Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Day

Doesn't snow much here on the green edge of the Great White North. We see the pictures of our neighbours getting covered, then frozen, and then wallowing in the muck quite often in the press, but it visits Vancouver maybe once or twice a season.
Well today is one of those days. It's everywhere. And it's great. Love the snow - probably because we just don't see so much of it. Except for up on the mountains.
I was up there last week, on Grouse Mountain, for a quick ski day. It's no Whistler, but when it comes to skiing right ON TOP of the city, it's pretty spectacular.
Well it looks like we're off to Season Five on Atlantis shortly. How lucky are we, eh? Despite a writer's strike and a woozy economy, mama Stargate she just keeps rolling. I haven't heard anything definitive yet, but I do know I'm in two of the first four eppies which kick off season 5. So yahoo. And thanks to all who have posted the comments and support the cause of greater cosmic Zelenkism. You rock. Thanks also to the writers and producers (if any ever happen to read this) for year five. I look forward.
Once cameras start rolling I'll be posting more pics of Hewlett chewing food and Momoa playing with his dollies. Stay tuned.
Looking forward to three days on set for the supernatural thriller "SEWN" in which I will be appearing as Donny, the father of the lead heroine. Sounds scary kids. Great production and an interesting cast (names escape me now, more on that later) should make for a fun shoot up on the sunshine coast. (I'll remember to look behind me, something so many actors forget to do in these kinds of movies...)
Oh and one more thing. The birthday. It's February 7th. Never was a huge secret - I don't know where that came from...


Pedantic_Bohemian said...

I was just dropping in to check for an update, and here you are! Hooray! The snow pics are lovely. We had our singular snow day here on Whidbey Island yesterday. Today, alas, it is no more.
Great news about season five. Again, thank you for your part in making SGA such a wonderful show! Can't wait to see "Helen."

Darkrose said...

Your birthday is three days after mine. This amuses me greatly for some reason.

Who do we need to harrass in order to get Dr. Z added to the opening credits? Seriously--it's just not right when he's not there.

The snow pics are lovely to look at, but frankly, after 18 years in Chicago and 13 in Boston, I'm happy to be here in NoCal, where the stuff coming down right now is rain.

Anonymous said...

Ho! Your birthday is the day after mine & dead Ronald Reagan's shared birthday! Neato.

Emma said...

Oooo love the winter wonderland pix...we don't get proper snow in the Southern UK anymore, when we don't get a light dusting invariably brings transport and services to a grinding halt.

Missed you at P3...was a top weekend, even with a Nykl type hole....Paul and Kavan took up the slack with much "outing" banter. It was a little less crazy then P2 but fun was had by all...and then some.

TheDancingArchaeologist said...

There sure was a Nykl shaped hole at the con, I know many people were hoping that the rumours were true and you would make a Chuck-esque surprise appearance, and give us our seconds-in-command at one con.

Hope you (both) can make it next year! And bring Chuck!

Did you know Paul is gay? Just ask Kavan. LOL

morjana said...

Hi, David!

Thank you so much for the lovely photos!

Looking forward to your appearance in Supernatural, and of course as the ROCKIN' Zelenka in SGA.

You were extra-marvelous in "Quarantine." I loved your smile when Carter praised you in the cafeteria.

Best wishes and Happy Birthday in advance!


Anonymous said...

I just have to say, you were amazing in "Quarantine." Zelenka saves the day, and really, it's about time he got the chance to!

I'd love to know what it was he was muttering while action hero-ing his way through those ventilation shafts. Any chance we could get a translation?

faithchan said...

Huzzah for the snow! We have gotten practically none here in on Long Island fer the past few years.
*yays for more Stargate!*

And happy early birthday! Mine is today, and I had you pegged as a fellow Aquarian.

Rosehawk said...

Lovly pictures of the snow! We get tons of it here and it is beautiful but gets to be a pain when you have to drive in it everyday to work. I'm still trying to get my kid to teach me how to snowboard!

