Monday, January 12, 2009

"Hey did you notice how I saved the world last Friday night?

I should put that on my resume. "Saved the World. Jan 09/09" Did you notice that? The idea for the thingy? You know... "Enemy at the Gate" ..?
That was, as I understand (and sometimes I don't understand much) the last and final episode of Stargate Atlantis last Friday night.
Bummer. Totally. I don't know how else to put it. --Too bad it's over. It was a great ride. I loved that job.
My last day on the Atlantis set was Sept 09 2008 - the last scene with the good Dr Woolsey in "Enemy at The Gate" - the idea for the thingy scene - what was it again?...Wormhole Hyperdrive . I think...
At any rate - I want to thank the Producers for a great gig, the Writers for some terrific and memorable scenes, my other Cast mates for their integrity and talent - it really was great working with you, and to a production team that isn't just the best in the world as the old cliche goes, but instead is, without a doubt, the best in two galaxies. At' se zas někdy potkáme...
That's a picture of me and a goat. Because pictures are necessary in a blog.


Beth said...

David, thank YOU for bringing such a wonderful character to the series. Should the Atlantis movie go ahead, I will look forward to seeing you in NEED to be in it :)

It was very very sad watching the final ep - but good job on saving the world!

Nice Goat.

Gina said...

Thanks so much for making the past few years so enjoyable via Stargate Atlantis. I hope to be able to see you regularly again soon!

Jocelyn said...

McKay should have seriously given you due credit for getting the thingy to work. I was like, "You go, Radek!"

Thank you so much for 5 years of wonderful television. I will miss Team Atlantis every day.

Yeah, cute goat.

Brada said...

Diky za propagaci naseho "super" statecku ;-) Ve filmu SGA budes hrat?

Spubba said...

We're going to miss Stargate: Atlantis and the wonderful Dr. Zelenka. I must echo what Beth said and say, I think we need to see YOU in the movie, if there is one.

Yes, I know, long time no comment or art or anything. My life's been a little topsy-turvy. Apologies.

Interesting taste you have there in friends (looking at the photo). ;)

Jinx said...

Yep, "Saved the World" is always a good thing on the resume. SHows them you care. I have "Queen of a Small Country" listed on mine.

Nice, um, goat. Cute.

Thanks for thinking of the thingy thing. And being part of the team.

I miss it already. *sigh*

Nellie Lovett said...

Takze uz i Cesi zachranuji svet! Hura!!!

I'm really going to miss the show... And as the others says here: I hope you'll appear there as well!

Moc pekna koza, to je tvoje vlastni?

Michelle Lunsford said...

Definitely noticed you saving the world last Friday night. There was much grinning by me at the time, and my husband was highly amused by my apparent delight over Zelenka and the wormhole drive. : )

Thanks for adding all you did to Atlantis. I enjoyed so much about the show, but can't imagine it without Zelenka. It's been a great ride, indeed!

Leaper said...

Definitely noticed!

It was neat to see Zelenka spiffed up and wearing a suit. And no glasses! My heart pitter-pattered a little. <3

I'll miss seeing more of Zelenka on the TV, as well as the SGA team, but unfortunately, all good things must end someday. Hopefully, we might get to see you in another TV series, and this time, you might get more screen time!

Oh, and thank you for saving the world. I appreciate that. <3


Carpenter said...

Ummm...nice goat there David.
And thanks for making Stargate Atlantis what it was! And I loved the series finale. :)

Angela/SciFiChick said...

And Rodney wasn't even around to take credit for it!

Hoping you're in the planned Atlantis movie!

Scary said...

Thank you for saving the world.

Maybe that is what I need to put on my resume. I have been trying to get a new job for over a year and no luck.

I loved seeing you in "VEGAS". You looked so very nice in that suit. It is nice that some things never change and that even in an alternative Universe you are still bickering with McKay. : )

I am going to Dragon*con 2009 this year. I would love to see you there. : )

Anonymous said...

I love it when you save the world! \o/ I just wish they'd put Radek on the closing scene on the balcony, too. *sniff*

I hope they write you into the movie(s)!

Your goat is adorable, but not as cute as you. ;-)

Lapis said...

My sister raises and shows goats - she's quite impressed with your friend there. I'm more impressed with the job you've done with the character of Zelenka. I adore him, bless his fuzzy-haired soul.

I don't know you enough to adore you, but who knows? Maybe, someday. Don't think you can stop posting here, you know. We'll still be here, so you should be.

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to thank you for saving the world. But moreso, I'd like to thank you for the picture of the goat.

