Take care and I look forward to future updates!

Becky L said...

Good to hear from you again! Everyone gets busy and let's things slip by without realizing it. Happens to us all. Best of luck on all the auditions!

Rosehawk said...

Hey for David fans,

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David has another Stargate audiobook called 'Stargate - Meltdown' coming out October 30.
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Anonymous said...

Hey, a post! And a delayed comment!
Anyway, yay updates. Sounds like you've been up to a lot of stuff. Stuff we'll see you in soon, maybe?
Anyway, I'm glad everything seems to be going pretty well so far. Good luck on whatever you're doing
Oh, and I'm liking the shaved-ness. A lot.

Niamh said...

Yay! glad to see another post. I missed them :)

It also gives me a chance to thank you for signing a t-shirt during the summer for a friend of mine who gave it to me as a present today. I really appreciate it!

Hufsa said...

Nooo! Shaving is bad, beard is good. Beard is manly and cool, braawrrr! ;)

MightyMadi said...

To Hufsa- I reckon stubble's best, but full beards are too much. To me, stubble says "I am a man" but a beard says "I am Father Christmas". Mind you, if I was a man I would try growing a beard at least once.

juliedoc said...

First-time commenter here. Awfully glad to see you posted. Whenever I get worried that you may have fallen off the face of the earth, you come up with a great entry like this.

Very glad to see that you are well (and busy).

Good luck with your script and your auditions!

amaryllis said...

Hello, I’m a relatively new fan. I started watching SGA reruns a few months ago because I thought Sheppard was cute, but Zelenka has caught up and overtaken him in my affections. I can also say he and McKay were dead-on portrayals of technical people, because I had two guys from the IT department in my office today trouble-shooting and trying to solve a big problem, and it felt exactly like watching Radek and Rodney!

I’m sorry you got stranded with your boat. That happened to me once in Florida and I had to swim for help, but I’ll bet the water’s colder where you were. I hope you were nowhere near the bay where they had that mega-tsunami in the 1950’s.

amaryllis said...

BTW, when I was a kid I actually knew a Czech physicist named Zaboj Harvalik. He had narrowly escaped to America just before WW2, and he was a world authority on human sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.

He lived down the street from us, and he would pay my brother and me to take in the mail and the paper whenever he flew off to international conferences. At least he told us he was going to conferences. Maybe he was stepping through a wormhole to another galaxy.

Anyway, he's on a list WITH YOU of famous people of the Czech Republic. If you haven't seen it here's the address:

Madison said...

Thanks for the update. I haven't been here in 2 months either.... my computer crashed and burned... uh my dog ate my bookmarks...

Anyway I'll chime in on the non-facial hair side of the road. You don't want to end up looking like this guy:

You should think about Twitter. There are some people you know there like @amandatapping and @dhewlett.