Glad you've have heard about S5, it wouldn't be SGA without Zelenka! I really hope Zelenka gets more episodes this year!

And thanks for the birthday update! It just wasn't posted anywhere where people could find it to wish you a Happy Birthday - great to know we have a few more days to go!

And another movie we get to see you in. Boy, you've been busy!

Leaper182 said...

I think the whole birthday-secret thing came about because your birthday's not posted in heavily-trafficked sites like Wiki or IMDb.com.

Then again, my birthday's 1/30, and almost none of my friends remember it, so maybe it's just one of those things that happen with birthdays...

But you posted! Yay!

*feels warm fuzzies over a fellow Aquarian*

Audrey said...

Great news! Looking forward to Season 5! Happy birthday in advance, since we don't know if you'll have time to check in before then. :)

42 said...

Grouse Mountain is so beautiful, it was my favourite part of Vancouver when we visited! :)

irishfaery said...

Hey David, great pics, I wants snow! *grumbles*

Really a pity you weren't at Pegasus 3, it was a fantastic weekend that could only have been made more fantastic if you'd been there. Still Pegasus 4 next year! *starts planning a harass wolf for more nykl' campaign*

fififolle said...

Nice photos! Thanks for the update, good news for Zelenka in Season 5, there. Hooray!
*edits wikipedia for your birthdate*
*wonders why there is no photo of you there*
*browses my poorly taken photos from Pegasus 2 and Collectormania and decides to let a better photographer add one!*
Missed you at Pegasus 3! It was still fun though :D

Tori said...

OMG, an update! Amazing ;)

Good to hear you're in more episode, I love Radek!

Not only pictures of them, but we want pictures of you too :) Please?

Oh, awesome! New movie :D Can't wait to see it!

Happy really-early birthday :P

*waits for another update*

Scarym said...


Quarantine was excellent. Loved seeing you have a crush on Carter and then being the Hero who saved everyone.

Looking forward to more Heroic Zelenka in S5. : )

Any news on USA/CANADA con appearances? Would love to meet you. : )

sueKay the Intrepid Photographer said...

That second picture is absolutely stunning!

Where I am we've had precious little snow but more than enough rain...everywhere's flooded!

Yay for Zelenka in season five! Loving season four so far, especially Zelenka getting to be the hero in Quarantine!

Wish you could have been at Pegasus 3...but there's always Pegasus 4!

Michelle Lunsford said...

Always glad to see an update from you, and the snow pictures are lovely! It seldom snows way down here in Tennessee, USA either, so as a fellow snow lover I have to take my enjoyment vicariously through the photos and stories of others. ; )

Am delighted to hear Dr. Z will be making appearances early in season 5. And you were fantastic in "Quarantine". I adored everything from Dr. Z's amusing awkwardness around Col. Carter to his native mumblings in the ventilation shafts. And he gets to save the day!

Speaking of those native mumblings, any chance of a translation? Well, one was able to catch the drift of it, but I'm curious to know just what exactly Dr. Z was muttering to himself.

Happy Birthday, a wee bit early. Hope it's filled with many good things and shared with those you love.

Carolyn said...

Welcome back, Mr. Hamster! Glad to know you're enjoying the weather, we've had plenty of it here in the Midwest USA. As I type, my fingers are freezing.

I can't wait for more pictures, too. Have fun filming S5!

Elyse said...

Cool shots! We've barely got any snow here (northeast US). can't wait for season 5 of SGA.

And an early Happy Birthday! in case I forget to get back here ;)

shelsfc said...

Fab pics!!
Glad to hear you're around at the start of S5!! Hope you're in the rest of it too! ;)
Definitly missed you at P3, hope to see ya at P4!!

Lapis said...

Being from Southern California, I can appreciate pictures of snow. As long as they're just pictures, of course.

