Saturday, September 15, 2007

No rain. Yet.

You know, it's a good thing I had my stunt double with me that afternoon on the boat. Too bad we were in such a hurry and had to peel out of there as soon as the picture was taken.
If anyone living around Texada Island happens to, um, see him let me know. He was a nice guy.
..No way. I do ALL my own ocean swimming.
I did however, have a stunt double in the recent episode "Quarantine" (no pics, sorry, forgot camera at home). Nice guy too. And quite a fall he took. Too bad about the wig...
It's September, kiddies, and that means convention season is soon upon us. I've had a terrific summer (although not much Stargating, truth be told, in a recent six episode dry spell for the good doctor) but I've kept myself busy on other projects - including a one week run of "Twelve Angry Men" at Pacific Theatre starting next week. I'm number four, described as: "A man of wealth and position, and a practiced speaker who presents himself well at all times. He seems to feel a little bit above the rest of the jurors. His only concerns is with the facts in this case and he is appalled by the behaviour of others." Hm. Don't know what I'm gonna do with that.
I've got some conventions cooking up in Europe; for which I'll be making an announcement here shortly. But I've also long since wanted to go to some in the good ol' U.S. and A. And I know you've all been offering me suggestions which I think may have expired. So, (I'm really asking for it here) post me your suggestions again, for ones in October and November. Somewhere warm. Like Hawaii. Any Hawaiian cons coming up?...
Up next: "Last Man Standing". Dun dun daaahhh...


Susan the Tartan Turtle said...

If you do get to go to a convention in Hawaii I am sure that you will need an assistant.

Just say 'yes' and I will be on my way over from Scotland. Wearing my "Save Carson Beckett" t-shirt and my tartan hat.

Wolf Pegasus in January (alas it's in London) would be a good place for you to visit - I intend to go. Pity none of them are ever in lovely Scotland!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Welcome back...I kept coming back and looking for you, but there were just echoes and dust balls here! ;-)

The only con I know that is in the fall in my area(Florida) is this one:

Seems kinda small. We'd go if you were there though...but I totally understand why you might not want to! LOL

Hope you find some good ones!

Elyse said...

Alas, you already did United Fan Con and that's the closest one to me in the Northeast. We really don't have a lot of cons around here. Oh, if you didn't know, Torri is doing that con in November as well. Wish I could come out and see the play. GOOD LUCK! :)

Elyse said...

Oh forgot. Thanks for the great photo on your page :)

And yeah, a convention in Hawaii would be sooo nice.

allison said...

ZOMG! *falls off chair* It always gives me a heart attack when you update and I'm not ready for it. Lovely picture! You look so suave and badass. I'm thinking next James Bond *nods emphatically*.
You know, I think we should just through our own little 'convention' in good ol' A-town for Dr. Z. Maybe book a ballroom/convention center in some hotel and we all meet and hang out like the good little pirahnas we all are. I wish they had low-key conventions like that as well as big conventions. *sigh*

And there's always the Austin Film Festival 2008, which will be October 16th-23rd.

And the lovely SXSW, which is 2008 March 7th-16th.
I would recommend this one more, because it has a lot more interactive venues and is frankly more fun.
( Texas is just as hot as Hawaii, so it's basically the same thing.

We missssed you!!! You should talk to Joe about how to put movies on your blog since apparently we all will be Dr. Z deprived for a length of eps ;_;.

kitten bait said...

Big Apple Con is from Nov 16-18 in New York! Of course, even I don't like to wander around New York in November and I live here, so I don't know how it's going to hold up against any theoretical conventions in Hawaii.

Shai said...

Handsome picture! Great to see you back. I was worried you got swallowed by an orca. :P

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to sit Mallozzi down and make him watch that vid you have with Torri on it over and over and over until he comes to his senses and brings her back!

How cute is she?

My favourite ever Zelenka scene is the "in the loop" one. You and Torri are so fantastic in that scene! Just adorable!

Mel said...

