Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two more

I'm not done with Ireland yet. I got a couple more pictures...
The first one is a picture of a typical Irish homestead. Becaue of the balmy weather there is no need for a front door, or even corners, insulation and roof gutters. I couldn' help but wonder where all the rain goes and how the Irish make their toast since I couldn't see any electrical plugs. Very resourceful people. I was lucky they weren't home too.  By the way, the Burren was amazing: I don't think I've ever seen anything 6000 years old.
The second picture I can't explain; only that I like the trend to wearing blue and red blotches on your nape. I'm going to start doing that.
Okay enough sillines. Time to be serious: I'm in Los Angeles, a place that tolerates no ridiculous behaviour. I saw the good Paul McGillion last night, he says hi to you all (actually he didn't, I'm just saying that, but I'm sure he would) and we've finally put the finishing touches on our plan to take over the world. More on that later...


Falada said...

Hey, great surprise! Lovely pictures - were these your B&B and some Stargate fans?

Na, honestly, I love the photos. Especially the spray-painted sheep with their innocenly curious expressions. I have to upload some sheep-pics on my own blog soon.

Do keep us updated about your and Paul's plans. If anything goes wrong, we might have to establish an alpha site in Europe for you guys.

Anonymous said...

If you and Paul want to be co-rulers of the world, I'm all in favor of that. :)

Good luck with whatever you're doing in LA, and I hope you had a pleasant birthday!

Ange said...

There may be no toast or cable, but think of the great view? Perfect for outdoor entertaining.

I look forward to hearing of these plans for world domination, and whether the sheep are some small part of them. Also, a very happy belated happy birthday. :)

Carrie said...

If you and McGillion take over the world it could be better for it.

The sheep make me laugh you always have the best pictures on your posts.

Trish said...

I believe shepherds paint their sheep to differentiate them from other flocks. That or gangs are moving out into the countryside and cannot find enough walls to tag.

Rosehawk said...

First a goat and now sheep....hummm, trying to learn the fine art of herding? Guess that would put you and Paul well on your way to practicing your plan for world domination!

Lovely pics!

Good Luck in LA. Hope that means you are getting some auditions!

Anonymous said...

The pix are so lovely, they could be postcards.

As for the sheep...You really don't want to acquire the colors like they did.

You see, farmers put harnesses with different colors of chalk on different rams before they breed them to the ewes. They can then track the likely parentage of the lambs by what color(s) show up on the backs of the ewes.

Another fun fact: sheep get washed with Woolite to clean their fur.

(My in-laws are farmers. They have many delightful stories and odd notes like these.)

Leaper said...

Dare I say, punk sheep?

Maybe they were looking for a Sex Pistols concert, and were led astray....

Happy belated birthday!

rrmf said...

It'd be great if you and Paul would take over LA at the very least :)

fififolle said...

Sheep pictures! Yay!

Jinx said...

We almost missed that dolman on our trip through the Burren (wow, can you say bad roads & lots of rocks!) I was surprised how small it was. Those Iris must be really tiny to live in houses like that.

And the sheep. Everywhere, the sheep.

I'm available to be an evil minion in your takeover plot if necessary.

Michelle Lunsford said...

Those sheep do have some intensely curious expressions going there. And the scenery in the background? Simply gorgeous!

Does, perhaps, your being in LA have anything to do with work? As in auditions or the like? If so, best of luck.

As for taking over the world, I suspect luck won't be needed for that endeavor with you and Paul McGillion as the masterminds behind it. ; )

Cody Kimmel said...

One of those sheep owes me money.
Well. My ancestors did emigrate from the Blasket Islands, so it isn't entirely beyond the realm of possibility.
Be well in Los Angeles.

CWise said...

You and Paul running the world? I can totally see that.

Enjoy LA!

Sasha said...

Spray-painted sheep? Now that's just weird...
Anyway, thank you for posting. When you and Paul start to take over the world please inform us of your plans. I'm sure that we'd all be willing to help ^^

archersangel said...

nice pictures. i'm sure the markings on the sheep had some practical purpose. perhaps to mark which had already gotten some medicine? then again, it could be the work of some drunken locals....um, i mean tourists.
as for you two taking over the world, i'm sure there are many here in favor of it & will help in anyway possible.

Library-Gryffon said...

David, you take such lovely photos! Thank you for sharing them.

Those are indeed the sheep version of cattle brands. It's really fun to see when several flocks get mixed together. 8-)

Did you get to see any sheep warning signs? From any distance, (at least the '70s-'80s signs) look like cloud warnings - yellow diamonds with three little fluffy clouds and no words. When you get closer you can see the little feet, heads and tails. Since the first time we saw one, we'd already had to avoid quite a few of the not-so-wee beasties, it seemed kind of pointless.

Anonymous said...

Taking on the world? I remember a draw of Zelenka with lots of robots doing just that!

I think I'm going on vacation to be ready when the world is taken.

Good luck!

Tori said...


I read this out loud and EVERYONE in the room was laughing!

So, question (which has been asked before but not answered): Joseph Mallozi said on his blag that he has always thought of one of the characters as gay. He didn't say which one however. Do you think it might be Radek? Why or why not?

Thanks :)

Nellie Lovett said...

These are really nice pictures and fantastic funny explanations (well, I guess after two days without sleep everything is kind of funny for me, but who cares, right?) :) Punk sheep are amazing, are there any punk goats coming? (oh, damn... promised not to talk about goats any more. Shame on me!)

Greetings Paul back and looking forward to your world domination (After it happens, will Czech be established the official language of the imperium? Would be cool :))

Mackenzies Momma said...

Ah yes as grammarwoman so astutely mentioned farmers use sheep to mark the ewes who are being bred by different rams.

You really don't want to be sporting that look me thinks.

Teknikal said...

ah the burrrrrrrren!!!!!

ah sheep!!! we dont have many sheep on the east coast of ireland!!!!!!

Your and Pauls plans; do they involve whiskey/scotch?? :P

MaggieMayDay said...

Lovely pictures!

So, if one cannot wash a wool sweater in water to avoid shrinkage, what becomes of the sheep when it rains?

I'm still blogging my trip to Spain... did get some great pictures. most of which are on facebook, links in the blog. If anyone cares.

shelsfc said...

Ah David, I'm gutted that the one time you're in my fair country, I am not! But it's okay cos I was at Pegasus 4...woohoo :D
Glad you had a good time! Next time you gotta come to Dublin and visit the Guinness Storehouse! (shameless plug - I work there. Quiet T, I'm allowed. :P)

Lets face it, the world would be a better place if it was run by you and Paul. Count me in as a minion!

BeckettFan's Tales said...

Thanks David for the insite on Ireland!
As for you and Paul taking over the world.... I'm all for it! I'd vote for you gentlemen any day of the year!!
Best wishes!!

Shannan said...

Oooh, pretty pictures! Thanks for sharing - what kind of camera are you using if you don't mind my asking?

Anonymous said...

WOOHOOO!!!! If you need any help with your world take over plans, I will be more then glad to help out. : )

Thanks for the lovely pics.

Carpenter said...

Hi Paul!

Becky L said...

Really cool pictures David! Thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

World Domination? LOL...you are sounding like David Hewlett now. ;o)

Count me in as an evil minion to help you and Paul take over the WORLD...muahahahaha!

Too evil? I can scale it back a bit if need be!