I think you looked best in the Vegas episode. Totally spiffy! Do the kids still say spiffy?

Tony Sims said...

Friday night will never be the same! Watching the finale was like saying goodbye to an old friend.

Great job on the wormhole drive, btw.

See you in the SGA movies and a few cameos in SGU. I am sure you will be there. Where would they be without Dr. Zelenka?

AngelAmidala said...

I am so glad the powers that be decided to keep your character around after 38 quickly became one of my favorites!

Thank you for not only making your character so likeable but also being the one who saved Earth! Zelenka truly is smarter than McKay!

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors...and SGA movies...and...well everything!

Carrie said...

I did notice you saved the world with your wormhole drive idea. It was sad to see SGA end, but I'm excited for the movie. I hope they give you a fantastic role.

I also just watched Identity yesterday. I was very unhappy to see Zalenka get stabbed, but your lines at the end with Beckett were priceless. Thanks so much for bringing a little bit of yourself to the character and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you.

MaggieMayDay said...

I did notice, thank you. I will miss SGA quite a lot.

So, is the goat an acquaintance, or dinner?

Kelly Anne said...

This is silly, but I caught a rerun of "38 Minutes" last week while channel surfing just in time to hear McKay refer to "the Czech whose name I can never remember" and it made me reflect on how certain characters just work their way into the heart of a show. Zelenka did, and I am so glad, but OH you will be missed!

Farewell until movie time!

Kelly Anne said...

This is silly, but I caught a rerun of "38 Minutes" last week while channel surfing just in time to hear McKay refer to "the Czech whose name I can never remember" and it made me reflect on how certain characters just work their way into the heart of a show. Zelenka did, and I am so glad, but OH you will be missed!

Farewell until movie time!

Rweethareyet said...

Yes I did notice...thanks. And thank you for five wonderful years of Zelenka.

Anonymous said...

David you so rock !! You saved the universe !! We knew you could do it !!

Now we just have to get you to Shore leave in July in Maryland but most importantly we have to get you to
Rhode Island !!!

Hope you like your shirt that would be a good picture for your blog hint hint !!

Your the best !!
friends, Mare from Rhode Island hee hee

Martin said...

So sad it's over. I've finally started to like it :-( Me and my mates have spent amost 5 years stalking the internet for new episodes and subtitles, it's become something like routine but it was worth it! Thanks for the series and mainly for Zelenka. I remember I dropped my jaw when I spotted the Czech flag on your shoulder. We've been fans of Star gate world for nearly 14 years but everything's got to change one day no matter there's SG Universe planned it just won't be "THE SG" anymore :-( Thanks again, DAVID!

BTW: Budeš dál psát tenhle blog? Dost by mě zajímalo v čem dalším budeš hrát!

Tori said...

... nice goat? Any story behind it? New role maybe?

It is sad that SGA is over; at least there's a movie to look forward to (which is hope you're in!) I always knew Radek would hands-down save the day one day! And man, what a big save! And Carson too - yeah for the international side of the expedition!

Mivka said...

Well... It's really bad it's over... Atlantis was very rare and I started to be scifi geek again, after few years... and it's cause of Radek of course :)

Btw... do you know what slash is? :)) (if you don't, you are lucky... I was just browsing over some Atlantis fan webs and whoops! Tons of slash stories, even with Radek... ughhhh :))

Koze to moc sluší

Anonymous said...

Why, yes, I did happen to notice you saving the world! Very good job, as always.:D But who is going to save my Friday nights, now that you and the rest of the team will be gone? ;) Good luck with everything, and I hope to see you in the SGA movie as well as other projects if they make it to the screens out my way!

Very cute picture of you with the goat. It made me smile. Keep blogging, ok? We're going to be going through major- I mean Doctor- Z-withdrawals here!

morjana said...

Hi, David.

I'll miss having you as a guest in my living room on Stargate Atlantis! I greatly enjoyed your performances as Radek Zelenka.

And hopefully, not na shledanou -- we'll be seeing you again soon!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

We gonna miss you David. Good luck!

lexxye said...

I never had any doubt you would save the world, Zelenka was always the best person for the job. :D

It has been great fun to watch you in Atlantis. Thank you!

Pretty goat, new pet?

Elyse said...

Hey David,

That's how rumors get started. You and the goat ;) :)

But, it was fantastic seeing you in five years of Stargate Atlantis - wish you'd been in the final scene on the balcony - Zelenka should have been since he helped save the world! :)

I really enjoy your work, so shall keep following your blog, and hey, is Beast of Bottomless Lake ever coming out?