*sends hugs* We've missed you, David!!!!! Too long have we all been deprived of our favorite Czech! It would seem that we're to be deprived again in season 4, though. *pouts* Guess we'll cherish the episodes you're in even more, though!

Alas, I don't know of any conventions mostly due to the fact that I couldn't go to any because school right now, anyway, so why torture myself, eh?

Anyhow, wonderful pic--you look so distinguished!!! Thanks for the update and remember that we love you!!!!


Rosehawk said...

Welcome back.

Very nice picture you posted. You are going to make your *thunkers* go a bit crazy.

Check out It's a science fiction convention in Bloomington Minnesota - very close to the Mall of America (Biggest shopping Mall so far in the US. I've never been to this convention. Just found out about it last year and couldn't go.
Only draw back is there will be snow, and most likely lots of it! Of Course after your Subway commerical, alittle snow and cold air ain's so bad, is it! (smile)

beeej said...

There's Farpoint Con:
Baltimore is lovely in February! Okay, maybe not so warm...but beer helps with that. :)

Then there's Shore Leave, same hotel, in July. I can promise you warmth with extra added humidity for that one. :)

Anonymous said...
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Wolf said...

Would love a repeat of last year's UFC appearance. I had a blast.

windshieldbug said...

So, we have the Orlando SciFi Expo in Orlando, Florida (just as warm as Hawaii) coming Nov 2-4, 2007. If you can make it to that I will make the trip from Panama City!

Also, you are HIGHLY encouraged to contact and speak to the track folks about coming to Dragon*Con in Atlanta during Labor Day 2008.

Your fans are hoping you and David will pester one another enough that you both will come!

windshieldbug said...

PS: I forgot to mention that you can see pictures from 2007 D*C on my blog and you can see vids from it on youtube. My page there is:

scarym said...

I second Windshieldbug's suggestion of Dragon*con 2008!!!!!

Just ask Jason Momoa what he thought of it? He was a guest this year.

It would be awesome to see you there next year. : )

Ange said...

Wow, I really wish I could see the play, though I've seen the movie a few times and quite enjoyed it. And gorgeous photo, as always.

We'd love to have you back in Auckland in October! Rumour has it we're getting Batman, surely that's enough incentive...and the fact we're all just so awesome down here.

Oh, and I promise it won't rain again.

Break a leg. :D

Carolyn said...

Much as I'd love to offer you warm weather, I'm spending the next few months in Alaksa. No cons that I know of, and no warm weather either.

Glad to hear from you again though. And whatever cons you do manage to get to, have a great time.

Might I also offer Dragon*Con next year too? *nudge, nudge*

faithchan said...

Like Wolf said, there's always UFC!! New England in November, nothin like it, right? Torri's gonna be there! C'mon, Zelenka and Weir, you know that would rock! ^_^

atlantisfannew1 said...

Salut David^^!!!

Merci pour cette photo!
Vous êtes trés beau dessu!!

Je voudrais bien aller vous voir au théatre^^!!

Vous venez souvent en france?

snif, personne ne vient en france=(

Aller, bisou, merci!

watcher652 said...

Sadly, David, there are currently no conventions held in Hawaii. Although I do know someone who used to work on the Shore Leave convention committee now lives out there, so maybe someday...

I think most conventions usually like more than a couple of weeks notice because they have to budget you in. For a list of conventions held around the world, go to Fanboy's Convention List

You and that other David are top on my list for DragonCon 2008. This year was the 2nd time Paul McGillion attended. It looked to me that Jason had a good time.

Or, come to Shore Leave, held the first full weekend after the Fourth of July in Baltimore, MD.

These 2 conventions are fan run and are loads of fun.

Danielle the Paranoid Android said...

Burbank con is in November. At least I think it is. Hmm. Yes.

Lucía said...

Your scene in the space was my faouvorite part I'm really happy you got to be in "Adrift" (Hi from Mexico)

Anonymous said...

great to hear from you again!
pitty we wont be seeing much of zelenka this season then :( well theres always sunny england! jason momoa is coming to manchester in november if you wanted to join him at the gmex centre! i would love to meet you again!

and as susan said, theres wolf pegasus 3 in january, where you can join paul!

