Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Boom de yada boom de yada

I love the mountains too. Isn't that a great commercial?...
Well here we are. December. If you're tucked into this corner of the world December looks and feels much like that first picture: wet and gloomy. Great weather to make a movie..
I've been filming an MOW - movie of the week - in Maple Ridge for the past few weeks. I play the main baddie, a CEO with the heart of a crouton. Now how did they ever come up with a charcter like that?! I get to make life difficult for our herione, Shannen Doherty by kidnapping her boyfriend. Muhahahaha... ohp - have I given away too much already? Anyway, watch for it, coming soon to a cable channel (I'm guessing) near you. It's called "Resistance". 
The dressing rooms (above) have got much nicer wallpaper than we had on Atlantis. See. Change IS good.


Pete said...

At least you don't LIVE in a location that is known to have the worst weather on the planet (well, probably right after Britain :-)
greetings from rainy, foggy, just cold enough to make your car windows freeze up every morning but not cold enough for beautifully snowed-in landscapes Switzerland!

Denise said...

Thanks for the update. I'll be on the lookout for your movie. Right now we are under a tornado warning and my yard is under about 3 inches of water. Wish me luck.

Stargatelvr said...

So real quick, Joe has just said that one recurring character on Stargate is Gay. Do you think that Zelenka is that character?

Anonymous said...

I wish to spend a weekend in a dark, rainy, cold place next a lake. It's sooo hot, and shiny in here!

Fictional bad guys are great characters, and I'm sure yours will be despicable! I'm looking to watch your movie.

Meg said...

I certainly hope we'll be able to see the movie down here in Seattle. I'll set the dvr to watch out for it. Stay dry and congrats on more work!

Jinx said...

Ah, I'd settle for just wet. I'm looking at a White Christmas here. A very white, cold Christmas! A fresh 7 inches of it today on top of all the stuff we already got.

Crud, the only "Resistance" in production on IMDB isn't yours. I was hoping they would have channel info.

Much nicer wallpaper indeed. Yep, change happens!

Jinx said...

Oh, & yep, I LOVE that commercial!

BeckettFan's Tales said...

I hope the movie makes it all the way down here to BAMA country!! Cant wait!! Weather here is crazy!! 2 days ago we was about to freeze to death and today we are under a tornado watch and possibly tornado warning later on tonight!! Wish us luck!!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's freezing cold in my corner of the world! Good to hear about the movie; I will be looking for it! Baddies are always fun to play. :)

Elyse said...

Hey, great photos, and a CEO 'with the heart of a crouton?" No, no, have no idea who they could have modeled that after (muttering about Big 3 automakers). Photos were great! and I hope this movie makes it down to the States. Maybe it'll be on Lifetime!:)

Michelle Lunsford said...

Thanks for the news about the MOW project. Oooh - a bad guy! Will keep my eyes open for it.

Heather said...

Eieie...your hair is so short! But yay for a new movie! Hopefully the weather will improve soon -- it's been freezing here in MD.

Rosehawk said...

LOL.Cute commericial. I love the mountains too! Sure miss them.
Now I can't get song out of my head.
Lucky you, all you got is rain, we just had our fourth snowfall in two weeks and a major storm on the way this weekend - getting kind of tired of shoveling and we still have at least 4 more months to go-- groan! Oh well, at least it's outside.
Hey you get to play the main baddie, should be fun to watch and proably a bit of a shock for fans seeing you go from lovable Zelenka to a really mean guy!
Oh cool, I just realized you took that wallpaper shot through the mirror! Nice, the pic, not the wallpaper!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the kxcd version!

You're playing a baddie ... is that why you look so unaccountably stern for a man holding a multi-colored umbrella? :D

Leaper said...

On the one hand, I'm sorry you're having such bad weather.

On the other, while I miss Radek's I-play-in-thunderstorms-regularly look, suave bad-guy hair is a definite plus. <3

AngelAmidala said...

As soon as I saw the title of your blog post I got that song stuck in my head...it's a catchy little tune!

Can't wait for the MOW!

Becky L said...

"Resistance" sounds interesting. I must keep an eye open for it. That wet and gloomy picture looks much better than the rain/freexing rain stuff we've been getting here. Every day for the past three days we've had rain changing to freezing rain. Eventually it stops, but there are patches of ice and black ice everywhere. Yuck.

MaggieMayDay said...

Nice wallpaper ... oh, who am I kidding? That's so wretched I love it. Wayward wallpaper.

Currently we are cold and sunny. melting off the skiff of snow from the last storm in preparation for the next. We don't get gloom much, more like pow! powder then sun to make it sparkle.

Scary said...

That Shannon Doherty gets around. Did you know she just made a movie with Michael Shanks?

Lord knows if your movie will ever air in Canada but you know I will be on the look out for it via "other means". ;)

I love that commercial too. It makes me smile no matter how often they play it.