Take care,

senois said...

Hay David
It is very sad that Atlantis is over thanks for the laughs and some great T.V.
Hope to see you at warcon and get to ask a few questions.
Is the goat m or f ?

Heather said...

Thank you, David, for giving us such a fun character!

Rosehawk said...

Hey David,

You did a fantastic job bringing a wonderful character to life on the screen as did everyone else who made Atlantis a part of our Friday nights.

It was cool that Radek actually had the idea and finished the work that saved the day. We didn't get enough of that from Radek.

I sincerely hope that you continue to blog as you have developed a wonderful fanbase that looks forward to seeing you in future work, some of which we only hear about through your blog.

I really hope that another job comes around for you that is as much fun and enjoyable as SGA was!

Love the pic.

Elly M said...

I shall miss watching you on the tv screen, but Zelenka and co. will live on through dvd re-runs and sshhhh... fanfic. :D

Thanks for bringing life to such a wonderful character, I'm so glad they didn't kill you. :D

All the best for your future undertakings! <3

p/s: 1. you looked extra handsome in Vegas.
2. nice goat?

Julia Borsos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julia Borsos said...

*sorry double post*
It's so sad to see SGA leave, it's been a really good run.

And a big thank you to you David, your character was inspiring in more ways than you can imagine.

Hope to see you in other movies and sci fi shows!

You're right, a photo really adds colour to teh blog. Can I have your goat?

Christin said...

Thanks for saving the world last Friday. Because you did, I got to celebrate my birthday today. I appreciate that. Heh.

I'm gonna miss having Zelenka on my TV on a regular basis, but I enjoyed it while I could.

Here's to hoping you get to save the world in the movie, too. :)

rrmf said...

Thanks so much David for bringing Dr Z to life for us! Looking forward to seeing you in the SGA movie and everything else you do!

faithchan said...

Thank YOU, for helping to keep the show a bright spot in my week.

And though TV shows come and go, conventions are forever, so yer stuck with us fans for as long as yer willing to come out and play. :)

Now you just need to keep us informed about what's next!

Mackenzies Momma said...

What a lovely goat that is next to you. Very Alpine'y. I have one(or nine) of those(goats) running amok around here. Makes things interesting when they run through the living room while your trying to watch the world get saved.

Very lovely job on the final episode, was quite touching, and actually made me sniffle a bit.

fax_my_shadow said...

Thank you so much for such a wonderful performance as my one and only favorite Czech scientist for all time. The final episode, in my opinion, could have been better. It didn't feel like an end, but I understand they had too many limits on the production and did the best with that they had.

I'm glad they gave you a bigger role throughout the series and the added Czech was so cool!

I hope that you continue to update this journal with musings, rants, ideas, and future jobs for I will, at least, always be there to read it.

Ange said...

A goat for saving the world? I had no idea the SGC were so cheap, but with the recession and all, at least a goat has many uses. I know a pretty good recipe for goat stew...

Has it been five years already? Time flies when you're having fun and learning to swear in Czech. There have been many great SGA moments (perhaps I'm biased, but they were mostly Zelenka ones), but I think the highlight was meet your most charming self in Auckland in '06. Thank you for that, and for all the other memorable moments, and let there be many more in the future. know, in some places, owning a goat or four is a sign of nobility and prosperity. Something to keep in mind? :)

Anonymous said...

awww,sweet picture
thank u for 5 wonderful seasons,i will miss the show:(

Martin said...

Mr. Nykl, perfektne herecke vykony v SG Atlantis. Najviac sa mi pacili ceske vety ked ste nadavali McKayovi :) "Say hi to the kids for me.. ježíší ty jšes takovej vul" aspon myslym ze to tak bylo. YOU AND mckay ARE THE BEST with your conversations. I sincerely hope, you will be casted in the Atlantis movie.

Carpenter said...

Hey Mr. Nykl sir, I have a question,


Iberostar said...

Great show - I loved the wormhole idea - I am going to miss you and your stomping off muttering your own language. You have certainly entertained us and made us believe in Atlantis.
Nice goat.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for a great 5 years! As you said, it was a great ride, and all of us loved being there with you! (I can't wait for the S 5 dvd set now ... SGA withdrawl stinks. :o/)

And, yeah - what's with the goat? (He's cute, btw. ;o))

Quincy said...

Haven't seen the finale yet. Mixed emotions about seeing it. We're looking forward to the movies. Dr. Z was a great addition to the series

Linda said...