Arlessiar said...

Now that's a really, really nice photo, woah!!! :)

Already six eps without any Zelenka? A pity that we won't get to see that much of the good doctor in season 4. Personally I'm not really happy with all the recent changes on SGA, fearing what those changes might mean for my fav characters on the show (and Dr. Z. is one of my fav characters). Hope it all turns out for the best somehow...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you at the Crossroads con in Germany in early November! :)
Not very long now until then! Funny, it seems like yesterday that you said at P2 in London that you'd come to Germany in the autumn. Time's flying!

Have a nice time until the con, all the best,

Arlessiar (Sarina)

Audrey said...

Hawaii would be good for conventions. I need another excuse to go myself..... If you book a US con, I know plenty of people who will be there for sure, wherever it is, so I'll be happily watching this space.

Great to hear from you again...and definitely looking forward to the Zelenka bits we do get in season 4!

Paula said...

As already mentioned, you are nominated quite a lot in the post-Dragon*Con wish list for future guests. We'd love to have you attend. It's a lot of fun!

Break a leg in your play. We look forward to hearing of its success.

Misty aka s_aurius said...

YAY! So glad you had a chance to update.

There is a con in Tulsa, Oklahoma October 12-14. Here's the link to their site:

If you're interested in attending I know one of the convention managers and can get you in contact with him. Just email me at s_aurius @

Becky S said...

Good to see you again David. Nice pic!

Conventions. Hm, the only ones I can think of are the Creation ones, and Marscon that Rosehawk already mentioned. My boyfriend's best friend lives up there so we hear all about the guests who come nad he gets to see. I really hope you find few to go to - in war weather if possible.

Kanku said...

Ack, I LOVE 'Twelve Angry Men' since we did it for class. I was the European dude ^^
To bad I'm not even close or I would SO see it. Nice picture by the way.
Darn it! There arn't any cons by me again! How about Motorcity (Detroit) Comicon Spring 2008? It's as close as I can find (I hate where I live). If you'd come I would die of happiness ^^
Just a sugestion
Nice to hear from you again

BethyNYC said...

*whimper* You are doing "Twelve Angry Men" and it isn't in New York?

Do you think you will ever to a Broadway or Off-Broadway play? It would be a joy to see you perform in person!

I don't know of any fall conventions, but whatever you do, have a wonderful time!

Rosehawk said...

I forgot to mention that Minnesota also has a really big Czech community. Check out New Prague on the web.

Also, what's this
"Last Man Standing" all about?....
New play? Movie? Teasing the fans?

Shaddyr said...

You're going to be in 12 Angry Men? Hmm, I've got to find time to get out and see that. I haven't been out to a performance at the Pacific Theater in *forever*.

So, hey. Here you are, in *Vancouver* one of the most lovely cities on the face of the earth. And hello? Guess what? We have VCon, our very own little convention here in Richmond in October!

I've been involved with VCon for years, and I just have to say, it's a very low stress, really well run, very good time.

Eric Johnson from Flash is going to be there - and while that's all very well and good, it would be truly *cool* to see someone from the Atlantis crew show up, if even for a drive by.

If you are interested in the least, PLEASE contact anyone on the concom.

Or me, I'm on the concom page too - I run the filking. It would be a hoot to see you out!

Filk Chair
VCon 32/Canvention 27

allison said...

I think we should make bets on to which week Dr. Z's next post will be. *rofl* I've got the weeks:
Sept. 30-Oct. 6 and Oct. 21-27. Anyone else? Lines are open. ;D

Lady Niko said...

Well, WindyCon is early November in Chicago. Not the best time to visit that city, but at least the hotel is just on the back side of O'Hare, so you don't have to worry too much about the weather. :) (And, there is a Chilli's just around the corner for decent food when you want to get out of the hotel. :p)

That's the end of my cons for the year. Next March is like Midsouth Con in Memphis.... (awesome con suite, staffed by yours truly and we always have good food around - esp for the guests!)