Adored Quarantine - and nearly died laughing as Zelenka crawled through the ductwork muttering imprecations in Czech that would undoubtedly get the show bleeped if they were in English. Then the falling on the head thing added hilarity. (Hope that was a stunt man, or that you at least had something soft to land on.)

And Happy Birthday! May you live as long as you like, and love as long as you live.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see you finally back online after a month of no updates. I hope your holidays were wonderful.

Lovely pictures. They remind me of home. I grew up in Minnesota, where it snows constantly. Now I'm in Chicago and still surrounded by white stuff all the time. If you like snow, you should come visit. Heck, I'd even come get you at the airport. ^_^

Speaking of airports, I completely agree that you should make a couple of US convention appearances. We'd love to get a chance to meet you!

MaggieMayDay said...

Beautiful snow ... although I have heaps of it in the front yard. Utah, after all. I really should learn to ski, hmmm?

Good to know there's more Dr. Z ... Yay!

Happy birthday ... Hubby and I have an anniversary on the 9th, 21 years. His co-worker, Trucker Bob, has his birthday on the 8th. (They're truckers ...) Anyway, we're having a party at Coyote Ugly's in Vegas on the 8th, should be fun, feel free to drop by if you're in Sin City for any reason. Such a good week!

RachelFromPegasus2 said...

Greetings! I hope that you are doing awesome! Any chance that we will be seeing you grace us with your presence at Creation con in a couple of months? Just a funny little tidbit, you are on my "Wall of Fame" in my study at home which is where I place all of my autographed convention pictures!

Peace and Luv,

P.S.- If you get a spare moment, hop over to my MySpace. www.myspace.com/rachelstargatelover

nigrum said...

Beautiful pics. Second one makes me wish I was there... Walking in forest... trees cowered with snow... shimmering like jewels in sunlight...
Here in Finland has been quite "black" winter. That makes me sad. As a finn I need proper winter with lots of snow, and proper summer as well.

Great news about SGA. I'd love to see more Zelenka. Lots more. Your talents deserve more screen-time. Loved your acting in "Quarantine". I will gladly support the cause of greater cosmic Zelenkism.

Happy Birthday & lots of blessings.

Kanku said...

Oh, nice pictures. At least you have pretty snow. Here in the urban U.S. it's mud-snow...not pretty.
Yay, season 5! I can't wait for more even though 4 is still on Sci-fi. I tapped Quarteen though since you were so AMAZING in it! I wish I knew what you said in Czech though...
Last note - I totally forgot that your B-day was comming up...oops. Happy early-birthday
Can't wait for more updates

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear David,
Happy Birthday to you!

Ok...I'm a bit early...*blushes* but I know I'm going to forget to come back here on your birthday, so better early than never? I hope it's a fantastic one!

Happy Birthday to you,
I hope you get to...
Be in many episodes of SGA season 5,
Happy Birthday to you!!!

*facepalm* Sorry for the lameness, but it's late and all I can come up with! LOL


Becky S said...

An early Happy Birthday David!

The pictures are very pretty, and I think we (where I live) will be seeing something similar in the next day or two. Although, truth be told, I wouldn't mind not having the snow. Oh well, can't control the weather.

Really glad to hear you have at least two episodes lined up already. Really looking forward to season 5!

Czechie said...

Agreed on the snow front... i moved from Ontario to get away from the snow and it seems to have followed...
Great pictures of Grouse! However, Cypress is a much better ski ;)
Whistler's been getting dumped recently too... but, seeing our current conditions, it wouldn't matter where you were!
I'm happy to hear about the new season rolling out soon!!!
Can't WAIT!

Nicolas said...

My birthday is the 7th february too.

I liked quarantine, especially the scene in the transporter with Carter and you, it was very funny.

Fran said...

All the snow is gone over here in Toronto it's sunny but really cold today. The forecast is calling for a snowstorm over here tomorrow.

"Quarantine" was an awesome episode and you were a riot. Nice to see your character saving the day for once.

Happy Birthday David.



Anonymous said...

I agree with most everyone else that it is great news to hear you will be in season 5.

