Friday, June 6, 2008

3-2-1 Hiatus

Has anyone who blogs noticed that Hindi translator button tucked away up on the blogger compose page? Neither did I. I thought I was going crazy there for a while. Suddenly, I was able to type in fluent Hindi. Cool.
Well I wrapped out of the mid-season two parter today - my final scenes before summer hiatus. There's still a week of production before the break, but I got let out early for good behaviour. It's been a fun episode to shoot - and a great script -finally getting some screen time with the very fine Rachel Luttrell.
Next up: a guest spot on Sanctuary, (Thanks, Martin Wood!) That's going to be fun - I've never been to the Hindu Kush Mountains before. Then there's the second of the audio dramas I'm doing with Big Finish. I did one last week and the script was really really good. And they're a lot of fun to do. I think you'll like them a lot.
Still possible I'll make it out to Brisbane in July, if all goes well. Still waiting on that one. I have, however booked another convention in the U.S. in Cherry Hill, NJ, in November. So that brings the total to three for this year - finally - I know it's been a while but I'm making up for it this summer and fall. Looking forward to seeing you all.
There's this picture I really have to show you... but it will have to wait till next post...
Be well!


Kanku said...

If my computer isn't too slow I got first comment!
Anyway - Yay, Zelenka screen time is always cool no matter who else is in the sceen ^^ You keep making me anctious for the new season...not fun to wait.
Sanctuary? I haven't had a chance to watch that yet but I heard it was good. I can't wait to see it
Don't tell us about picture we can't's depressing to wait

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your haitus although I'm sure you will still be busy.

Thanks for the pic. I enjoy Zelenka pics!

TheDancingArchaeologist said...

Thanks for updating - this photo sounds intriguing! And hurray for Sactuary, and you in it :)

Don't forget you are always welcome in the UK!

Enjoy the hiatus!

Anonymous said...

the Creation Cherry Hill con, Cool. : ) I was sort of thinking of going to that one. Now that you are a guest I am definitely going to think about it!!!!!

I was sad that I was going to miss you at Dragon*con.

I am excited to hear you had some great scenes with Teyla. Can't wait to see them.

Mo said...

Congrats on the extra projects! Can't wait to see the new season and the upcoming picture. Hope you have a lovely weekend, if it ever quits raining.

bel said...

You're doing Big Finish audios! Now that is excellent news. Looking forward to those, and to the new season.

morjana said...

Hi, David!

Thank you so much for your blog update.

Lovely photos! The Stargate photo is just gorgeous...and so is yours! :)

Looking forward to seeing Sanctuary on the SciFi Channel, and to your performance.

Also looking forward to your audio drama for Big Finish - Zero Point.

Best wishes to you!

Happy Gating.


Shelley said...

You're gonna be in Sanctuary? soooo cool!!

Can't wait to see you in it :)

archimedes said...

Yes I heard that you were going to be in Brisbane!!! Unfortuantely I am unable to go there in July since I'm working weekends in July and I already spent my money on going to Melbourne to visit a friend!

But I do certainly hope that you enjoy the little city. :)

And congrats on Sanctuary!

Take care :)

Teknikal said...

next post!!!!!!!!

woohoo on the hiiiiiiiatus!

amandamarielynn said...
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Amanda L. said...

To try this again, since this site keeps playing the "delete everything the newbie tries to post" game...
Fluent Hindi? I wonder why the site would pick that language over others..... wierd. Good luck with the conventions.

Rosehawk said...

Lovely pics!

Hey, you added a Czech website link, now I am going to have to learn a few more words other than ahoj!

Wow, three US conventions in four months! Thats great! I would love to go to the NJ con but I will be doing a highwire act with my youth group that weekend. At least there is Chicago!

Congradulations on Sanctuary and have fun on haitus!

Anonymous said...

Hey David, James Swallow here, writer of the audio drama "Zero Point"; thanks for your kind words about the script! I'm looking forward to hearing the finished product!

Tori said...

Yea, my bugging of Joseph Mallozzi worked!!!

Post soon, I want to see that picture!

Paula said...

I have really enjoyed the Big Finish stories. Glad to hear that you're doing some. Yays!

Enjoy the hiatus. Do you have any other things booked? Or are you planning on enjoying some play and convention time?

Carolyn said...

Glad to hear you're getting out early. And behaving yourself. And more US cons are always good! :D

Enjoy your mini vacation, soon enough you'll be back before the cameras.

Anonymous said...

Now I *really* want to see this photo :) And I *really* want to go on hiatus too!
Alas my hamsterproject ends in October, no vacation for me until then :(
Got endangered european hamsters to breed en release.
Have you been asked for any European conventions yet?

Michelle Lunsford said...

I was excited to discover you were doing audio stories for Big Finish! I look forward to the release of those.

Congrats on the guest spot in Sanctuary. Will look forward to that as well.

Enjoy your summer hiatus.

Anonymous said...

So we get to watch you on SGA and Sanctuary? Coolness!


Shai said...

I'm really digging that old blue shirt. ;p
Have a fun summer!!!!!!

Marmalade McWraith said...

Hope you get to make it to GenCon. I'm thinking of going now..

And I'm sure our very own Brisbane-ite SGA Author Sonny Whitelaw would be happy to see you!
Any plans to swim with sharks again?

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for this two parter on SGA, it sounds awesome. Also, YAY for Sanctuary!!!!

Elyse said...

SGA, Sanctuary and two audiobooks? WOW! :)

Have a fun time on hiatus, and hey, think you can do the "where in the world is this?" picture thing again? Those were fun, even though I never guessed a single one properly.

Anonymous said...

Wow, i wasn't going to go but hell please come to Brisbane! That would be awsome and i'd go just for that. I work on weekends but i'd take sick days to go.

As Amanda said i wonder why Hindi of all languages? I didn't realise there was that much of a market on blogger.

Stellar Drift said...

And your next post will be in December ;)

Anonymous said...

cool nice pics.

Anonymous said...

Ahoj, už se těším, až opět proneseš nějakou tu českou hlášku. Ale chtělo by to něco nápaditějšího, než jen sled sprostých slov;-)

Čech jako poleno

Anonymous said...






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