And, if you make either of those two, I will definitely offer up my services as a certified massage therapist for a free massage for you! :)

Don't know of any HI cons - they're lucky to have an anime con. I will have to check w/ my friend who lives on Oahu to see. (Creation sucks - they backed out on doing a con w/ Jimmy Doohan some years back out there by telling folks he was dead, all because they didn't want to pay his fee!)

Wonder Con in San Fran is at the end of Feb, and Mega Con in Orlando isn't until March....

Archon next year isn't until October, (thank god! Having it in August was just awful for the heat this year!) but that's in St. Louis and weather should be good here......

Glad to see you back! Hope your summer vacation was good - me, no vacation this year for lack of funds, but I am back to working now - hooray - time to pay off school! :p

Anonymous said...

First Paul, then Torri and now less of you too. Sadly it's something many of have feared and in fact expected once Spam Carter comes to infest a show. I'm honestly beginning to doubt whether it's even worth tuning in for next season at all. :(

Teknikal said...

it aint hawaii but p3 is next year !!!!!!!!!!!we could make it look like it though..lick of paint..some plastic palm trees...alcohol......

Haley Plotkin said...

I agree with allison. Come visit Austin! We're supremely awesome down here (unlike the rest of Texas) and have the best live music. Like Austin City Limits last weekend. And come to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema while you're here! Best movie theater ever. Maybe you can convince them to do a Stargate screening and Q & A? They have Lost screenings, why not SGA? And they totally do Q&A, etc. events there all the time. I'll stop ranting now...

allison said...

So that's two votes for Austin. That's as good as a direct 'Of course I'll come," from Dr. Z, don't you think? *nods emphatically* We're so terribly Sci Fi starved down here.
Yeah, everyone left for ACL over the weekend. Damn you homework, papers, readings, and general plots to prevent me from having fun! *shakes fist to sky dramatically*
I'm thinkin' about starting our own 'Dr. Zelenka in Austin' Campaign, yeah? *rofl*

Emma said...

London in January is way better than can be treated to all season's in one how can you possibly turn that down.

PS thanks for the update was starting to wonder if you'd been abandoned on M7G-677

TheDancingArchaeologist said...

Eee, you're coming back to the UK!
Yay - Hope to see you there!

sammy said...

woohoo! just heard that your comming to england again in november for the manchester gmex con!
were you already in correspondence with them, or did you get onto them after i told you jason was going? (forgot to log in on my last post)!

cant wait to meet you again!

Katheen said...

It's sure not Hawaii, but there's a Stargate convention in N.J. early in November, and I believe the lovely and talented Kate Hewlett and Paul McGillion are planning to be there. SG NY Con Info.

There's also one in Burbank, CA later in November that list Joe Flanigan as one of the guests:
SG Burbank Con Info.

I'm not a huge fan of Creation, but at least the Burbank con will be warm! :^)

fififolle said...

Best wishes for the play! And also, posting that photo! Goodness me, are you trying to kill us all? A little more notice of devastatingly handsome images, please! :)

Fran said...

Hey David N Welcome back we missed you. I've been popping in everyday to see if you were back and here you are.

I was worried there for awhile.

6 Episode Dry Spell? You mean there won't be any Dr. Z for 6 episodes? Ohhhhh rats! Who do I talk too about that? LOL As long as Dr. Z will be back taking Rodney McKay's moods like a trooper.


Anonymous said...

UK wise
I guess you know about the WOLF cons (not that you were here in January but nevertheless you're always welcome back!)

Collectormania is coming up over here too at the end of October
There's also Collectormania Manchester and Glasgow

There's also Gatecon UK

Can you tell I was our sci fi society's conventions officer!

Hope to see you over here again soon anyway. Glad things are going well!!

From Jane who's completely forgotton her log in *facepalm*

ptarmigan said...

Glad to learn that you're back in one piece! WHEW. I think all search parties have been recalled these past couple of days. :)

There is a national meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in New Orleans 27 Nov - 1 Dec. It isn't a science fiction convention of course, but you could come and give a talk about the Lantian "whale" language. After all, Einstein said that "imagination is more important than knowledge" and it might prove to be a good theatrical exercise. *grins*

I hope the play is going well!