So long. I'll miss Radek terribly, and all the other SGA characters. They live in my heart and in my imagination. You and your castmates have made them real to me, and I will always be grateful for that.

Thank you for the very special brand of awesomeness that you brought to Radek and to the show. And thank you, too, for being such a marvelous con guest. Chatting with you and getting your autograph was one of the highlights of my Vancouver con experience. You're a charming, funny, and altogether delightful man, and I appreciated your graciousness with me and the other fans.

Best of luck as you move on with your career. I hope to see a lot more of you on my TV screen in years to come.

freezemarked said...

I approve of both you AND the goat. That is one handsome goat, man. You totally win the prize for Most Random Picture Blogged For No Reason. You've really got to tell us the story now about, you know... wtf goat? I know you're a man of mystery and everything, but I just can't take the suspense.

Robyn said...

Oh, great, here I go tearing up again.

I'm going to miss seeing you on Atlantis--Zelenka was definitely one of my favorites--and of course I hope to see you in the coming movie(s). It just won't be Atlantis without Zelenka to save the day/bicker with McKay.

Thank you for five wonderful years on Atlantis.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Joan said...

Thanks so much for portraying a techie that was realistic. I'm an engineer that was raised by an engineer. We can't stand how techies usually are played either as fashion models that happen to be brilliant too, or completely socially maladjusted. You were completely believable as a physicist. Good job! I hope you get lots of work in the future. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

You were galactically awesome, David, and I'm going to miss you and your vast talent as showcased on 'Atlantis.' Hope to see you starring in another project very soon. All the best and love...


Tori said...

Oh, forgot to mention in my other comment: Nice Land Rover in the background! Gotta love Rovers!

Library-Gryffon said...

As I commented on the copy of this post on Facebook, I still haven't been able to bring myself to watch the last 2 episodes, because if I haven't watched them the show isn't really over yet. Or something like that. And I will miss Radek (and all the others, but especially Radek).

And it really is a nice goat. And a totally random photo to blog. Do give us the story!

Matt the Bruins fan said...

David, thank you for the many great performances you've given us over the years on Stargate Atlantis. In my opinion your acting has never struck a single false note, you've always been entertaining, and almost always left me wishing Zelenka appeared in more scenes. Best of luck on your next jobs.

Beth Cody Kimmel said...

You can lead a goat to Zelenka, but you cannot make it think.

At least the photograph proves what we already knew:
Nykle is outstanding in his field.

And so is the goat.

Babygirl_Firedragon said...

Yup u saved the world! But you'll never catch McKay saying that! lol

So you gonna be in the SGA Movie? Hope so!

Shai said...

Thanks for saving us. Nice goat.

Anonymous said...

SGA is over...
*cries piteously*

Moci Atlantský vstát z mrtvých!

*HUGS* I'm already missing my SGA and all my favorite characters. I hope you will be in the movies. Yes, I said movies...I want more than one. Let's hope Brad W. won't get in the way of that. *sigh*

Thank you for bringing Zelenka to life and making him such a wonderful, lovable guy! I really enjoy watching him.

It was great meeting you at Dragoncon 2008. Are you considering going to Dragoncon again for 2009? We'd love to see you there!

aka Kdvb1
*one of Hewlett's Squirrels*

Susan the Tartan Turtle said...

Nice picture of you and a Czechoslovakian Canadian Shepherd Dog.

Does it bite?

Stargatelvr said...

We'll miss you David!

Stellar Drift said...

Well I'm glad to see the writers in a fit of "creativity" decided to kill you off in the last episode - almost feared they would.
Remember to suck up to them so you can get a part in the DVD movie :)

Stellar Drift said...

I meant of course *Didn't* kill you off (why can't you edit posts *g*)

Anonymous said...

I hope Zelonko will appear again in something,but no movie sadly

Anonymous said...

WOW! Dr Zelenka! I think I can safely say, on behalf of me and my family, thank you. Thank you for the many enjoyable hours of top-quality entertainment that wouldn't have been half as good without you. You, and the rest of the cast, will be missed greatly.

GOAT! <3 <3 <3

D said...

It's quite sad not to have any more SGA. I think I'm going into withdrawal because I keep coming up with new ideas for episodes that I wish they had done. For example, they should have given poor Radek a beautiful, intelligent love interest. I figure if McKay can find love not once, but twice, then why not Zelenka? After all, Radek was the nicest, sweetest, and gentlest guy in Atlantis.

P.S. If they do a movie and don't have Zelenka in it, I will be so disappointed.