That mountain picture is stunning. I have been frequenting Joe Mallozzi's blog on wordpress and heard of the snow storm. The video's of his dogs running around in the snow don't do Vancoover's beauty as much justice as your pictures do.

Sulien said...

Yay! I'm very glad to hear that you will be in season five of Atlantis!

Thank you for posting those photos, all of that snow looks lovely! We seldom get much snow down here on the Washington coast and, when we do, it only stays on the ground for a day or two.

Anonymous said...

I thought your birhtday was a secret because I could nowhere find any info about the date. Even on your official homepage was nothing.

So I had to ask you on Wormhole 2 Con.

Greetings from Germany.


Elyse said...

Hey, David, found some photos of you at an MGM employee's blog.


A couple nice shots of you in your space suit :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I just wanted to stop by and say Happy Birthday!

Also, your pics of the snow covered land are lovely. If you want more snow you are welcome to come visit Michigan. We have snow...lots of snow...snow until April sometimes...damn snow.

Rosehawk said...

Hey David,

Just dropping in to wish you a very very Happy Birthday on Thursday.

Elyse said...

Dropping by to wish you an early Happy Birthday! :):)

And, another candid shot of you popped up at



And while I'm here. David, do you have any idea when Beast from Bottomless Lake is going to surface? :)

Pedantic_Bohemian said...

Well, dear man, I hope you're back safely from the Sunshine Coast (I'm assuming BC and not Queensland, but you go where the job takes you, I know), and also that your birthday will be the most delicious and special yet. I feel a bit the stalker posting a second time to one thread, but no updates prior to your B-day. . .needs must. . .

I put together a little Zelenka tribute to celebrate your day:


Just to show a little love and respect for a truly delightful character. Since all the folks over at WeLoveZelenka declared the 7th to be International Zelenka Day, it seemed appropriate! ;-)

I was wondering if you've ever considered lending your talents to performing audiobooks? As a novelist, you've crossed my mind, I must say. Just a thought. . .

Again, many thanks for your body of work. You never cease to surprise and impress.

allison said...

*ngh* Today?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! XD Thanks so much for releasing that top secret data ;D. Thought it was very funny when I went to check wiki and other forums/chats and everyone was: "OMG! FEB. 7th!!! NOW WE KNOW!!!"
(in a nutshell). ha ha.

Would love to see pictures of the streamers at the party. You WILL have streamers, right?! ;)

fififolle said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!
Hope it is a good one :)


rrmf said...

Happy birthday David :D

Looking forward to seeing you on Season 5 of Atlantis and lots more besides!


watcher652 said...

Happy Birthday, David! Enjoy the day.

You share your birthday with Tina Majorino, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Eddie Izzard, Miguel Ferrar, James Spader (Stargate connection!), Garth Brooks, Buster Crabbe, Eddie Bracken, Eubie Blake, An Wang, John Deere, Frederick Douglass, Sinclair Lewis, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Charles Dickens and Thomas More.

Are you going to Dragon*Con this year? Here's the guest application you need to fill out (apparently you call them, they don't call you).


Again, have a happy, happy day!

Paula said...

Well, many happy returns of the day to you, since it appears to be your birthday today!

Congrats on being back for more Stargate. You're always fun to watch.

And thank you for actually looking back during a horror movie. Such a rookie mistake. :)

ivanaaa said...

Happy Birthday David!
Have a really wonderful day!! :)

Yay for you being in Season 5!! :D


allison said...

Oh dear...

Library-Gryffon said...

Happy Birthday!

I even remembered to post on the actual day!

As long as I remember which month, the day is easy, since I and both my daughters also have birthdays on the 7th (all different months though).

My daughters and I are really enjoying Dr. Z this year, and we're really glad to hear that it looks like we'll be seeing lots of him next season too.

Pixel said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

jamie said...

I live in the south, so i hardly ever see snow. My birthday is very close to yours, too mxi.

Anonymous said...