Tauri Sith said...

Ooh! In Febuary there's Boscon (boskon?) in Boston, MA. It's not as warm as Hawaii, but it is warmer then, say, Alaska...

Besides, I can't afford a plane ticket to Hawaii...

Rosehawk said...

Duh...Last Man Standing...does this mean you are in the last episode of S4?

Hope so, six episode dry spell is a bit too much for your fans if the episodes are all in a row!

Dallista said...

Hi! Just saw the announcement at the Utopia website. It'll be great seeing you there (again for a lot of other Dutchies!).

allison said...

Sci Fi Friday is here!!! *woo*
And how will the magnanimous Dr. Z be spending his season premiere day?

windshieldbug said...

You were wonderful in Adrift!!!

allison said...

Great episode! I think the entire dorm could hear us go, "WHAT? NOOOOOO!!!" at the 'to be continued' text. Evil. I'm glad that Dr. Z got so much air time. I guess it will make up for the six or so episodes he won't be in the season.

So, I was planning on watching it along with my friend who lives in Austin, with us IM-ing each other while watching it in our faraway cities. My computer for some reason wouldn't connect to the internet, so I had to use my friend's.
We both realized during the third repeat of that alcohol commercial that this is actually the first time either of us have watched a stargate episode in real time, counting SG-1. We both love the show, but we've been playing catch up since day one. I watched a couple of S1 eps., but I didn't come back until I heard that Beckett had been killed, thus sparking my, "What?! Nevah!" part of my brain and turned my attention back to SGA. And we weren't disappointed.

I see that Martin Gero is back to his old "Let's kill more people" tricks again ;D.
And Radek with crutch, even more adorably hug-worthy. I loved the whole 'bad-to-worse-to-good-to-...damn' aspect of the story. GREAT SEASON OPENER *excited*.

Elyse said...

Whoa, just found the incredible headshots Fabrice did of you. Great ones, even the ones with you eating the flowers ;)

Tauri Sith said...


Poor Dr. Z, being asteroid'd in the leg and all! I hope that the dry cleaners were able to get all of the blood out of your shiny suit...

Klenotka said...

vsimla jsem si, ze jsi jako host na Utopia conu. Nahodou tam taky jedu a opet tam budu jedina Ceska :-) Takze se tam asi zase uvidime ;-)

Alipeeps said...

Just a late comment to say how fabulous Zelenka (and therefore you!) was in Adrift! Incredible season opener and lovely to see the good Doktor so involved.. and heroically saving the day despite being injured! :)

Season 4 is here! Woohoooo! :D

Jessica said...

Hey David! I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I adored your performance in "Adrift" yesterday! I can't wait to see more of you as the season goes on. Doc Z is love!

Lexxye said...

Fantastic performance in Adrift. I wish there had been more.

Really, really annoyed we will not be seeing you for six episodes. :(:( :(

Anonymous said...

Hi again...that really is a fantastic pic! You look even more adorable and handsome than usual!

I loved Adrift! It was amazing. Zelenka and McKay finishing each other's sentences??? Fantastic. Great timing! Zelenka being thrown across the chasm??? Wow! That looked the heck was that filmed? Great effects! The look on Zelenka's face when they got to the other side was priceless. And he was SO brave when he was hit by the asteroid and refused to go back, but valiantly finished the work! They really need Zelenka in every episode!!!<3

Anonymous said...

How about Australia? It may not be Hawaii...but hey...!!!
Love your work on SGA of my top 4! :)

libitina said...

Huh - November, eh? Well, they won't pay your way, but if you wanted to combine a trip to the eastern seaboard, you could do Big Apple Con in New York and also come to PhilCon in Philadelphia. We're an easy two and half hour drive apart.

It's mostly a literary science fiction convention, but Robert Picardo has come before to sign autographs (and because we are wonderful people).

If you need help contacting people, I can help - libitina2 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...






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