Thanks for the update.

Have a great Holiday!!!!!

Babygirl_Firedragon said...

Yeah! I can't wait to see that one! I bet your glad to be doing something after SGA! I'm gonna miss that Show!

CWise said...

LOVE that commercial.

And yay for weather! I like weather of any kind, really, as long as it's not the same for weeks on end. Urgh.

I'll keep an eye out for that movie, it sounds like fun!

Rosehawk said...
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Rosehawk said...

Looks like Helen is complete!


Paula said...

That is some mighty fine wallpaper.

And you look appropriately evil. Of course, this is all the result of your fine acting as you are anything but. (Usually. ::grin::)

Tori said...

Oh come on! That's liquid sunshine! As a native SE Alaska, I LOVE that weather! Sun is evil :P

Nice wall paper, but I sill wish Atlantis was continuing!

watcher652 said...

Well, David, now I have that Boom De Ah Dah tune stuck in my head. Thanks, you evil man! I like the
Star Wars
Doctor Who
versions, in addition to the live Discovery one. Ah, Mike Rowe. I liked him way back when he was a host for QVC. I wonder if there's an Atlantis version (hiding under the covers, of course).

Cool shot of you and the wallpaper. I usually don't have such a convenient mirror to include myself in a photo like that. Clever! You'll let us know when to look for the movie.

Thank for the update on "Helen", Rosehawk. I'll keep a closer eye out for it, now.

Quincy said...

Madison sings that Boom de yadda song at the top of her lungs whenever that commercial comes on. It's very annoying when I'm trying to sleep.

It was snowing here in Vancouver when I went out for my first walk of the day but it's stopped now.

Misty aka s_aurius said...

I'm glad I'm not really needing to worry about snow this year since now I live much further south than I ever have. :)

I'll try to catch your new movie!

I love the pictures. It's always great to see what's going on with you.

Anonymous said...

That second pic of you must be you in character! Scaaaary!

I just saw Identity and was worried they were killing off Dr. Z!!!! Thank goodness he is ok! I really don't trust TPTB any more....*sad sigh* they seem to like killing off our favorite characters! *shakes angry fist* As well as my favorite TV show! Grrrr!

I'll look for you in "Resistance"...I'm sure you'll be great!


Ofce said...

It's great news about the movie, can't wait to see it!
Shame about ending SGA, though. I really loved your Czech lines, the one with "Možná bych měl bodnout jeho..." in Identity was awesome. I wonder whether you came up with it yourself?
Also I was quite sad when Czech dubbing of Atlantis was released and I found out you aren't dubbing yourself! (sounds quite strange, doesn't it?)

Nellie Lovett said...

I agree with Ofce (such a nice nickname!) but I add for myself, that since I'm used to the original version of Atlantis I don't really care who's dubbing it as I'm not really going to watch it... (but still, it's ridiculous there's someone else dubbing Zelenka...).

As for the commercial - it's wonderful! (Am I the only one here who saw it for the first time?)

Rosehawk said...

LOL Nellie Lovett,
I first saw the commerical on David's blog too! The song however...brings back alot of memories from camping as a kid, bus trips and many a' interesting variation on the song...just can't get it out of my head....Boom de yada boom de yada boom de yada Boom!

archersangel said...

it might be crappy weather in the first pic, but it's a nice picture.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I´m a fan from Germany and I think Zelenka is a great character from Stargate Atlantis, I´m sorry that the show has ended and I look forward to the TV-Movie. I find, You play Zelenka so great that I named a World of Warcraft Charakter about You, but its a girl called Selenka in hommage of You and Your great Playing!!! The Charakter is on the Germany Realm Blackrock!!! So I hope You understand all, I write here to You and hope my english is not so bad.

Best Reguards, Rüdiger

Narelle from Aus said...

Hi David,

I don't usually post on your blog, but read happily. Saw your link to the Discovery ad and had to say "Love that ad!" Gets stuck in my head all day.
Along with this one,

It's how I feel on the inside when I go on holidays. :|

Love your work :)

Rosehawk said...

Hey David,

Just want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and have a wonderful and safe New Year.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the coming year and definitly going to miss Zelenka!

Rweethareyet said...

Here's wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

My kids drove to their dad's and the car broke down. Mine is sucking.

Looking forward to your new projects and hoping for many more in the new year.

morjana said...

Hi, David.

Wishing you and your family a very joyous Holiday Season and best wishes for 2009!

Thank you so much for Dr. Radek Zelenka. One of my favorite characters on Stargate Atlantis.

Anonymous said...

The new movie sounds really interesting & I can't wait to see it. I'm glad "Helen" got some press - gotta put that one on my list, too!

Happy Chrisma-Hanu-Kwanza from the frozen US East Coast! {Whew - covering all those PC bases is hard work! :oD] Best winter-wishes for the online crew, too! :o)